Friday, March 14, 2008

SXSW Day Two.... every day is a Friday.

What a whirlwind. I am sitting here in lovely Astoria NY waiting for my friend to pick me up and head to New Jersey for a wedding. I left Austin this morning at around 7 am and I stayed up all night to do it. Texas was a blast for my last day and I was very sad to leave. Our Party was yesterday and was for sure the highlight of the day. Weakerthans, Tim Fite, MAN MAN, Billy Bragg and Islands! It was part of the ANTI records showcase and was pretty much the best line up of the night.  I was running around all day yesterday checking out the KDHX, KSLU party then heading over to the Team C party and the SYN party and all those places once more. Got to hang out with pretty much everyone I wanted to see and am pretty happy about the day. I don't really have any photos from shows but I have a series I am going to call ... LOOK HOW MUCH TALLER BRADEN IS THAN EVERYONE ELSE. 


Anonymous said...

You're so annoying I can't stand it.

Laura said...

I'm not even as tall as his armpit.


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