Sunday, March 30, 2008

The first 91 days.

The first 3 months. Gone. Every year when i think and try to remember what I liked I struggle with what happened at the start of the year. So while it may seem a bit silly to recap 1/3 of the year I am doing it cause i know i wont remember at the end of the year.

So lets get started! Here are some of my Favorite records of the year! ( in no order)

Lupe Fiasco--The Cool--Atlantic


So this record came out at the very end of 2007 but was out too late to be included on any best of lists so i have included it here ...  For more info on Lupe go here

Man Man--Rabbit Habits--ANTI

If i had to name a favorite for the year thus far ... I think this might be it. For more information on Man Man go here

City and Colour--Bring me your love--Vagrant 


I found this record by accident. One of my Music Directors called me and asked me when I was going to send him the new City and Colour record because he is Canadian and I work all the Canadians. A few days later I had the record on my desk and I absolutely love it. 
For more information go here.

The Raconteurs--Consoleurs of the Lonely--Warner

Well this record seems to have come out of thin air! While I have only had this record for about a week I love it and think it will be in my playlist for some time to come! 
For more on the Raconteurs go here

The Loved Ones--Build and Burn--Fat Wreck

My favorite punk rock record of the year. I saw them open up for the Mighty Mighty Bosstones in December and was an instant fan. They take the torch from Hot Water Music and keep going. Such a fun and catchy record. For more on the Loved Ones go here

Be Your Own Pet--Get Awkward--Universal 

I got this record a few months ago and I absolutely loved it. Apparently the record I got was not the record that the rest of the world would get. 3 songs were deemed to "violent" and were removed. I am not sure I am buying that but regardless they are getting a lot of free press out of it. The record everyone else got is good but I fell in love with the other version so it's almost like a completely new record for me to get used to. So if i were you I would track down those "violent" songs. Put Black hole at #1 and you are good to go. The other missing songs are Becky and blow your mind.  For more info on Be Your Own Pet go here

The Black Keys--Attack and Release--Nonesuch 

Simply put I love this record. Just put it on. Sit in your favorite chair and leave in about an hour. You will feel better because of it. I could write forever on this record as there is so much to say. But this is a simple list. For more information on The Black Keys. Go here

I am sure there are going to be records that are going to grow on me, or records that I have missed. but as of  March 31 2008. Those are my favorites. 
I went looking for reminders of what has come out so far and came across some great sites to help you pick your favorites. has the top 1000 records listed. (apparently Meshugah is #1) has their favorites with the Raconteurs taking the top spot 
New Music Nation loves the new Vampire weekend record. 
some guy in Michigan loves the new hot chip. 
Metcritic may not have them listed yet but the best score of the year so far goes to Protest the hero 

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