Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Well we made it! The end of the year! The last weeks of a year are a little weird but it feels good to be heading into a break. This time next week I will be heading out to Australia !!!!

Arcade Fire officially became the longest running #1 of the year with this their 5th week!
They will need 2 more to tie the Black Keys for longest #1 from last year.
With 3 more weeks to start the year they will tie the last Arcade Fire record that was at #1 for 8 weeks.

According to my records that go back to 2005, Arcade Fires last record is the longest running #1 record. I do wonder if anyone else has ever been #1 longer?  Something worth looking into later for sure.

This year we had 23 different #1 records compared to 21 last year. So looks to be about average.

We averaged 269 stations reporting a week, with a high of 330 and a low of 165( the first week is always the lowest the next lowest was 209 in the middle of summer) The average #1 record had 154 stations charting it.  The highest reported #1 is shockingly Arcade fire a few weeks ago with 233 stations reporting. The lowest was the first week of the year with Bat for Lashes having 86 stations. After that the next lowest was Hunx and his punx with 106 stations in the summer.

Let's compare that to last year!

We had an average of 275 stations a week, with a high of 332 and a low of 199 ( again the first week of the year so lets look at the next lowest ( the next week) 217) We did get as low as 219 in the summer but Last year seemed to have a more consistent group of stations than what we had this year and the highs were pretty much the same. The highest reported #1 of last year was Black Keys with 241 stations and the lowest charter did not happen in the first week of the year it was Passion Pit with 124 stations.

Lets look at ADDS now too. The record that got the most adds was Thee Oh Sees with 176 adds! The lowest #1 most added record was Robert Pollard with 71 adds. The average most added record had 111 adds. 16 of the #1 most added records made it to #1 on the top 200.

My guess for the end of the year chart is going to be Vampire Weekend at #1. They held #1 for only 3 weeks, Daft punk and Arcade Fire have both had more and a bunch of others had about the same. But Vampire weekend has been on the charts now for 29 weeks!  There is no runaway like last year and Black keys so it could be a handful of records.

I am not going to do a traditional list of records instead I have decided to look at my last fm page and see what I really listened to this year

My favorite song of the year was Tegan and Sara--I Couldn't be your Friend. Not a huge shock there. My second favorite was the Queen song we used to choreograph our wedding dance( video coming one day I promise
3--The Dismemberment Plan--Daddy Was A Really Good dancer
4--Alkaline Trio--I want to be a Warhol
5--Dr Dog-- Too Weak to Ramble
6--Neko Case--Man
7--Capital Cities--Safe and Sound
8--Man Man--Head on
9--Son of Stan--Never liked the way you left home
( There are a lot of ties so I picked my favorite from the ties)

No big shocks here, mostly records that we worked. The Number one (new) song I listened to that I did not work was They Might Be Giants--You're on Fire ( I loved this song)

My top artists according to Last fm for 2013

1--The Breeders ( I guess i really loved that reissue)
2--The Dismemberment Plan
3--Man Man
4--Tegan and Sara
5--Blink 182
6--Alkaline Trio
8--Yeah Yeah Yeahs
9--Dr. Dog
10--Bad REligion

Lets look at the first new Artist I did not work I played the most -- Looks like that is also They Might Be giants.

Oh it looks like has a Albums chart i was unaware of ...
So here are my top "new" albums fro 2103

1--Man Man--On Oni Pond
2--Tegan and Sara--Heartthrob
3--Islands--Ski Mask
4--Bad Religion--True North
5--Boxer Rebellion--Promises
6--The Dismemberment Plan--Uncanney Valley
7--Capital Cities--In A Tidal Wave of Mystery
8--Neko Case--The worse things get...
9--They Might Be Giants--Nanobots
10--Dr Dog--B Room

So there you have it.   2013 is in the books. I look forward to talking to you all in the new year. If you want to follow me on the rest of the internet please check me out on the Twitter  @theanimalarrg 
On Facebook on the above mentioned LAST FM 

Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Two weeks left! This time of year is so weird. Just look at some of the records going for adds.
#1 most added is a singles collection from Thee Oh Sees. #2, Jake Bugg, has been out at radio for a long time and #3, Elvis Costello and the Roots,  is a Remix record.  But thats what we get this time of year.  Leftovers. And lots of them.

On the top 200 Arcade Fire has #1 locked down still and MIGHT be challenged next week, but I doubt it.  More than likely the number of people doing charts will drop by about 50 and most of those that do report will just report the same thing they reported last week.

I will do a wrap up for the end of the year and look forward to doing this again next year. If you have any suggestions on how I can make this better, more interesting let me know!




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