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What a week! I really thought early on we were going to plow past last weeks 247 stations, in the end we did have more stations but only 13. Creeping on up though so thats good to see.

Beach House is a beast. We are all competing for #2 at this point. Last week Beach House had just over 70% of the stations this week they were up to 72% of all stations. At one point early on there were only 4 stations, out of around 30, that did not have Beach House on their charts. So you guys like Beach House.

The volume of ADDS right now is pretty crazy and with the CMJ marathon taking a week of reporting away from us next week should be even crazier. This week there were 14 records that had 30+ adds. The top add, Dead Weather topped out at 83 adds.  I was surprised how tight all the adds were and that Dead Weather did not get above 100 ADDS but with so many to pick from it meant we had so many in the 30's and it brought down that top #. I would not be shocked to see the same thing happen again this next week as well as the week after CMJ.

The real question on the charts is who will knock off Beach House!? The current group of records in the top 10 are so far behind that it would take at least another 2 weeks of huge gains and also huge drops from Beach House to get up there. So lets start looking at this weeks ADDS.

183DEAD WEATHERDodge And BurnThird Man
269JULIA HOLTERHave You In My WildernessDomino
453COKE WEEDMary WeaverBeyond Beyond Is Beyond
547JR JRJr JrWarner Bros
645WAND 1,000 DaysDrag City
743DUNGENAllas SakMexican Summer
842KURT VILEB'lieve I'm Goin Down...Matador
942SILVERSUN PICKUPSBetter NatureNew Machine
1137BLITZEN TRAPPERAll Across This LandVagrant
1236SMALL BLACK Best BluesJagjaguwar
1333DARWIN DEEZDouble DownLucky Number
1430MERCURY REVThe Light In YouBella Union
1527SHEEPDOGSFuture NostalgiaDine Alone
1626FUTUREBIRDSHotel PartiesEasy Sound
1723EDITORSIn DreamPias
1821PALEHOUNDDry FoodExploding In Sound
1918JOHN GRANT Grey Tickles, Black PressurePartisan
2015SPENCER RADCLIFFELooking InRun For Cover

Who out of this group do you think will challenge for #1?   The record I think we should all look out for is Kurt Vile. I ask stations who they are excited about each week and the answer overwhelmingly was Kurt Vile this week. If we look at the charts he is already at #58.  Look out for this record.  

Early on, as I mentioned, it seemed like we were going to have a huge increase in the number of stations reporting. It only ended up being 13 stations though. However if we include the stations that were INVALID it would of been an increase of 23 stations.   With new MD' starting up it's easy to not know what you are doing. So lets look at some common mistakes with the Invalid charts. 

Look at just this stations top 10. 

RankArtistRecordingLabelUser Supplied Version
1COLD WAR KIDS *Miracle Me **waiting for CMJ verification 
2CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH *In This Home of Ice **waiting for CMJ verification 
3WESTKUT *0700 **waiting for CMJ verification 
4DAMIEN RICE *The Box **waiting for CMJ verification 
5JACK + ELIZA *Quarter Past the Hour **waiting for CMJ verification 
6JACK AND ELIZAGentle WarningsYebo
7CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH *Details of War **waiting for CMJ verification 
8WETKUST *Dishwasher **waiting for CMJ verification 
9DAMIEN RICEMy Favorite Faded FantasyWarner Brothers
10COLD WAR KIDS *Bottled Affection **waiting for CMJ verification
The rest of the chart is pretty much the same. Damien Rice, Cold War Kids, Alt-J over and over again.  On the CMJ charts we have seen an increase in the number of singles reported however CMJ is an ALBUM based chart. So that means if there is just a single out then its ok to chart that single however if the full record is out you need only to report that album.  

This next station is the most common error we see and is very easy to fix

11METHOD MANThe Meth LabTommy Boy
13K-OSCan't Fly Without GravityDine Alone
15PARISPistol PoliticsGuerilla Funk
16PETE ROCKPetestrumentals 2Mello Music Group
17MOKA ONLYMagikal WeirdnessUrbnet

Reporting the same record twice. I have never used the CMJ system from a station perspective and from what I hear there are some exciting new changes coming but I don't understand why the system lets a station report 2 of the same record if its not allowed. Perhaps there is a warning given to the station, I don't know but there should be. 

Here is another station with that same issue: 

18DAMAGED BUGCold Hot PlumbsCastle Face
19DE LUXGenerationInnovative Leisure
21MIAMI HORRORAll Possible FuturesDine Alone
23TWENTY ONE PILOTSBlurryfaceFueled By Ramen-Atlantic
This next mistake is a little more rare and I am not even sure how it happens : 

8MARY PAIR AND THE GROOVIES *Electro cosmic **waiting for CMJ verification 
9BRIKAVoice MemosArt House
11PANDA BEAR MEETS THE GRIM REAPER *Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper **waiting for CMJ verification 
12PIONEER OF NOTHING *You Blew It **waiting for CMJ verification 

But you do see this happen from time to time. 

So those are some examples of what not to do. I know whenever I see an Invalid chart I try and reach out to the station to let them know what is wrong and that they have time to fix it. I am sure others do the same.   

Thank you for reading! Lets talk on twitter. 

Also only 8 Reporting days until the Marathon and until you vote for Promoter of the Year and all the station awards. Follow along on my Instagram as I reveal who I am voting for in each category! 

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