Tuesday, September 01, 2015


A few stations have asked me to do a run down blog of what goes into picking who I will nominate for each award for CMJ.

You have until Wednesday, September 9 at 3 p.m. EST


The lone Industry award this year is Promoter of the year.
There are a lot of promoters out there and so I thought it would be helpful if I gave you a reason why you should nominate ME --Douglas Blake from Pirate instead of them.  Also follow me on instagram and keep up with my promotional posts on why you should pick me!

So lets start with AAM 

Tenni. --She is Canadian and should be disqualified

Rogo--He is a rockets fan

That new guy--see I can't even remember his name and NEITHER CAN YOU

The Syn

Joe--sure he once dressed up as St. Vincent... I WILL BECOME ST VINCENT FOR YOU

Allen--owns a Prius ( or so I heard)

Michelle--Once stole a handbag from kmart, I saw the tape.. you are better than that.


Tyler-- is from Ohio and doesn't know Lebron James... I don't trust him.

Anthony--come to think of it.. I have never seen him in NYC I don't think he is real

Team Clermont 

Bri--She hates Pizza. I love pizza. end of story

Shil-- well he is pretty awesome, if I had to lose to anyone I would hope it would be him

**JJ--JJ was left off originally not because I forgot who he was but because I was still mad about him not being in his office hours at WUOG on September 29th 2013 .. now we are even JJ...

The Band Mom

Jenn- ( TWO N"S JEN(N) COME ON come back to us when you figure that out!


Oscar --would just sell the award to buy McDonalds

Jesse-- Is part robot. That seems unfair.

Luke-- Is in the band chumbawumba. Look it up. ( let me help https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chumbawamba)


John--I hate to tell you this but John is a ghost .. you know like that movie six sense... don't tell him he gets really mad

Karen--She won before, or if she did not she should of cause she is pretty nice so lets pretend she did.

Shannon--Never met her but I did hear once that she can't even do like 7 pushups? Sounds kind of weak to me.

A Man A Plan A Canal 

Graham-- Does not own a cat or a dog! Does he hate them? HE MUST!!!!

Erik--Never Trust anyone that adds a K in place of a C  NEVER TRUST THEM


Jesse--Can't even beat me in fantasy Football.. how can he deal with the pressure of being promoter of the year!

Jerry--Too tall

Never Better 

Rupam-- Actually hates you.

Robb--The extra B means that he is alergic to winning.. something called Blastophomirida very rare.. don't vote for him.. it could kill him


Joe, Laura and Nick are all sleeping actually ...shhh don't wake them... You see living in portland makes you very sleepy.


Canada! --If you can guess his real name you can nominate him but thats the only way. THE ONLY WAY

Now as far as Label promoters.... DON'T GET ME STARTED!!!! !


(tomorrow I help you with the station nominations)

(if i forgot you, I am sorry It just means you have no chance of winning)

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