Sunday, March 06, 2005

My art!

Thank you for comming to paint is my bitch. The photos i have up now are not the greatest but i am working on getting new ones and working on getting a better site up. If you like them let me know. If you dont i would love to know as well. If you wish to buy any let me know. There are a few that have allready been sold. All of the newest ones are still for sale. So yes pour some wine, eat some cheese and sit down and enjoy my art. I do hope you like it! If you wish to contact me please do so at


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This is my latest one. on the right in silver it says: it was , i was that was yeah... on the left in blue it says "suddenly everything was fine" This one is brighter than series of 3 i just ended. This could be seen as continuation of the series but also a moving on from that series.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Part one: sept 30 2004

Originally uploaded by douginthehouse.
This is part one. In this series every painting i started with a black canvas and went from there.

Part two: 4:14--2005

Originally uploaded by douginthehouse.
This Painting is part two in my series. The typing says : Well you want to come and see me (in black and on the left) and then on right in silver it says "and i dont want to see you"

Friday, March 04, 2005

Part Three: picturepostcard

Originally uploaded by douginthehouse.
This is part tree in the series, this one takes from the Promise ring song Picture postcard. "don't forget to kiss me if your really going to leave.... couldnt you take the second bus home"


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