Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Ahhhh another year in the books!

Nothing too crazy to end the year here. We Finish with TV On the Radio at #1 again.  And Smashing Pumpkins take the #1 most added spot.

This year we had 19 different records reach #1. How many can you name?
Ty Segall held the #1 spot for the most weeks with 5 and there were only 4 one week wonders in Blood Orange, St. Vincent, Alvvays and Wye Oak.

There were 48 reporting weeks this year. 34 of the Most added records failed to go #1. Of course some of the last adds for this year will have a chance in the new year but still shows how unpredictable the ADD stat can be. I am sure a lot of them went top 5 and still had good runs but it also goes to show how hard it is to go #1.

In looking at the charts this year the difference between the top 5 and the top 10 has become more pronounced. A top five is difficult where as a top 10 has become a lot easier. The gap between those in the top 5 and 6 and lower has become bigger. It used to be that getting into the top 10 was just as difficult as getting into the top five is now. Of course scoring a top 10 is still worth something If it were "EASY" then I would have a lot more of them. I just mean it is a lot easier than it was just a few years ago.

I am curious as to what will be the #1 record of the year from CMJ. Dum Dum Girls, Spoon, Ty Segall, Mac Demarco all held #1 for at least 4 weeks. A lot of the time longevity will help push a record to #1 so maybe one of the early #1's like Beck or Sharon Jones, Black Keys?

Well it has been fun if there is anything you want to know about reporting/ CMJ that I never talk about let me know. Lets chat on Twitter @theanimalarrg  Also I had a lot of fun on Instagram on Monday documenting the day in the life of a promoter so check that out my username is douginthehouse

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

CMJ ISSUE 1372 WEEK 47 recap!

Well here we are the second to last week of the CMJ year. I have already started to see the emails come in telling me "AHHHH EXAMS"  or "AHHHHH I AM GRADUATING I CANT BE BOTHERED WITH REPORTING ANYMORE "  and also " AHHHH MIMOSAS" Of course all are valid reasons so I tend to not worry too much about these last few weeks.

For me it is a great time to catch up with stations I might of not talked to in a long time and try to lay the groundwork for the new year with little or no pressure of trying to get them to chart records.

I don't see much action taking place on the charts these last few weeks. TV on the Radio is firmly intrenched at #1, Panda Bear at #2 and Deerhoof at #3. I would bet that will be the same next week I could maybe see Ty Segall sneaking into the top five though that might be something to watch for.

This weeks ADDS had Parquet Courts or Parkay Quarts as it says on the album at #1 most added with She and Him coming in a distant second place.  These won't be factors this year but should both run up the charts quickly to start the new year.  

The only thing I want to mention about the adds is the whole Parquet Courts/ Parkay Quarts title thing. I saw a station on twitter say they would report the record as Parkay Quarts because thats what it says on the album. I knew of course that CMJ would change that to Parquet Courts because thats what the promotion company or the label decided on.  I was not bothered by this change but the station seemed  to be.  I would be curious as to what others have to say about it?

I wanted to share with you my top records of the year. I know some people get really passionate about their top 10. I think mine just reflects what records I enjoyed the most throughout the year and currently.  I would be curious to hear what yours are 

Lastly as some of you may or may not know this year I put together a Promoters Football Fantasy league. We had members from AAM, The Syndicate, Distiller, Terrrorbird, Planetary, Vitriol, A Man a Plan a Canal, Co-Sign, Team Clermont and of course Pirate.

It has been a pretty competitive league and we enter the playoffs this week. The top team Thus far has been Jessie from Vitriol with an 11-2 record. Shockingly his only 2 losses have come against Shil from Team Clermont. Shil sadly did not make the playoffs but he seemed to be rather excited about continuing on in the Consolation Bracket. Jessie gets a first round bye this week and will face the winner of Rogo from AAM and Graham from A Man a Plan a Canal.  Should be a a tight match up. Graham is the higher seed for those wondering.   I came in 2nd place and will face the winner of Steve from Pirate and Oscar from Planetary. Both come in at 8-5 and should be a really close match.

In the rest of the Consolation Bracket we have Tyler from Co-Sign who had the worst luck out of any team. He had the most points scored against him throughout the season.  John from Terrorbird had no idea what he was doing yet every week he tried his best and in his first ever fantasy football season finished 4-9, that is the same record as Allan who from the looks of it has also never done fantasy football. I kid. I kid. Our worst team of the year went to Dave from distiller with a 2-11 record with his 2 wins coming against Shil and his round one opponent Joe from the Syndicate. So maybe he can make a run in the losers bracket final!

Stay tuned for an update in a few weeks on who will win.  You can check out the league here

Thank you for reading. If you are graduating good luck be sure to let the incoming MD's know about the CMJ RECAP.



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