Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Ahhhh another year in the books!

Nothing too crazy to end the year here. We Finish with TV On the Radio at #1 again.  And Smashing Pumpkins take the #1 most added spot.

This year we had 19 different records reach #1. How many can you name?
Ty Segall held the #1 spot for the most weeks with 5 and there were only 4 one week wonders in Blood Orange, St. Vincent, Alvvays and Wye Oak.

There were 48 reporting weeks this year. 34 of the Most added records failed to go #1. Of course some of the last adds for this year will have a chance in the new year but still shows how unpredictable the ADD stat can be. I am sure a lot of them went top 5 and still had good runs but it also goes to show how hard it is to go #1.

In looking at the charts this year the difference between the top 5 and the top 10 has become more pronounced. A top five is difficult where as a top 10 has become a lot easier. The gap between those in the top 5 and 6 and lower has become bigger. It used to be that getting into the top 10 was just as difficult as getting into the top five is now. Of course scoring a top 10 is still worth something If it were "EASY" then I would have a lot more of them. I just mean it is a lot easier than it was just a few years ago.

I am curious as to what will be the #1 record of the year from CMJ. Dum Dum Girls, Spoon, Ty Segall, Mac Demarco all held #1 for at least 4 weeks. A lot of the time longevity will help push a record to #1 so maybe one of the early #1's like Beck or Sharon Jones, Black Keys?

Well it has been fun if there is anything you want to know about reporting/ CMJ that I never talk about let me know. Lets chat on Twitter @theanimalarrg  Also I had a lot of fun on Instagram on Monday documenting the day in the life of a promoter so check that out my username is douginthehouse

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