Wednesday, February 24, 2016


MONDAY FEB 22, 10:00AM

It has been a while since I broke down my day to day as a promoter so here we go.

Should be a good week this week. ADDS should be dominated by Animal Collective but whenever I think that some other record comes out of nowhere and makes it close. Hopefully that happens this time around just to make it fun.

The charts though should be a blast. Ty Segall took #1 last week and from what I hear it is still the number one priority for them does that mean DIIV takes a backseat? should be fun to watch.

Of course I am pushing Dr. Dog, we debuted at #5 last week so we have a shot.

Hinds and David Bowie should be on the way out.  Who else joins the top five this week? Last weeks #1 most added Ra Ra Riot? Wild Nothing? Something else?

I will update in a few hours.

To start the day I am have been listening to this daily playlist blog started by a former KUOM MD, check it out She has been making a playlist every day.

MONDAY FEB 22, 10:30

Well checked out the charts for the first time. Not a lot to report.

WRPI has an invalid chart so hopefully they fix that before tomorrow

Not sure why there is not something that stops the stations from messing up like this. Or maybe there is and they ignore it.

16JULIEN BAKERSprained Ankle6131
17TOW'RSThe Great MinimumSelf-Released
18HALF JAPANESEPerfectJoyful Noise
19LILY AND MADELEINEKeep It TogetherNew West
20FLORIST HoldlyDouble Double Whammy
23JULIEN BAKERSprained Ankle6131

Well they won't be the last this week thats for sure.

So far only 14 playlists are official so it really tells us nothing
There is another chart I use to see how things are going so lets check there
This only tells us raw numbers, not the type of station playing the record.

DR. DOG--14

For now those are the only ones I am going to monitor.

MONDAY FEB 22 12:15

Not a ton to report. No ADDS are really in playlists yet and the number of playlists in for top 200 has gone from 14 to 17
But lets check out those records from before see how they have changed

TY SEGALL --8--10
DR. DOG--14--15
RA RA RIOT--7--9

Nothing huge to take away from this. The biggest gain was 3 stations.

Also, lets discuss for a second the idea of "going for #1" I just said this to a station and we discussed how silly it. I mean why does it matter for this station? Do they feel part of it if the record goes #1? Is it just white noise with over half the of companies having a record they are pushing for #1? I will continue to say it the rest of today and tomorrow but it does seem really silly.

So hopefully we start to see something on the ADDS front to talk about soon.

You know it occurred to me that you might not know what it is I am looking at on CMJ so here is a brief rundown.

When you enter your chart into CMJ it goes into 3 areas.


This means your chart is good to go. No problems. You are showing up on the playlists. ( The playlists are what most of us check to see what stations are playing )  


 You are good, your chart just has not made its way over to Contributors so its not showing up on the Playlists. It will however show up on the other chart I check a lot called "Movement on stations over time" This chart just gives you the number of stations charting an artist but that chart also includes our next grouping. 


Now this area means you messed up. You forgot a record. You have the same record on there twice. You are playing Goldfinger. Ok fine you can play goldfinger and it won't get you on here but maybe it should. These charts do not show up in playlists but do show up in Movement on stations over time making that chart not 100% accurate but still more accurate than playlists when there are a ton of Pending. 

I hope that helps. 

MONDAY FEB 22 1:15

Not a lot out there to report I have been pretty busy today on the phone so thats been good  but still waiting on a big numbers jump here is the update 

TY SEGALL --8--10--13
DAVID BOWIE--17--18--21
DR. DOG--14--15--20
WILD NOTHING--10--13--17
RA RA RIOT--7--9--11

So most records went up 3 this time around. Still too low of a sampling to really take anything away from this 

MONDAY FEB 22, 2:00 

This just in! The station that was invalid that I emailed earlier fixed their chart! HOORAY. So glad they could fit Adele on there now. 

I was going to wait until a larger number of stations but since I am here lets see whats changed 
we have 26 playlists listed but still a lot in Pending. 

TY SEGALL --8--10--13--18
DAVID BOWIE--17--18--21--25
DR. DOG--14--15--20--27
WILD NOTHING--10--13--17--22
RA RA RIOT--7--9--11--15

DR. Dog with a nice 7 station jump when the average is 5. Obviously thats the type of jump we would need to keep seeing. But we will see periods later where Dr. Dog lags behind. I wish it would continue like this though. A stress free Tuesday would be nice.


Sorry no ADDS update yet. Its 2:30 and it looks like this :

So unless I click through each station I can't really see adds. And that would take way too much time

MONDAY FEB 22, 3:15pm

Not a lot really but lets take a look at how things have changed the last hour.

TY SEGALL --8--10--13--18--24
DAVID BOWIE--17--18--21--25--27
DR. DOG--14--15--20--27--31
WILD NOTHING--10--13--17--22--23
RA RA RIOT--7--9--11--15--18

What I like to do is judge everything against the leader so Dr. Dog gained 4 stations.  That is our baseline this time around.

Ty and DIIVgained  6, so unlike the last update this one was not as kind.

.... 15 min later.   This just the ADDS are not updated but its good to have friends at other companies as they went through each station individually.

With 43 stations reporting adds this is where we are

AnCo 22
Quilt 14
Teen 9
Mothers 7
Gazebos 7
Dirty Nil 7
Death By Unga 5
Mount Moriah 5
Toe 5
Esperanza 4
Ben Abraham 4
Sara Neufeld 4
Pinkshiny 4
Mothxr 4
Mavis Staples 3
Cave Singers 3
Future Elevator 3
Jordan Klass 3
Eerie Wanda 3
Run River Nor 3
Megan Wild 2
Ono 2
Sales 2
Lushlife 1
Sidestepper 2
Gibbz 2
Laney Jones 1
Secret Sea 1
Vox Vidorra 1
Wet Secrets 1

Tundrdan 1

Breaks down just about how I thought it would. Should be a runaway  with Animal Collective.

MONDAY FEB 22, 4:23

No real update on the playlist side. Slow CMJ update day I guess.

but lets see how things have changed in the last hour

TY SEGALL --8--10--13--18--24--30
DAVID BOWIE--17--18--21--25--27--31
DR. DOG--14--15--20--27--31--34
WILD NOTHING--10--13--17--22--23--23
RA RA RIOT--7--9--11--15--18--21

Added Savages on the list as they have a nice chance of jumping into the top five as well. I am sure that there will be something I am not tracking that will jump up there too and shock me and I am sorry for not keeping track of them

Dr. Dog went up 3, Bowie up 4, Ty up 6, DIIV up 4

So another update not so kind to Dr. Dog. DIIV and TY Segall are the 2 I am keeping my eye on. With the same company working both  and with Ty Segall being the push for #1 in the emails do  you pivot if DIVV stays ahead? I don't know.

Hopefully playlists catch up soon and we can get into how many #1's and the weights of stations attached to each record.

MONDAY FEB 22, 5:07
Been a good day on the phones but it's impossible to get to everyone. With so many companies calling all the same stations, it is all about timing.

one more hourly update after this :

TY SEGALL --8--10--13--18--24--30--35
DAVID BOWIE--17--18--21--25--27--31--34
DR. DOG--14--15--20--27--31--34--37
WILD NOTHING--10--13--17--22--23--23--25
RA RA RIOT--7--9--11--15--18--21--24

DIIV coming on STRONG still as is Ty Segall Overnight will be interesting.


Last check in of the day.

Still an absurd amount of Pending not showing up on playlists yet, 43 to be exact. So 43 are in playlists and 43 are pending. So up to this point 86 stations have charted.

TY SEGALL --8--10--13--18--24--30--35--41
DAVID BOWIE--17--18--21--25--27--31--34--39
DR. DOG--14--15--20--27--31--34--37--39
WILD NOTHING--10--13--17--22--23--23--25--28
RA RA RIOT--7--9--11--15--18--21--24--29

Big update from Ty Segall! A gain of 6 stations when most gained 3.

We could also take a look at those 43 that are in playlists see if it tells us anything more

Ty SEgall--26 ( 3 #1's)
Hinds--24 ( 1 #1)
David Bowie 20, 4 #1's
DIIV 26, 5 #1's
Dr. Dog, 24, 2, #1's
Wild Nothing, 17, 1, #1
Ra Ra Riot, 14, 1 #1
Savages 17, no #'1s

Some records I have not been monitoring but could of been:

Daughter 20 stations, 2 #1's
Porches 15, 2 #1's

So a pretty up and down day.  Looking forward to see how the overnight impacts us.

Monday Feb 22, 11:15PM

Ok fine. I could not help but look again, 5 hours after the last check in lets see how much has changed

TY SEGALL --8--10--13--18--24--30--35--41--61
DAVID BOWIE--17--18--21--25--27--31--34--39--58
DR. DOG--14--15--20--27--31--34--37--39--55
WILD NOTHING--10--13--17--22--23--23--25--28--46
RA RA RIOT--7--9--11--15--18--21--24--29--40

Well a HUGE jump by Ty Segall and for some reason people are still playing David Bowie.
Should be fun/ heartbreaking / exciting to watch what happens tomorrow.

TUESDAY FEB 23, 8:21

Good morning college radio friends.

Lets see how we faired overnight

TY SEGALL --8--10--13--18--24--30--35--41--61 / 77
HINDS--8--10--13--18--21--26--29--32--49/  65
DAVID BOWIE--17--18--21--25--27--31--34--39--58/ 69
DIIV--10--13--16--21--27--31--36--39--54/ 70
DR. DOG--14--15--20--27--31--34--37--39--55 /70
WILD NOTHING--10--13--17--22--23--23--25--28--46 /58
RA RA RIOT--7--9--11--15--18--21--24--29--40/ 48
SAVAGES-------------------------27--29--31--42/ 53

I think its pretty interesting to see how Ra Ra Riot looked like it was going to power past Wild nothing at one point but then fell back. Savages also faded a bit as is Hinds. 

The main ones I will concentrate on going forward will be Ty Segall, DIIV and DR. Dog.  IT really looks like Ty Segall is in control here so its more of a  battle for second / setting up next week. 

Overnight though the playlists caught up and the majority of those numbers are in playlists so we can take a closer look at those 3 records. 

Our first look into playlists will be with 137 stations reporting 

Ty Segall has 72 of those stations
DIIV has 66 
Dr. Dog has 65 

Each station has a weight so now we can take a closer look at the breakdown 
they range from 6-1, the higher the number the more it impacts the chart. 

Ty Segall      DIIV            Dr. Dog 
6 --                  --                       --
5     3                  3                  3
4    13                13                 13
3    23               22                  21
2    20               14                  15
1   13                14                  13

Well thats just crazy. The only major difference is in the 2 weighted stations. Meaning the Gap between the 3 records is VERY small 

Lets also take a quick look at the #1's as well 

Ty Segall--15
Dr. Dog --6 

Well Dr. Dog is clearly lagging behind and Ty Segall is pulling away. 

As for ADDS Animal Collective is pulling away from Quilt and should skate easily to #1 most added. 


Last week there were 268 reporters. The week before that 275. It is a reasonable guess that we should be at least around that number this week. Currently there are around 150 reporters in Contributors and Pending, leaving 125 reporters left to try and.... 

Well what is it exactly we are doing? In theory all the stations are just reporting what they played the last week. So there should not be much I can do on the surface.  What we can do as promoters is break ties. Sometimes the #5 record has the same amount of spins as the #30 record and the only thing makes it the #5 record is my phone call or email.  I am also trying to set up the next week, getting those stations that don't have my record on there to get it on there in the future.  One of my bosses in another life said "sometimes I feel like I am just a human post it note, reminding people to report"  Very simplistic but accurate. 

So what has changed since 8AM? Lets find out 

TY SEGALL --8--10--13--18--24--30--35--41--61 / 77--85
HINDS--8--10--13--18--21--26--29--32--49/  65--70
DAVID BOWIE--17--18--21--25--27--31--34--39--58/ 69--74
DIIV--10--13--16--21--27--31--36--39--54/ 70--76
DR. DOG--14--15--20--27--31--34--37--39--55 /70 --75
WILD NOTHING--10--13--17--22--23--23--25--28--46 /58--60
RA RA RIOT--7--9--11--15--18--21--24--29--40/ 48 --52
SAVAGES-------------------------27--29--31--42/ 53--55

A little more separation with Ty Segall but as I said there are around 125 reporters left and I need to set up next week. Also I would love to take #2

TUESDAY FEB 23 11:04

Quick update here

TY SEGALL --8--10--13--18--24--30--35--41--61 / 77--85--94
HINDS--8--10--13--18--21--26--29--32--49/  65--70--81
DAVID BOWIE--17--18--21--25--27--31--34--39--58/ 69--74--80
DIIV--10--13--16--21--27--31--36--39--54/ 70--76--85
DR. DOG--14--15--20--27--31--34--37--39--55 /70 --75--87
WILD NOTHING--10--13--17--22--23--23--25--28--46 /58--60--66
RA RA RIOT--7--9--11--15--18--21--24--29--40/ 48 --52--57
SAVAGES-------------------------27--29--31--42/ 53--55--59

good hour for the Dog.


Two hours left!  So far 192 reporters in playlists with only 2 in pending. Hopefully we see a strong finish and can get to to that 280-300 range in stations.

TY SEGALL --8--10--13--18--24--30--35--41--61 / 77--85--94--107
HINDS--8--10--13--18--21--26--29--32--49/  65--70--81--89
DAVID BOWIE--17--18--21--25--27--31--34--39--58/ 69--74--80--91
DIIV--10--13--16--21--27--31--36--39--54/ 70--76--85--97
DR. DOG--14--15--20--27--31--34--37--39--55 /70 --75--87--95
WILD NOTHING--10--13--17--22--23--23--25--28--46 /58--60--66--74
RA RA RIOT--7--9--11--15--18--21--24--29--40/ 48 --52--57--64
SAVAGES-------------------------27--29--31--42/ 53--55--59--65

Back and forth between DIIV and DR. DOG for 2nd place.

Lets check playlists for those 3 again

Now with 193 reporters

Ty Segall--21 #1's
DIIV--16 #1's
Dr. Dog 13 #1's

Ty Segall      DIIV            Dr. Dog 
6     1                 1                       --
5     4                  6                    3
4    16                16                 17
3    37               32                  32
2    31               23                 26
1   14                17                  16

DIIV taking over with the big 5's. So it would be safe to say the lead for #2 is pretty commanding at this point. Still 2 hours but thats a big gap to make up.


We made it ! The final hour ( put video of final countdown here ) ( ok not really)

Up to 224 reporters right now. Will there be 40 more? 50 more? I think we hit the 270 mark.

The second to last update

TY SEGALL --8--10--13--18--24--30--35--41--61 / 77--85--94--107--122
HINDS--8--10--13--18--21--26--29--32--49/  65--70--81--89--106
DAVID BOWIE--17--18--21--25--27--31--34--39--58/ 69--74--80--91--111
DIIV--10--13--16--21--27--31--36--39--54/ 70--76--85--97--117
DR. DOG--14--15--20--27--31--34--37--39--55 /70 --75--87--95--117
WILD NOTHING--10--13--17--22--23--23--25--28--46 /58--60--66--74--92
RA RA RIOT--7--9--11--15--18--21--24--29--40/ 48 --52--57--64--75
SAVAGES-------------------------27--29--31--42/ 53--55--59--65--73

Whoa only 5 stations behind Ty Segall!!!!  TEMPORARY EXCITEMENT

Until we of course check the big picture numbers

With 225 reporters in artist tracking

Ty Segall      DIIV            Dr. Dog 
6     1                 1                       --
5     5                 7                   5
4    19                20                23
3    41               40                  38
2    33               26                 29
1   17               20                  18

Made up some ground on the 5 front so thats nice! Really happy being in this position with an hour to go. 


Well that was fun. These numbers will change with some of them being invalid but just to have a general idea of how it all went. 

TY SEGALL --8--10--13--18--24--30--35--41--61 / 77--85--94--107--122--152
HINDS--8--10--13--18--21--26--29--32--49/  65--70--81--89--106--129
DAVID BOWIE--17--18--21--25--27--31--34--39--58/ 69--74--80--91--111--132
DIIV--10--13--16--21--27--31--36--39--54/ 70--76--85--97--117--147
DR. DOG--14--15--20--27--31--34--37--39--55 /70 --75--87--95--117--136
WILD NOTHING--10--13--17--22--23--23--25--28--46 /58--60--66--74--92--114
RA RA RIOT--7--9--11--15--18--21--24--29--40/ 48 --52--57--64--75--84
SAVAGES-------------------------27--29--31--42/ 53--55--59--65--73--89

DIIV came on STRONG towards the end there. You have to wonder if they don't get #1 is it because Ty Segall was the push for #1? Personally I would rather have more #'1s

Last hourly update. Will be back later to dissect.

Well that was fun, I am glad i did it this week as it turned out to be an exciting finish, and ride.

ADDS pretty much went like we thought they would Animal collective dominated showing up on 57% of all adds charts. Not historic good but VERY good. David Bowie had almost 60% earlier this year.  They also had a pretty good start on the charts coming in at #40.  Going from ADD week to #1 is hard to do though. Sure David Bowie did it earlier this year but thats a special situation. If it happens I will go more in depth on that.

Let's talk about the charts now! When we last took a look it looked like DIIV could pull the upset and take #1. This did not happen. The top 3 shook out mostly how I thought they might until I changed my mind. Ty Segall, DIIV and DR. Dog.

I am still a bit surprised and lets look at why

First lets take a look at the overall #'s

Ty Segall --145
DR. Dog--133

A one station lead is nothing.

if we add in the #1's how does that change things?

Ty Segall --145 --30 #1's
DIIV--144--20 #'1s
DR. Dog--133--17 #1's

Those 10 extra #1's might be what kept Ty Segall at #1.

Let's also take a look at the breakdown of station size .

Ty Segall      DIIV            Dr. Dog 
6     1                 2                       --
5     8                  9                 7
4    26                28                28
3    49               48                 42
2    40               32                 35
1    21               24                 21

I don't have the motivation or time to look it up but my guess is that you would just see higher overall numbers for Ty Segall. 

That sets up for an interesting showdown next week. 

These 3 should duke it out again along with Animal Collective.  Porches had a very good week this week just missing out on the top 5. With Bowie and Hinds hopefully falling I would guess Porches grabs that extra spot. ( along with Animal Collective) 

If you made it this far, thanks for reading. Want to talk about it. I am on the twitter 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


It had to end sometime, but David Bowies reign at college radio did not end quietly.  It was a race until the very end this week as Bowie, Hinds and Ty Segall all had a chance for the top spot.  In the end it was Ty Segall that took the top spot. I am sure it would of been easily #1 if not for some stations having confusion over what Ty Segall record to chart( and of course some were charting the other one on purpose)  I was really impressed with Hinds though as they must of been a station or 2 away from stealing #1 this week.   Last weeks big debut DIIV jumped into the top 5 to # 4 and last weeks #2 most added record DR DOG comes in at #5.

I have been thinking for a while that Animal Collective should be a walk to #1 when it comes out. I still think it will but does the poor showing on Pitchfork mean anything? I say no. It was not like it was a 3. So I still think it goes #1 the week after it ADDS. Meaning the clock is ticking for a lot of records. DIIV, Dr. Dog will for sure be pushing for the top spot. Will Hinds continue to be pushed for that spot or have they reached their limit.

Ra Ra Riot should be interesting to watch as well. They come in at #1 most added this week and also have a pretty decent debut at #111. Will we see a Dr. Dog or DIIV type jump from them?

I feel like we finally saw a lot of new pushing out the old this week on the charts. 26 debuts this week and another 29 from last week. So in the past 2 weeks we have 55 new records. I am sure we will see some more spring cleaning over the next few weeks.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Well that was fun-ish.

This week we saw the number of reporting stations continue to climb up but still way below last years levels.  David Bowie reign at #1 seems to be slowing down, if only slightly. Next week we should see a new #1

Hinds holds strong at #2, but should get passed next week by Ty Segall ( #3). Daughter made a nice move into the top 5 and could climb higher but I don't see them making the jump to #1. I looked into the future and I pretty much know how it is going to go down.

Let's talk about ADDS first. It was a fun week for me as we were going for #1 with DR. Dog and it is always more fun to have a horse in the race. It was a back and forth race but Wild Nothing never trailed throughout. We did get as close as 2 ADDS behind but ultimately they had the stronger push.
Dr. Dog did however have the higher debut and that could come up big in the next few weeks.

We saw last weeks #1 most added record DIIV come in with a #7 debut and also, for some reason I can't figure out 20 stations decided to ADD the record, I of course blame these 20 stations.. well not 20.. 13 stations that wasted ADD spaces... I am sure there are so many more that ADDED old records. I know it will never end, so I will continue to point it out.   I really don't blame anyone though, I have plenty of other excuses I won't go through here as it will just sound like... well excuses.  The Wild Nothing team did a great job and don't need to take anything away from that.

Now back to how the next few weeks will play out.

Next week I expect Ty Segall to take #1.
DIIV should make a move into the top 5
Dr. Dog and Wild Nothing should have themselves where DIIV is now

In 2 weeks Animal Collective goes for adds
That means the window for DIIV Dr. Dog Wild Nothing is already closing
So I would expect all 3 to be contending for #1 in 2 weeks but I have a feeling Ty Segall will
stay at #1

In 3 weeks Animal Collective will be in the top 5 but hopefully, for my sake and the records pushing for #1, they won't be #1 yet.

The question is in 3 weeks are DIIV, Wild Nothing or DR DOG strong enough to push out Ty Segall. I think so. So I don't want to jinx myself so I won't predict week 3 but I would bet it is not Ty Segall.

What do you guys think?

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Wednesday, February 03, 2016


Another no doubter week for David Bowie on the charts. There were some signs of a slow down but there was no question that Bowie would be #1 again. 

Last week Ty Segall took #1 most added but it was not by the margins we have come to expect so I asked if maybe there was a bit of Ty Segall backlash or fatigue. 

 Well this week he comes in at #4. You might remember Hinds starting off pretty big, and they are 
still in the conversation at #2.   Cage the Elephant was off to that great start and have since faded. 

 This time of year, as I have said a bunch of times, the newer records can blow past the older ones fairly easily. It can be hard to tell what is a real contender and what chart numbers are smoke and mirrors.   I thought right away Cage the Elephant was smoke and mirrors. I feel the same with Hinds as well.  And while I thought Ty Segall might of had a slow down I think he is, yet again, the real deal.  

In addition to coming in at #4 this week he also had 16 official CMJ adds. So perhaps people were just slow in getting the record.  I am not sure if he will get #1 next week but I would imagine in 2 weeks he should be your new #1. 

This weeks #1 most added was also a no doubter with DIIV running away with it from the start. It will be interesting to see how DIIV does as the last record did well in a weak chart time of year. The ADD week seems to suggest it should contend for #1.  I would also imagine we should see more contenders out there over the next few weeks to make this all more interesting. 

One thing that did catch my eye this week was that compared to last year at this time we are down a significant number of reporting stations. Perhaps people are just slower to come back but it is worth keeping an eye on.  Week 5 last year we were up to 283 reporters and the next week grew to 295. Maybe we started a bit early this year as well. We should of seen a jump in stations this past week or should see one next week. 

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