Wednesday, February 17, 2016


It had to end sometime, but David Bowies reign at college radio did not end quietly.  It was a race until the very end this week as Bowie, Hinds and Ty Segall all had a chance for the top spot.  In the end it was Ty Segall that took the top spot. I am sure it would of been easily #1 if not for some stations having confusion over what Ty Segall record to chart( and of course some were charting the other one on purpose)  I was really impressed with Hinds though as they must of been a station or 2 away from stealing #1 this week.   Last weeks big debut DIIV jumped into the top 5 to # 4 and last weeks #2 most added record DR DOG comes in at #5.

I have been thinking for a while that Animal Collective should be a walk to #1 when it comes out. I still think it will but does the poor showing on Pitchfork mean anything? I say no. It was not like it was a 3. So I still think it goes #1 the week after it ADDS. Meaning the clock is ticking for a lot of records. DIIV, Dr. Dog will for sure be pushing for the top spot. Will Hinds continue to be pushed for that spot or have they reached their limit.

Ra Ra Riot should be interesting to watch as well. They come in at #1 most added this week and also have a pretty decent debut at #111. Will we see a Dr. Dog or DIIV type jump from them?

I feel like we finally saw a lot of new pushing out the old this week on the charts. 26 debuts this week and another 29 from last week. So in the past 2 weeks we have 55 new records. I am sure we will see some more spring cleaning over the next few weeks.

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