Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Well that was fun-ish.

This week we saw the number of reporting stations continue to climb up but still way below last years levels.  David Bowie reign at #1 seems to be slowing down, if only slightly. Next week we should see a new #1

Hinds holds strong at #2, but should get passed next week by Ty Segall ( #3). Daughter made a nice move into the top 5 and could climb higher but I don't see them making the jump to #1. I looked into the future and I pretty much know how it is going to go down.

Let's talk about ADDS first. It was a fun week for me as we were going for #1 with DR. Dog and it is always more fun to have a horse in the race. It was a back and forth race but Wild Nothing never trailed throughout. We did get as close as 2 ADDS behind but ultimately they had the stronger push.
Dr. Dog did however have the higher debut and that could come up big in the next few weeks.

We saw last weeks #1 most added record DIIV come in with a #7 debut and also, for some reason I can't figure out 20 stations decided to ADD the record, I of course blame these 20 stations.. well not 20.. 13 stations that wasted ADD spaces... I am sure there are so many more that ADDED old records. I know it will never end, so I will continue to point it out.   I really don't blame anyone though, I have plenty of other excuses I won't go through here as it will just sound like... well excuses.  The Wild Nothing team did a great job and don't need to take anything away from that.

Now back to how the next few weeks will play out.

Next week I expect Ty Segall to take #1.
DIIV should make a move into the top 5
Dr. Dog and Wild Nothing should have themselves where DIIV is now

In 2 weeks Animal Collective goes for adds
That means the window for DIIV Dr. Dog Wild Nothing is already closing
So I would expect all 3 to be contending for #1 in 2 weeks but I have a feeling Ty Segall will
stay at #1

In 3 weeks Animal Collective will be in the top 5 but hopefully, for my sake and the records pushing for #1, they won't be #1 yet.

The question is in 3 weeks are DIIV, Wild Nothing or DR DOG strong enough to push out Ty Segall. I think so. So I don't want to jinx myself so I won't predict week 3 but I would bet it is not Ty Segall.

What do you guys think?

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