Wednesday, February 03, 2016


Another no doubter week for David Bowie on the charts. There were some signs of a slow down but there was no question that Bowie would be #1 again. 

Last week Ty Segall took #1 most added but it was not by the margins we have come to expect so I asked if maybe there was a bit of Ty Segall backlash or fatigue. 

 Well this week he comes in at #4. You might remember Hinds starting off pretty big, and they are 
still in the conversation at #2.   Cage the Elephant was off to that great start and have since faded. 

 This time of year, as I have said a bunch of times, the newer records can blow past the older ones fairly easily. It can be hard to tell what is a real contender and what chart numbers are smoke and mirrors.   I thought right away Cage the Elephant was smoke and mirrors. I feel the same with Hinds as well.  And while I thought Ty Segall might of had a slow down I think he is, yet again, the real deal.  

In addition to coming in at #4 this week he also had 16 official CMJ adds. So perhaps people were just slow in getting the record.  I am not sure if he will get #1 next week but I would imagine in 2 weeks he should be your new #1. 

This weeks #1 most added was also a no doubter with DIIV running away with it from the start. It will be interesting to see how DIIV does as the last record did well in a weak chart time of year. The ADD week seems to suggest it should contend for #1.  I would also imagine we should see more contenders out there over the next few weeks to make this all more interesting. 

One thing that did catch my eye this week was that compared to last year at this time we are down a significant number of reporting stations. Perhaps people are just slower to come back but it is worth keeping an eye on.  Week 5 last year we were up to 283 reporters and the next week grew to 295. Maybe we started a bit early this year as well. We should of seen a jump in stations this past week or should see one next week. 

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