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Hi friends. Looking like we have a nice week of ADDS coming up!
Pause and Play looks to be down right now but when it comes back up you can check out all the releases coming out this week. If anyone has any comments or requests regarding the ADDS list just hit me up on twitter. 

Distiller  has:

Wilson’s Reservoir--The last will and Testament of Buck Baker--SR 
Lee Fields and the Expressions--Special Night--Big Crown Records 
Fauna Twin--The Hydra EP--Crammed Disk 
Troup--Mercury and Gold 
Smokey Brights--Hot Candy--Freakout records 

Pirate has :

Emma Ruth Rundle--Marked for Death--Sargent House 

Minihorse--Big Lack--Friendship Fever 
Walker Lukens--Never Understood--Modern Outsider

Ken De Poto--Bad Man--Sniffling Indie Kids/Mint 400 Records

Terrorbird has :

Infinity Shred--Long Distance--SR
The Seshen--Flames & Figures--Tru Thoughts
Black Marble--It's Immaterial--Ghostly International 
Duchess Says--Sciences Nouvelles--Slovenly
Naked Giants--R.I.P EP--Miscreant Records 

Tiger Bomb has:

Shana Falana--Here comes the Wave--Team love reocrds

Phone Call--Hang-Ups--Aerobic International 
Hales Corner--Garden View--Darling Recordings 

Vitriol has:

A man A Plan A Canal has:

Naked Giants--R.I.P EP--Miscreant Records 

Ken Wakan--Molasses--Murmur 
Georgie--Company of Thieves--Spacebomb

Planetary has:

The Lovely Days--EP
Port Juvee--Double Vision 
Mike Doughty--The Heart watches while the Brain burns --Snack Bar 

Shine on has

Conor Oberst--Ruminations--Nonsuch
Gallant--Ology--Mind of a Genius 
Baseball Gregg - Vacation --La Barberia Records
Elel--Geode--Mom and pop 
Hundred Plus Club--For you--Admirable traits records 
Autolux--Live at Third Man Records--Third Man Records 

Co sign has:

Moby and the Void Pacific Choir--These systems are Failing--Mute 
Weyes Blood--Front Row Seat to Earth--Mexican Summer 
Douglas Dare--Aforger--Erased Tapes 
Wax Tailor--By Any Beats Necessary--Lab'Oratorie

The Syndicate has:

From Indian Lakes--Everything Feels Better Now--Triple Crown Records 
Hamish Anderson--Trouble--
Jagwar Ma--Every Now & Then--Mom and pop 
Kevin Devine--Passage--
Kings of Leon--Walls--RCA 
Syd Arthur--Apricity--Harvest records 

Tell All Your Friends :

Moby and the Void Pacific Choir--These systems are Failing--Mute 

And now lets see what we think will happen: 

so what are the biggies

anything from Vitrol?

i just saw 2 singles for this week


thats pretty funny
but also kind of crazy they are working 3rd man
i thought the syn had that locked up

yeah same…
that's interesting
did conor's last album go #1?


what about phantogram?

no they didn’t even get most added it looks like


the big three have to be those 2 and Moby right?


is Jagwar ma big?

yes? but like top 10 big i believe
lemme check

Emma Ruth Rundle does well but not top add well
I can never figure out if people think Moby is cool or not

reaction has seem mostly positive on the phone so far
no one has asked me who Moby is so that's good ha

That Phantogram record is getting bad reviews so far

last Jagwar Ma (also their debut) went to #9

I think it comes down to connor and moby
yeah i think so as well
those will be 1 and 2

I would maybe give the edge to moby just cause of caroline

caroline + 2 indies 

last conor record was 3rd most added
but got to #2

was there two indies on that last one?
maybe not

nope, just Never Better

So it should be a good battle then
What did you think of the rankings for #1 next week? agree? dissagree

agreed, lvl up has the edge with being a week newer
wilco stayed at the same amount of stations, but reporters grew, so they lost % this week

we lost some stations i was not expecting
I think we can maintain not sure if we can gain 20 +

fun fact: Wilco started off with a higher % of stations week after Bon Iver did

that is fun

even though bon iver had the higher debut on their add week

if there were no Angel Olsen we would of been #1 .. i mean if you look at most other #1 records this year we would of beat a lot of them I think

yeah it's really not fair haha
was like anyone going up against Sleater Kinney

not even anything i can bash
like i get it
she’s great
carry on

i know, not like it's beach house ha

if anything it can help because no one can tell me wilco is too old if they are still playing angel

hahaha yep

"you've been playing angel olsen for 8 weeks, cmon"

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Well they said it couldn't happen. They said it was all but impossible. But this week it happened. Angel Olsen lost stations. I know I know .. "Doug are you sure the math is right? " Yes folks this week Angel Olsen lost stations for the first time in a month.  Oh sure she is still #1 but might as well pretend everyone else now has a chance.

In reality we should see a new number one record, perhaps as soon as next week.

Lets take a look at the top 20 this week

3613833LVL UPReturn To LoveSUB POP
43336LOCAL NATIVESSunlit YouthLoma Vista
54844NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDSSkeleton TreeKobalt
691-62BON IVER22, A MillionJagjaguwar
7106-72PIXIESHead CarrierPias
81713483WARPAINTHeads UpRough Trade
1081584FLOCK OF DIMESIf You See Me, Say YesPartisan
1133-112DEVENDRA BANHARTApe In Pink MarbleNonesuch
129995HEAD AND THE HEARTSigns Of LightWarner Bros.
1311556ALLAH-LASCalico ReviewMexican Summer
141622144KISHI BASHISonderlustJoyful Noise
157427OF MONTREALInnocence ReachesPolyvinyl
162327164DRUGDEALERThe End Of ComedyWeird World
1712776DE LA SOULAnd The Anonymous NobodyA.O.I.
18110-182DANNY BROWNAtrocity ExhibitionWarp
1932-192BEACH SLANGA Loud Bash Of Teenage FeelingsPolyvinyl
201414145TEENAGE FANCLUBHereMerge

and lets compare that to the Spinitron charts 

1199Bon Iver22, A MillionRock
2143Angel OlsenMy WomanRock
3113Danny BrownAtrocity ExhibitionHip Hop
587SolangeA Seat At The TableR&B
685LVL UPReturn to LoveRock
781Drive-By TruckersAmerican BandRock
880WarpaintHeads UpRock
979Frank OceanBlondeHip Hop/R&B
1075Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsSkeleton TreeRock

The main reason I wanted to go down to 20 was to show Danny Brown, #3 on the Spinitron and yet only #18 on the top 200, I would expect a big move from him in the coming weeks but he seems too far behind to make a real push to #1.

Obviously the record to watch is Bon Iver. Almost 200 spins and a clear leader at radio. All the way up to #6 on CMJ. You will notice that The Pixies also had a similar jump but they don't crack the top 10 at Spinitron making me think they have less of a shot at the top spot.

This week should be fun though as we have a handful of records that I think have a real shot at #1 lets take a look

3613833LVL UPReturn To LoveSUB POP
43336LOCAL NATIVESSunlit YouthLoma Vista
54844NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDSSkeleton TreeKobalt
691-62BON IVER22, A MillionJagjaguwar
7106-72PIXIESHead CarrierPias

You could include anyone in this top 7.   
So lets Rank the records in order of least likely to take #1 to most likely 

#7 Local Natives--They went for it this week and got jumped. The 2nd oldest record in the top 7 as well it looks like their time is up. 

#6--Pixies--This was a toss up between Nick Cave and the Pixies I think the Pixies have less of a shot because of the lack of spins seen on Spinitron and jumping from #7 to #1 while not impossible is difficult when the records ahead of you are such powerhouses 

#5 Nick Cave and the Bad seeds --I would of put this lower but this record has a chance because of who is working it. This is Vitriols only record in the top 7 and will surely be a priority still. 

Now it gets difficult 

#4 Bon Iver-- I still think they are a week away. Angel Olsen continues to hold strong and mostly digital records take a longer time to keep going but I really think any one of these top 4 could be #1 and really the whole point of going over the top 7 is saying that any one of these could be #1 and I would not be shocked. 

#3 Angel Olsen-- We saw some loss of stations this week and the focus has to be on Bon Iver so I could see a one week opening for someone else to get in there I also wouldn't be shocked if she stayed there for another week. 

#2 Wilco--The gap between Angel Olsen and Wilco is down to single digits and you know we will be trying but... .

#1 Lvl UP-- The gap is also single digits fromWilco to Lvl Up and Lvl up is the younger record so I give a slight edge.   

A major factor this week are the companies that are working each record. I talked to a station yesterday that told me they loved both of my ADDS but would only add one because " they needed to help other companies." This also happens when it comes to charting. If you have too many records at the top they all suffer because of it. But if you have a singular focus at the top then you have a better shot. 

Again I think all of these records have a  good shot at the top spot. It will be fun to watch. 

And now on to CMJ.. we received some actual correspondence ... so here you go.

This week a bunch of radio stations received this email from CMJ:

As a long-time reporting station, CMJ would like to thank you for your continued patronage with a six month (24 issue) complimentary reporting subscription. This time has already been added to your account.

If you have a current or recently renewed account, this time will be added to the end of your subscription. When you are ready to renew, please do so through this

secure link

We have committed to upgrade our services and will be sharing details soon. In the meantime we know there are some periodic challenges and we thank you for bearing with us. 

We would also like to share with you that the 48th and final reporting week of 2016 will be November 29. Year-end charts will be published the week of December 6, and CMJ reporting for 2017 will resume on the week of January 3.

Should you have any issues regarding your account, please contact us at

Thank you again for making college radio the vibrant community it is today. 

Our very best,


Industry received a similar email as well. It is the first substantive email from CMJ in some time. Interesting that just a few weeks ago stations were coming to me complaining that CMJ was auto-renewing while others were complaining that they could not renew.  The front page of CMJ still has not been updated since June. It will be interesting to take a look at how many stations come back to CMJ with the free 6 month boost. This week was up to 229 reporters, by far the biggest since the spring.  

Also worth noting that the End date is 2 weeks earlier than it has ever been, as long as I have been working in college radio and the start date seems like a week earlier. 

Thank you for reading. Lets talk on Twitter. 

Thursday, October 06, 2016


Let's take a look at what is coming to college radio this next week. 
As always you can check actual release dates here 

Distiller  has:

Piers Faccini--I dreamed an Island--Beating Drum VĂ©ronique Vincent & Aksak Maboul--Half-Mute Reflected--Crammed disks Somantic Moon--Mess EP Karen Nielson--Deliverance 

Pirate has :

Joyce Manor--Cody--Epitaph 
NOFX--First Ditch Effort--FAT 
LITE/Mouse on the Keys--split 7"--Topshelf 
Kult of Mary--Double Dope--Mint 400 

Terrorbird has :

Tinnarose--My Pleasure has Returned--Nine Mile Records
Hiss Golden Messenger--Heart Like a Levee--Merge
Kyle Morton--What will Destroy You--Bug Hunt
Bobbypin--Sketches from a Terrace 

Team Clermont has:

Tiger Bomb has:

Balance and Composure--Light we Made--Vagrant 
Busman's Holiday--Popular Cycles--Joyful Noise 
Helado Negro--Private Energy--Asthmatic Kitty 

Vitriol has:

Brothers Lasaroff--Dangers Tunes--

A man A Plan A Canal has:

Ablebody--Adult Contemporaries--Lolipop

Planetary has:

The Delta Riggs--Active Galactic--Rah Rah Radio // Inertia
The Pack A.D--Positive Thinking--Cadence Music
The Peep Tempel--Joy--Wing Sing 
Joan as a Police Woman & Benjamin Lazer Davis--Let it be you--Reveal Records 

Shine on has
Kas-Tro--ST--Kastro's Kitchen 
GOAT--Requiem--Sub Pop 
Louis Berry--Restless-Minstry of Sound 
Ex Sage--Out of the Blue
La Sera--Queens EP--Polyvinyl 

Co sign has:

Jeff Rosenstock--Worry--
Springtime Carnivore--Midnight Room--Autumn Tone 
French Horn Rebellion--Classically Trained--Ensemble Records 
friendships--Nullabor 1988-1989--Mansion Records 

The Syndicate has:

Banks--The Altar--Harvest 
Lewis Del Mar--ST--Columbia 
The Moms--ST--Bar None
Purling Hiss--High Bias--Drag City 

Band Mom has:

Baby Robot has:

Tell All Your Friends :

Vesuvio Solo--Don't leave me in the dark --Banko-Gotiti 

If you have any corrections or comments you can hit me up on twitter

Here is this weeks ADD conversation. 

so what's the biggie adds you think?

haha yeah
its crazy how one week can be so good
and the next be so average
in terms of big name bands

i know… and based off of new release sites, i dont see anything "big" that Shine On could even have

Banks looks like the front runner, yeah?

 last Banks debut at #11 and topped out at #7 ha

you think a debut at 11 you can go top 5...

i would bet the under

yeah this time around for sure

only see 1 from the so far, either it's just the 1 or the rest of theirs haven't gone out
something called KAS-tro

that cant be it
just one?

that's all they've sent ha
and Vitriol has: Brothers Lazaroff

The station I just talked to was like you think Joyce manor will be #1 most added.
I said no
but looking .. i mean why not haha

i know, not i've gotta re think..
last joyce was big right?

just one station though

he was excited about Rosenstock too

if anyone adds jeff the should add joyce
and vice versa

its going to be like every record getting 30 adds
#1 most added with like 54

last Banks did get almost 100 adds, so smaller sample size now
i say #1 banks with 65 stations, and then a big tie for #2 with everyone getting 35-45

yeah i won’t be shocked if thats the case
mystery add

hahaha exactly
cant imagine shine on just has 1 add

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Week 40 College radio recap

Wed September 28th 2016

So I have not done this in a while and thought it would be fun to give a day by day/ later on hour by hour recap of what goes into pushing a record at college radio.

This past week we got Wilco to #2 and closed the gap to within 25 stations of Angel Olsen. We also had a great week going up to #10 with Cass McCombs. The internal debate then is do we have a better shot at getting #1 with Wilco or getting top five with Cass McCombs.

You might ask well why can't you do both? Well you can try but when you do that you usually fail. Take a look at last weeks adds with Beach Slang and How to Dress well. The same company working them meant that some stations were only going to add one of them. Had they been worked by 2 different companies each would of done better.  You have to pick a frontrunner sometimes in order to maximize success.

So we took a  look at the charts and originally decided that Cass McCombs would be the one for us to push this week, lets go top 5 and work on Wilco next week. That was until we saw the news that Bon Iver was going for adds this week. That has a real impact on the window Wilco has to go #1.  Then we took a closer look at the charts.

35934LOCAL NATIVESSunlit YouthLoma Vista
42225OF MONTREALInnocence ReachesPolyvinyl
583654ALLAH-LASCalico ReviewMexican Summer
63318THEE OH SEESA Weird ExitsCastle Face
791074DE LA SOULAnd The Anonymous NobodyA.O.I.
861-82NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDSSkeleton TreeKobalt
91616193HEAD AND THE HEARTSigns Of LightWarner Bros.
101517104CASS MCCOMBSMangy LoveAnti

That was last week 

You can expect those top 3 to remain the same 3 records. Of Montreal should drop out. Allah-Las has reached its ceiling as well.  Thee Oh sees are not going to go back up, De La soul could do it but my guess is that get jumped by Nick cave. 

35934LOCAL NATIVESSunlit YouthLoma Vista

861-82NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDSSkeleton TreeKobalt
91616193HEAD AND THE HEARTSigns Of LightWarner Bros.
101517104CASS MCCOMBSMangy LoveAnti

So if we put Nick Cave in the top 5 that leaves one spot for Head and the Heart, Cass McCombs and Preoccupations to fight for. Head and the Heart being the youngest on there has the best shot to make that kind of jump. Going from 16 to 9 last week it seems like that will be what will happen. 

That would mean we would need a near perfect week with Cass McCombs. Or if we went with Wilco we would presume that Angel Olsen would slow down at least a little. and we are young enough that a 30 station gain is not out of the question.  So we have decided to go with Wilco. 

So this should be fun.

Thursday September 29th 2016

In order to catch up with Angel Olsen we need to shoot for around 130 stations. For me that means a gain of about 15 or so.

So we made some targeted lists for Wilco today. Over the last 4 weeks I have had 134 stations chart to CMJ. Of those 134, 64 were playing wilco last week. 70 Were not.

The first stations I will target are those that ADDED the record but were not charting it last week, I have 11 of those.  These should be the easiest to get on board.

I also want to take a look at those stations that were charting it but have already dropped it. I have 4 of those.

Thats 15 targets but there is no way I am getting all 15 of those so I will need more. Last year there was a Wilco record and the year before that a solo Tweedy record. I think a good strategy would be to focus on those that played both records. Giving me a better chance of conversion.

I have 12 stations that are not charting the new Wilco yet but did play both of the last records.
( And are still currently reporting to CMJ)

So that gives me 27 stations to aggressively target. Of course when you are going for #1 every station is a target but these 27 will be a major focus of mine.

Charting opens tomorrow but it really doesn't start until Monday.

Happy Monday! October 3rd 2016

Well back in the day we would start to have a good idea of how things going. But now most weeks there are only 10-15 stations that have reported.  So we will check back in a bit later to see how we are doing.  Currently there are only 9 stations in playlists (7-6 Wilco over Angel ) But that means nothing.

12:22 PM Oct 3

Well of COURSE the week where I want to show you the inside mechanics of going for #1 CMJ has to go down. Can we be done with them yet? Sorry just angry. Anyways so CMJ is down and so stations cant report. I cant see stations report. I can just sit and wait and check to see if its back up or not.

3:26 PM Oct 3

Well CMJ sent out an email telling everyone a back door to get to CMJ.  So reports are coming in slow so far only 34 people have reported so its such a small sample size you cant really tell anything from it but just so you know Wilco and Angel Olsen each have 20 stations. Angel has higher charters so Wilco will need to have a good rest of the day/ overnight and tomorrow.

4:27 Oct 3

Some things are trickling in.
First an ADDS up date for you.

With 29 reporters :

Bon Iver--14
Regina Spektor--10
Danny Brown--9

5:37 PM Oct 3

Still not a lot but with 39 playlists in we have:

Angel Olsen --23
Wilco --22
Local Natives--15
Nick Cave --13

So not looking like anyone will be competing aside from Angel and Wilco.

10:20PM Oct 3rd

We are up to 52 stations reporting ADDS
Bon Iver--26
Danny Brown--19
Regina Spektor--15
Ex Cult--11

For the charts

Still only Angel Olsen vs Wilco 39-35 with 60 reporters
Closer than last week but no major move by Wilco yet.

Local Natives and Nick Cave are at 25 and 24 respectively so they are afterthoughts.

8:20 AM Oct 4th .

Good Morning. Last night we left with 52 stations reporting adds and we wake up with 65. Seems a bit low could be due to the CMJ site not working properly.

Overnight the Pixies did pretty well
Bon Iver is still in the lead with 32 ADDS but Pixies have cut that lead down to 4. I would still be surprised to see Pixies get most added.

For the charts there are now 74 reporters.

Angel Olsen still leads with 48 stations and Wilco has 44. Local Natives remains far behind with 33.

So the same margin as last night.

Today will be interesting as we don't know how many stations have given up on reporting this week. The last 2 weeks we had just over 200 stations so hypothetically we would have 130 stations still to report. So its really still possible but I am way less optimistic than I was earlier.

10:00 am Oct 4th

Now the "real" start of the day.

Reporting for Adds is up to 73 and the lead is unchanged with Bon Iver up by 4

For the charts its up to 84, with a 53-48 Lead for Angel Olsen.

Looking at a different report I see that Angel is at 58/91 stations reporting and Wilco is at 50/91 stations.

8 stations is a pretty big gap these days but lets take a look at the side of the stations real quick. We will do this again later

Remember there are 6 different weights of stations

                  Wilco         Angel Olsen
6                   1                      1
5                   1                      4
4                 13                    18
3                 17                    17
2                 11                    10
1                 7                       8

Well that does not make me feel any better.

No where near close. But There are still plenty of 4's and 5's to go after but Its looking like Angel is going to skate easily to her 4th week at #1.

11:00AM Oct 4th

Whoa! Pixies have overtaken Bon Iver.

47-46 currently. I am shocked but good job on them! (99 reporters)

Will be worth checking on this in an hour or so

Charts are up to 110 reporters

72-61 lead for Angel Olsen over Wilco.

Well at least we can watch Pixies vs Bon Iver now that seems like it might be fun.

12:00PM Oct 4th.

Up to 126 ADDS reported, last week there were 199 so we could see 75 more?
Lets check the numbers
Bon Iver--57

Big move there, Bon Iver pulls back ahead! This is getting good!

Danny Brown --36
Regina Spektor --41

A close one for #3 as well

Just because we have done it for this long lets check out the charts. We are at 137

89-76 is the current breakdown between Angel Olsen and Wilco

Local Natives is at 59
Last weeks number one add Lvl Up is at 42

Nick Cave is at 55 so its looking like a runaway for Angel yet again.  At this point the focus is still getting people onboard but focusing on Next week.

No matter who gets #1 most added this week, neither are going to be in a position to jump from where they debut this week to #1 next week leaving it wide open yet again.

Next update in an hour

1:00PM Oct 4th

One hour left!

We are up to 150 reporters for ADDS and boy is it close.
Bon Iver --66

Danny Brown--40
Regina Spektor-48

For the Charts we are up to 162 reporters

Angel Olsen is at 102
Wilco is at 90

So yeah not going to happen this week.

1:30 PM Oct 4th

Half hour! Looks like we will break 200 stations for the 3rd week in a row. This is good but should not be seen as a success. There should be 300+ at this point in the year.

We are up to 166 ADDS

Bon Iver--71

this is going to be fun to watch!

For the charts, while we know its not really a race we will keep track so we can compare to next week.

188 reporters so far.

Angel Olsen--116

At the very least it won't be the 20+ gap it was last week.

1:40PM  October 4th
180 reporters
Bon Iver--75

2:15 PM Oct 4th

In what should be the final count:

201 playlists for adds
218 for top 200


Bon Iver-85

Gotta give the Syndicate credit. thats why you hire an outside promotions team. Going to be interesting to see if they can keep it up when it comes to the charts.

Angel Olsen--135 staitons ( up 8 from last week how can I compete with that)
Wilco --117

We gained stations but just... what can you say we got beat. Lucky for us nothing else seems to be close so we might have a window next week. Not going to do this again though as it is obviously bad luck! ha.

More of an update to follow when charts come out.


Well at least the Adds provided us with some excitement.

Wilco has more stations than Angel Olsen had when she first got to #1 so I can at least feel good about that.

Lets look at this top 10

33535LOCAL NATIVESSunlit YouthLoma Vista
486143NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDSSkeleton TreeKobalt
6138-62LVL UPReturn To LoveSUB POP
74226OF MONTREALInnocence ReachesPolyvinyl
8154583FLOCK OF DIMESIf You See Me, Say Yes
991694HEAD AND THE HEARTSigns Of LightWarner Bros.

Lots of soon to be disappointed records. You could look at LVL UP and be impressed and while that is a HUGE debut there is a long way from #6 to even #3 and the gap between #2 and #3 is just as massive. I am looking forward to seeing where Pixies and Bon Iver end up. That will be fun to watch for sure. 

Lets take a look at the Spinitron charts : 

1156Angel OlsenMy WomanRock
3109LVL UPReturn to LoveRock

It really comes as no surprise then what we see on the CMJ charts right?

Lastly congrats to Shil for starting his new company because there was really a void when AAM left Check it out here. 


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