Thursday, October 06, 2016


Let's take a look at what is coming to college radio this next week. 
As always you can check actual release dates here 

Distiller  has:

Piers Faccini--I dreamed an Island--Beating Drum Véronique Vincent & Aksak Maboul--Half-Mute Reflected--Crammed disks Somantic Moon--Mess EP Karen Nielson--Deliverance 

Pirate has :

Joyce Manor--Cody--Epitaph 
NOFX--First Ditch Effort--FAT 
LITE/Mouse on the Keys--split 7"--Topshelf 
Kult of Mary--Double Dope--Mint 400 

Terrorbird has :

Tinnarose--My Pleasure has Returned--Nine Mile Records
Hiss Golden Messenger--Heart Like a Levee--Merge
Kyle Morton--What will Destroy You--Bug Hunt
Bobbypin--Sketches from a Terrace 

Team Clermont has:

Tiger Bomb has:

Balance and Composure--Light we Made--Vagrant 
Busman's Holiday--Popular Cycles--Joyful Noise 
Helado Negro--Private Energy--Asthmatic Kitty 

Vitriol has:

Brothers Lasaroff--Dangers Tunes--

A man A Plan A Canal has:

Ablebody--Adult Contemporaries--Lolipop

Planetary has:

The Delta Riggs--Active Galactic--Rah Rah Radio // Inertia
The Pack A.D--Positive Thinking--Cadence Music
The Peep Tempel--Joy--Wing Sing 
Joan as a Police Woman & Benjamin Lazer Davis--Let it be you--Reveal Records 

Shine on has
Kas-Tro--ST--Kastro's Kitchen 
GOAT--Requiem--Sub Pop 
Louis Berry--Restless-Minstry of Sound 
Ex Sage--Out of the Blue
La Sera--Queens EP--Polyvinyl 

Co sign has:

Jeff Rosenstock--Worry--
Springtime Carnivore--Midnight Room--Autumn Tone 
French Horn Rebellion--Classically Trained--Ensemble Records 
friendships--Nullabor 1988-1989--Mansion Records 

The Syndicate has:

Banks--The Altar--Harvest 
Lewis Del Mar--ST--Columbia 
The Moms--ST--Bar None
Purling Hiss--High Bias--Drag City 

Band Mom has:

Baby Robot has:

Tell All Your Friends :

Vesuvio Solo--Don't leave me in the dark --Banko-Gotiti 

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Here is this weeks ADD conversation. 

so what's the biggie adds you think?

haha yeah
its crazy how one week can be so good
and the next be so average
in terms of big name bands

i know… and based off of new release sites, i dont see anything "big" that Shine On could even have

Banks looks like the front runner, yeah?

 last Banks debut at #11 and topped out at #7 ha

you think a debut at 11 you can go top 5...

i would bet the under

yeah this time around for sure

only see 1 from the so far, either it's just the 1 or the rest of theirs haven't gone out
something called KAS-tro

that cant be it
just one?

that's all they've sent ha
and Vitriol has: Brothers Lazaroff

The station I just talked to was like you think Joyce manor will be #1 most added.
I said no
but looking .. i mean why not haha

i know, not i've gotta re think..
last joyce was big right?

just one station though

he was excited about Rosenstock too

if anyone adds jeff the should add joyce
and vice versa

its going to be like every record getting 30 adds
#1 most added with like 54

last Banks did get almost 100 adds, so smaller sample size now
i say #1 banks with 65 stations, and then a big tie for #2 with everyone getting 35-45

yeah i won’t be shocked if thats the case
mystery add

hahaha exactly
cant imagine shine on just has 1 add

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