Thursday, October 13, 2016


Hi friends. Looking like we have a nice week of ADDS coming up!
Pause and Play looks to be down right now but when it comes back up you can check out all the releases coming out this week. If anyone has any comments or requests regarding the ADDS list just hit me up on twitter. 

Distiller  has:

Wilson’s Reservoir--The last will and Testament of Buck Baker--SR 
Lee Fields and the Expressions--Special Night--Big Crown Records 
Fauna Twin--The Hydra EP--Crammed Disk 
Troup--Mercury and Gold 
Smokey Brights--Hot Candy--Freakout records 

Pirate has :

Emma Ruth Rundle--Marked for Death--Sargent House 

Minihorse--Big Lack--Friendship Fever 
Walker Lukens--Never Understood--Modern Outsider

Ken De Poto--Bad Man--Sniffling Indie Kids/Mint 400 Records

Terrorbird has :

Infinity Shred--Long Distance--SR
The Seshen--Flames & Figures--Tru Thoughts
Black Marble--It's Immaterial--Ghostly International 
Duchess Says--Sciences Nouvelles--Slovenly
Naked Giants--R.I.P EP--Miscreant Records 

Tiger Bomb has:

Shana Falana--Here comes the Wave--Team love reocrds

Phone Call--Hang-Ups--Aerobic International 
Hales Corner--Garden View--Darling Recordings 

Vitriol has:

A man A Plan A Canal has:

Naked Giants--R.I.P EP--Miscreant Records 

Ken Wakan--Molasses--Murmur 
Georgie--Company of Thieves--Spacebomb

Planetary has:

The Lovely Days--EP
Port Juvee--Double Vision 
Mike Doughty--The Heart watches while the Brain burns --Snack Bar 

Shine on has

Conor Oberst--Ruminations--Nonsuch
Gallant--Ology--Mind of a Genius 
Baseball Gregg - Vacation --La Barberia Records
Elel--Geode--Mom and pop 
Hundred Plus Club--For you--Admirable traits records 
Autolux--Live at Third Man Records--Third Man Records 

Co sign has:

Moby and the Void Pacific Choir--These systems are Failing--Mute 
Weyes Blood--Front Row Seat to Earth--Mexican Summer 
Douglas Dare--Aforger--Erased Tapes 
Wax Tailor--By Any Beats Necessary--Lab'Oratorie

The Syndicate has:

From Indian Lakes--Everything Feels Better Now--Triple Crown Records 
Hamish Anderson--Trouble--
Jagwar Ma--Every Now & Then--Mom and pop 
Kevin Devine--Passage--
Kings of Leon--Walls--RCA 
Syd Arthur--Apricity--Harvest records 

Tell All Your Friends :

Moby and the Void Pacific Choir--These systems are Failing--Mute 

And now lets see what we think will happen: 

so what are the biggies

anything from Vitrol?

i just saw 2 singles for this week


thats pretty funny
but also kind of crazy they are working 3rd man
i thought the syn had that locked up

yeah same…
that's interesting
did conor's last album go #1?


what about phantogram?

no they didn’t even get most added it looks like


the big three have to be those 2 and Moby right?


is Jagwar ma big?

yes? but like top 10 big i believe
lemme check

Emma Ruth Rundle does well but not top add well
I can never figure out if people think Moby is cool or not

reaction has seem mostly positive on the phone so far
no one has asked me who Moby is so that's good ha

That Phantogram record is getting bad reviews so far

last Jagwar Ma (also their debut) went to #9

I think it comes down to connor and moby
yeah i think so as well
those will be 1 and 2

I would maybe give the edge to moby just cause of caroline

caroline + 2 indies 

last conor record was 3rd most added
but got to #2

was there two indies on that last one?
maybe not

nope, just Never Better

So it should be a good battle then
What did you think of the rankings for #1 next week? agree? dissagree

agreed, lvl up has the edge with being a week newer
wilco stayed at the same amount of stations, but reporters grew, so they lost % this week

we lost some stations i was not expecting
I think we can maintain not sure if we can gain 20 +

fun fact: Wilco started off with a higher % of stations week after Bon Iver did

that is fun

even though bon iver had the higher debut on their add week

if there were no Angel Olsen we would of been #1 .. i mean if you look at most other #1 records this year we would of beat a lot of them I think

yeah it's really not fair haha
was like anyone going up against Sleater Kinney

not even anything i can bash
like i get it
she’s great
carry on

i know, not like it's beach house ha

if anything it can help because no one can tell me wilco is too old if they are still playing angel

hahaha yep

"you've been playing angel olsen for 8 weeks, cmon"

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