Sunday, March 16, 2008

I am not going to teach him how to Dance with you.

What a a great 16 days March has been. It really has flown by and not a single day has been wasted! I mean I have been wasted but they days... they have been enjoyed to the fullest. As you can read about in the last few weeks. I was in Boston for 5 days and I got to hang out with so many friends. I then went to Texas and had soooooooo much fun, if you have not read the about the Kareoke on Tuesday please do and then REM on WED so much fun! Then on Thursday I stayed up all night and went to the airport for a 7AM flight! I flew home and had about 45 min before my friend picked me up and drove me down to my friend Sean's wedding in New Jersey. We got down there and by 11pm I was so freaking out of it.... So the wedding was on Saturday and that was a blast and a half and lots of dancing and drinking and just so much fun. On Sunday I got home and cleaned and got the house ready for a visit from Christine and Liz from KSLU so one day of rest and we keep it keeping on!   For those of you that went to SXSW I hope you had a good time. For those of you that did not go it is pretty much like an indie rock warped tour with lots of free drinks.   
So yeah, these weeks have been great. Lots of friends, lots of bands, lots of drinks. 
there are a bunch of places to look at photos 
most of them will be linked from here 
you can also go straight to my page here if you like 
I put a bunch up on my facebook page as well if you are not friends with me yet. Just look for me and add me.  My world tour is just getting started though. I head up to Boston again soon. Then up to Toronto. In May I am heading out to Seattle! Then I want to plan trips to New Orleans, LA, San Fran, Chicago, and Detroit. Well I want to go to a lot of places!  Maybe I will come visit you, just ask! 

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