Monday, March 03, 2008

She wore a cowboy the middle of the hallway

Happy March My friends! I am so happy Feb. is over. FOr those that do not know i took off the month of Feb from drinking. I also got the Black Lung and tried out the raw food diet. So it was pretty much the most anti-fun month I have ever had. But its March! and well Spring brings hope and joy.! Baseball starts this month! SXSW is this month! I am going to Boston 2 times this month! So this weekend I Broke Edge and had myself a lovely time.

Thursday Night was actually the start of all the fun as we go to bar that shows Lost on EVERY TV and people go crazy! Then we went out to see Apes and Androids!

Apes and Androids

They were rather Fantastic then on Friday night i went out to see The Acorn The Acorn and got some fine Mexican food in the city with brooke.

Saturday was our Fantasy baseball draft so we nerded out for 2 hours with that and then went to a birthday party...the party to be honest was quite borrrrring but ... we were able to convince the bartender to let us shotgun beers so yeah that happened...

Sunday i went shopping and bought some new shirts for TExas and saw Semi-Pro!
all and all a great weekend. This Wed i leave for Boston for a few days to see the Boston Celtics play basketball and try to get STeve to do some Kareoke. LAst year we were able to get him to sing Total Eclipse of the heart... oh man it was as good as you think it would be. Then SUNDAY ..... going to TEXAS!
see you there!

So yeah above are some of the photos from my weekend...including what i think is one of the most fantastic things i have ever seen.... A CAT ON A HAT!!!!!! The other photos are Me eating mexican food, shotgunning a beer, The Acorn, so yeah there you go!

OH and for those of you wondering the Title this week and last week were from whatever song was playing at the time...can you tell me What song this weeks title was taken from ...and last weeks monday post....

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