Monday, March 24, 2008

Rabbit Habits.

What a crazy last 2 weeks its been. Texas, Jersey and back to NYC. This past week Christine from KSLU was in town and we lived life like it was another SXSW . Going out every night of the week. Bowling, Karaoke, and margaritas! Whew.... and the NCAA tournament and well trying to live life as well and then easter and easter Brunch....takes a lot out of you. But there is NO rest for the weary! This week marks RED SOX OPENING DAY!!!! Tomorrow morning at 6am! You will find me at Professor Thoms on 2nd ave and 14th street watching the Red Sox open the 2008 baseball season in Japan! Am I excited? HELL YES I AM! Here are some photos from the past week! Next week will bring us April 1st and 1/4th of the way done with 2008! Seeing as last year i could not remember what records came out in JAN, FEB and March this year I am going to try and keep track and this will mark the top 10 of the 1/4th mark of 2008! Email me your best of the year so far as well!

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