Monday, December 12, 2011

Santacon 2011

This pretty much sums up Santacon. I don't know what it means.
but I know it was fun. I broke a plant, Found a Ghostbusters Ghost mask. Played jump rope with a slinky. Gave 20 dollars to a random person to get us drinks... Just a normal Saturday really.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

2001 vs 2011

I thought it would be fun to think back to what I was listening to in 2001 and compare and contrast that with my favorite songs from this year
So here you have it 
 2001 Vs 2011 ( a best of)  

1) To Hell with Good Intentions --McLusky (2001) 
2) Girls Girls $ --Theophilus London (2011)
3) Lapdance--N.E.R.D ( 2001) 
4) Lift off --Jay Z and Kanye West(2011)
5) Beep Beep Love--The Incredible Moses Leroy ( 2001)
6) Midnight City--M83 (2011)
7) Bigger Cages, Longer Chains-- The (international) Noise Conspiracy ( 2001)
8) Hell Broke Luce--Tom Waits ( 2011) 
9) One Hump or Two-- Detroit Grand Pubahs ( 2001) 
10) Ostrich-- The Shelia Divine ( 2001)
11) Annihilation Eyes--Maritime ( 2011) 
12) Orange--Death By Chocolate ( 2001) 
13) Kielbasa--Tenacious D ( 2001) 
14) Came out Swinging--The Wonder years ( 2011)
15) A jack of all Trades--Hot Water Music ( 2001) 
16) Rememorable--Get up Kids ( 2011) 
17) Ode to Janice Melt--Army Navy ( 2011)
18) Run Right Back--The Black Keys ( 2011)
19) Abducted--Cults ( 2011) 
20) Artificial Light --Rainer Maria ( 2001) 
21) Chance of a lifetime--Creeper Lagoon ( 2001) 
22) Ten-Twenty-Ten--Generationals ( 2011) 
23) Following Through--The Dismemeberment Plan (2001) 

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here is the download link as well 

My top 10 of 2001 as reported to CMJ 


You can check out everyones top 10 from 2001 here

and now my Top 10 of 2011 in no order 

Black keys --El Camino 
Army Navy--The last Place 
Summer Camp--Welcome to Condale 
Los Campesinos!--Hello Sadness
Theophilus London--Timez are Weird these days 
Man Man -Life Fantastic 
Get Up Kids--There are Rules 
Maritime--Human Hearts 
PJ Harvey --Let England Shake 
Tom Waits --Bad As me 

And my top 10 listened to on last FM this year ( douginthehouse on Last FM if you wanna find me) 

Blink 182
The get up kids
The strokes
man man
the dismemberment Plan
Beastie Boys
Pj Harvey
The Promise ring 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ad Hoc at home first try.

Lately I have been getting books from the library down the street and placing them on the coffee table in order to appear smarter than I am, however since Killer ( my cat) and Amy know I am full of it I have started to try and put these books to use. My latest book is Ad Hoc at Home from Thomas Keller, here is a whole blog dedicated to what i am dedicating one post too : .  Today I attempted Pickling veggies. Green Beans. I Really love when they put green beans in Bloody Mary's so I wanted to make my own.  I think it went pretty well, however I did add some spice to mine with a whole Jalapeno... if you do this ... do not stand over the boiling water while boiling said are photos of what i did. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Ok so I love writing reviews on but I always end up saving them until i have WAY too many to write. Well I am in the midst of one of those times.... and while I did crank out about 10 on friday I still have a good 15 or so to share with you... so i thought I would share a few here.
Here is the link if you want to check out more also: here are todays.
I recently took a trip to NAPA and had two very different experiences at Gamble and at Cakebread. Enjoy.

  Gamble Family Vineyard 5 out of 5 stars :

 As mentioned previously this is by appointment only, not because they are stuffy, or snobby simply because they have room for 2 groups at a time only. Quaint I believe is the word. There is nothing more peaceful than going to Gamble with your picnic lunch. Enjoying some lovely white wine and watching the wind blow the vines in the background. Its wonderful. If this was not the best experience i have had at a Vineyard it has to be in the top 3. The wine, and that is what it's all about right, the wine is fantastic. Just simply fantastic. I joined the red only wine club only to hold me over until I can go back.

  CAKEBREAD Cellars 1 out of 5 stars

 What a bunch of SNOBS. You are not better than everyone and just because there is someone semi famous in our group it does not mean you can ignore the rest of us. What a joke. Every step of the way we were encountered with rudeness, from trying to set up the appointment, to letting them know that traffic was making us late, to the actual appointment. Some people need to get over themselves and their name is Cakebread. Oh as far as the wine goes, there are plenty and I mean PLENTY of places you can go to where you wont encounter such obtuse service.

Monday, May 02, 2011

I want candy

What a crazy week. Let me walk you through it.

While making a harmless salad I stabbed myself in the hand on tuesday while trying to get a pit out of an avocado. For the first time I debated if i needed to get stitches ... hopefully the right decision was made ( no stitches )
I saw some improv and discovered New York Improv is way better than San Francisco improv. Bought a coffee table. Drank wine on my porch.

Rooted for the Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins.

Drank more wine.

In the past i have given up things such as beer, fries, Fast and Furious movies... this month I have decided to give up candy.

I eat a lot of i. I love it. I kind of want to see how hard it is to give up! Wish me luck. So day One was yesterday. So far so good.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hello San Francisco!

So I have been here for almost 2 months! Time flies. Loving it here for sure I finally got to work on getting a new Business Card.
It came down to 2 choices :

I really wanted the first one to work.... I really did. But it just does not "POP" as much as the second one. What do you think?


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