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Half a year gone! It has happened so fast! I will get into the CMJ charts for this week but frankly they were boring and I thought of about 12 other things I wanted to talk about.

Since we are at the half way point let us do a half year recap!

So far this year there have been 14 #1 records. Last year at this time there had been 9. So a little more turnover than last year. Although last year did start with Black Keys holding #1 for the first 7 weeks of the year. 2 years ago there were 12 at this point so it looks like we are right on par.  Only 6 records so far that have been #1 most added have made it to #1.  If you had to name a #1 record based upon the numbers so far this year I think it would come down to Local Natives, Toro Y Moi or Vampire Weekend although Vampire is surely hurt by the lack of summer reporters. Each of those records had a 3 week reign at #1. So let's look at the average number of charters they each had.

TORO Y MOI --178.6

So in just looking at that it looks like Toro Y Moi is WELL in the lead to for #1 of the year.

What are your favorite records of the year so far? Let me know, share in the comments.

To decide my favorite of the year I try and go back and see what I have spent the most time with so far.
To anyone that knows me you will be less than shocked to know that Tegan And Sara have the most plays from me so far and obviously they are going to make the list so lets see who else I have liked the most this year.

In no order, except in the order I remember them.

Tegan And Sara--Heartthtrhob  --Part of me wishes this record would of come out after the success of some other really poppy records. I kind of feel like this one paved the way and opened the door at college radio for some of the more produced records.  Anyways I really liked it.

The Knife --Shaking the Habitual

Parquet courts--Light up Gold

They Might Be Giants--Nanobots  -- My favorite They Might be giants record since Apollo 18. So good. Heads on fire is such a great song!

Yo La Tengo--Fade


Thee Oh Sees

Widowspeak--Almanac -- Absolutely fell in love with this band at SXSW.

Wavves--Afraid of Heights-- Never been a huge fan until this record and I just never wanted to take it off my playlists

Off with Their Heads--My favorite Punk record so far this year.

Generationals-- HEZA

Strfkr--Miracle Mile

I went with 12 since I had 5 Pirate! bands in there and wanted to try and make a more representative list.  I do need to spend more time with Vampire Weekend and Daft Punk but I just have not done it yet.

So don't forget to share yours! Looking forward to seeing what you guys dig.

On to the CHARTS!

It is so hard to promote in the summertime.  You get a baseline number of how many stations you think will report based upon the last few weeks but the trick is to figure out who will be reporting this week. It makes it very frustrating to say the least.
Right now we have an average of 226 stations each week over the last 4 weeks. If we look at all reporters over that time there have been 300 reporters. So any given week 74 stations are not reporting on average.  So if I am getting in touch with the right people or if the right people are seeing my email I have a good chance to have a good week.   The records that suffer though are not the Daft Punk's or The Nationals, although you could say being stuck at #2 for 3 weeks in a row is suffering, but rather those in the middle of the charts the bands from 30-60 that can be impacted greatly by 5 or so stations not reporting.

I wanted to use one of my own records as an example of how difficult figure out the chart can be in the summer time.  Over the past 6 weeks we have been working a band that has seen some success at college and specialty and was well enough at radio called Boxer Rebellion.  Last week was week 5 and typically when you hit week 5 the chances of you continuing to climb are slim as you are unlikely to get new stations on board. I always feel if a station has not played something after 5 weeks you should move on. Yet Boxer Rebellion had a new peak coming out of week 5. We had one more week to push the record. So it being summer I thought lets continue to make this a big priority, we are at 47 we have a chance for top 40 why not go for it.  But again you have no idea who will be reporting. So we went for it ...

664757476BOXER REBELLIONPromisesInsound

Not exactly the results I was looking for. You expect when you make something a priority that It should at least continue to do half way decent, all bets are off in the summer.  Just interesting to see how one decision can impact a lot of the other ones.

That was a bit of a tangent but this week really had no element of excitement. Daft Punk dominated to keep #1 while Portugal. The Man made some movement but are still a good 30 stations behind. Last weeks #1 record Austra debuted at #34 so we won't see them be challenging anytime soon. If I had to pick some to keep an eye on it would be Boards of Canada, moving up to #7 from #64 and Sigur Ros moving from #138 to #12.  But in watching how slow moving it gets when you get into the top 10 I am not really sure what to expect.  This week the number one add was Smith Westerns who had the biggest add week I have seen in about a month but no debut on the charts so who knows how much of a contender they will really be.

Lastly I had have had one person send me the best of 2013 so far .. if you want to be added just let me know via twitter @theanimalarrg

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Well look what we have here! A brand new #1 record! Congrats to Daft Punk! It is hard to believe that this is the first ever number one record for Daft Punk, considering a lot of people think of them as a heritage type band at college radio.  I had a feeling early on that Daft Punk would have a chance this week. When I checked on Monday they were up by a few stations and in previous weeks they had been way behind. Vampire weekend did have the lead a few times and in just looking at those numbers I thought it was going to be close. Upon further review Daft Punk had more of the larger stations so I am going to guess that there was never any real threat of them not making it.    The National stay at #2 while Vampire Weekend fall to #3. Portugal. The Man looks to be the next contender moving up to #5.

It will be interesting to see what happens next. Daft Punk could very well be one and done but I could also see them holding it for the next 3 weeks.  The National have a chance to squeeze in there should Daft Punk be one and done. Portugal. The Man had a good jump in stations but they look to be a few weeks away. After that I have no idea. The adds the last few weeks have been very subpar. Two weeks  in a row with no record getting 100 adds means that it is doubtful that either of these weeks will produce the next #1 record. But at some point there will have to be another #1 so who knows.

Last weeks ADDS did have a good showing on the charts with KING TUFF having the #1 debut of the week.  last weeks #1 add Surfer Blood coming in at #16  and CSS in at #29.   Some dark horses could be Camera Obscura with a big 41 to 11 move or Queens of the Stone age as beggars has shown to do very well as of late.

This weeks ADDS were won by Austra with 79 adds while Boards of Canada and Sigur Ros were right there with 74 and 73 each.  So we will keep an eye on those but I have a feeling that in the end Boards of Canada and Sigur Ros will both eclipse Austra on the charts.

That about does it this week. As we get deeper into the summer things tend to move a bit slower and there tends to not be as much excitement.   NExt week is week 25 of the reporting year so we will go through our top records at the half way point. Share yours with me and I will share with everyone, if you want.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This week in College radio, CMJ ISSUE 1300 Week 23

Round numbers are always so exciting! 1300! Seems like quite the big deal right?  I remember for issue 1000 they were planing a really special issue with all of these fun recaps that stations and promoters all wrote. I think they were even going to do a best of all time issue( something I might of made up but would really still love to see)  and then time went on and here we are at issue 1300 and I am still waiting.  Anyways 1300 issues is pretty impressive regardless and this week I would rather focus on that than the actual snoozefest that is the charts in the summertime. I was planing on doing this every other week in the summer but then I get asked why I did not write one and then I feel good that people read it when i do write it... so here we are.

I was thinking this would be a good week to do a best records of the year so far post but most years there are around 50 reporting weeks so I thought we would do that week 25. But in the meantime how about you tell me your favorite records thus far via twitter @theanimalarrg .

This week was almost exactly like last week. We have the same exact top 3 in Vampire Weekend, The National and Daft Punk.  All three records gained stations this week and there were a few more reporters this week. What is kind of crazy to look at is Daft Punk had a very good week but was still nowhere near getting to #1, they could not even slide past #2!  In the summer though the rules for how long you can push a record kind of go out the window.  In the fall or spring you have a compact window with so many records pushing their way toward the top of the charts and all doing so very quickly.  But in Winter and Summer those times are extended. You can have a record in week 6 make a big jump up the charts this time of year whereas that is unheard of in the Fall/ Spring.   The problem is the longer you wait you have the issue of more records joining the party.  So while the past 2 weeks the only real contenders for #1 have been Vampire Weekend, The National and Daft Punk we now have to start taking a look at records that are making moves like Mikal Cronin, making its move into the top 5.  also last weeks #1 add Portugal. The Man making a move from 198 to #8 ( easily the biggest move of the week ) and Shannon and the Clams making an impressive move from 19 to 7.

But I really have no idea out of those who will be the next #1 and I can't really know until Vampire Weekend starts to weaken. They GAINED stations again and while it was not a lot it was not a drop in stations. And as more people come back from summertime margaritas to do their charts the number could go up even more. So until I see them go down I have to think they will just stay there. If I had to guess I would say that they keep it for one more week and then Portugal. The Man  jumps up to take #1.  But if someone else does take it this next week I still think Portugal. The Man gets it in 2 weeks.

For adds this week Surfer Blood was the top add in a pretty weak ADD week. I don't know a lot about Surfer Blood but I thought going into the week they would be #1 and while they were they only had 85 adds. As we have seen in the summer thus far even in low reporting weeks we see big adds at least get 100 adds if they have any chance to challenge for #1.

I have  spent a lot of time talking about ADD since this Blog was started because I can never really decide how little or how much they mean to a success of a record. So I thought we could take a look at the last 6 weeks of adds and see if we can find any connection between the success or failure of a record based upon ADD position or number. I picked 6 weeks because the ADDs we will look at for the issue of 1294 would be ones that ended this week in most campaigns or will end soon.

To start lets look at just each ADD week over the past six weeks and in place of the label I have put where they are on Chart issue 1300 and where they peaked if they are on the way down.

1 week ago -- Radio 200 Adds Chart  #1299
All charts are subject to change prior to print
1105PORTUGAL. THE MANEvil Friends8
357ROGUE WAVENightingale Nights47
454BIG DEALJune Gloom42
554PASTELSSlow Summits29
741CAPITAL CITIESIn A Tidal Wave Of Mystery46
1028DIRTY BEACHESDrifters/Love Is The Devil80
1127CAMERA OBSCURADesire Lines41
1227CITY AND COLOURThe Hurry And The Harm67
1323FEMI KUTINo Place For My Dream193
1421IMAGINARY CITIESFall Of Romance79
1520QUEENS OF THE STONE AGELike Clockwork24
1620JON HOPKINSImmunity109
1815POKEY LAFARGEPokey LaFarge155
1915VARIOUS ARTISTSTrue Blood: Music From The HBO Original Series Volume 4139
2015WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINEInfinity Pool177

2 weeks ago-- Radio 200 Adds Chart  #1298
1107DAFT PUNKRandom Access Memories3
272SHANNON AND THE CLAMSDreams In The Rat House7
457LAURA MARLINGOnce I Was An Eagle23
553BRONCHOCan't Get Past The Lips66
739MOUNT KIMBIECold Spring Fault Less Youth18
838HOODED FANGGravez49
932TRICKYFalse Idols31
1028VAN STEEWe Are98 (97 peak) 
1119SCOUT NIBLETTIt's Up To Emma71
1218TEENCarolina [EP]97
1317POOR YOUNG THINGSThe Heart. The Head. The End.(not on chart) 
1415SECRET COLOURSPeach131 (99)
1515EMILY BELLIn Technicolor(not on chart)
1614KAE SUNAfriyie(not on chart)
1911BASTILLEHaunt [EP]58
2010PAPER KITESWoodland [EP]190 (188)

3 weeks ago --Radio 200 Adds Chart  #1297
1114NATIONALTrouble Will Find Me2
461FRONT BOTTOMSTalon Of The Hawk35
551COCOROSIETales Of A Grasswidow45 (42) 
643TREETOP FLYERSThe Mountain Moves61
740WILD NOTHINGEmpty Estate21 (20)
837MAN OR ASTRO-MAN?Defcon 5 4 3 2 126
932MAJICAL CLOUDZImpersonator44
1128TULLYCRAFTLost In Light Rotation73
1224CLUB 8Above The City82
1324GYPSY AND THE CATThe Late Blue179 (98)
1419W-H-I-T-EIII88 (74)
1516HERMITUDEHyperParadise144 ( debut) 
1615RADICAL DADSRapid Realitynot on chart 
1713BNLXBNLX123 (debut) 
1813CAMERA2This Is Not A Sad Song [EP]121
1912LORDEThe Love Club [EP]not on chart 

4 weeks ago--  Radio 200 Adds Chart  #1296
1118VAMPIRE WEEKENDModern Vampires Of The City1
360MS MRSecondhand Rapture51 (42)
458BIBIOSilver Wilkinson16 (13)
557FITZ AND THE TANTRUMSMore Than Just A Dream14
657BAPTIST GENERALSJackleg Devotional To The Heart37 (27)
833EMMA LOUISEVs Head Vs Heart118 (113) 
931PURE XCrawling Up The Stairs52 (43)
1029BIG BLACK DELTABig Black Delta110 (84) 
1126JULIAN LYNCHLines102 (79) 
1320SAM AMIDONBright Sunny South87 (167)
1416MOHAWK LODGEDamaged Goodsnot on charts 
1516GOLD AND YOUTHBeyond Wilderness84 (62) 
1612TUNNGTurbines96 (80) 
1711KISSESKids In LAnot on charts 
198ANCHORESSSet Sailnot on charts 
207VARIOUS ARTISTSGhost Brothers Of Darkland County126 ( 81) 

5 weeks ago Radio 200 Adds Chart  #1295
1105SHE AND HIMVolume 310 (3) 
287SMALL BLACKLimits Of Desire12
469CHILD OF LOVThe Child Of Lov63 (28) 
557SAVAGESSilence Yourself19 (15) 
640NEIGHBOURHOODI Love You65 (48) 
737UNCLUDEDHokey Fright39 (31) 
837GRAHAM MACRAEDundrearies83 (62) 
934ALPINEA Is For Alpine34 (26) 
1032HOCKEYWyeth Is153 (111) 
1130MOTHER FALCONYou Knew91 (58) 
1229ADULT.The Way Things Fall74 (60) 
1327RADIATION CITYAnimals In The Median111(80) 
1426AM AND SHAWN LEELa Musique Numerique75 (61) 
1516BATSFree All The Monstersnot on chart 
1616JESSIE WAREDevotionnot on chart 
1716HAILERAnother Waynot on chart 
1815WOLF EYESNo Answer : Lower Floorsnot on chart 
1915ROUGEBlurrynot on chart 
2012WE ARE LOUD WHISPERSSuchness154( 122) 

6 weeks ago Radio 200 Adds Chart  #1294
1109!!!Thr!!!er22 ( 8) 
2108STILL CORNERSStrange Pleasures20 ( 9) 
399IGGY AND THE STOOGESReady To Die86 (26) 
490GUIDED BY VOICESEnglish Little League25 (16) 
560DAUGHTERIf You Leave13 
659WOLF PEOPLEFain171 (56) 
746FEATURESThe Features163 ( 78) 
844PRETTY AND NICEGolden Rules For Golden People197 ( 46) 
939FRANK TURNERTape Deck Heart146 (68) 
1034SNOOP LIONReincarnatedNot on chart 
1133ALICE RUSSELLTo Dust68 (35) 
1232POSTELLESAnd It Shook Me108 ( 101) 
1328FORTRESS SOCIAL CLUBDreamin' The Life166 (117) 
1425HUMAN EYEInto Unknown127 (73) 
1522CRACKLINGMary Magdalene182 (181) 
1619BROTHERS IN LAWHard Time For Dreamersnot on chart 
1717DISCLOSUREThe Singles [EP]full added this week 
1815MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCEHow I Learned To Stop Giving A Shit And Love Mindless Self Indulgencenot on charts 
1915VALLEYSAre You Going To Stand There And Talk Weird All Night?not on charts 
2015BLANK REALMGo Easynot on charts 

The first thing I noticed was how many records are on the decline after 4 weeks on. Only 8 total records from weeks 4, 5 and six are at their peak right now.  Only 3 of those from weeks 5 and 6.  If you go to 3 weeks ago only 6 records are either in decline or not on the charts. So your third week looks to be when most people peak.   I also noticed that of last weeks ADDS every record made it on the charts. This is a sure sign of the summer as this almost never happens throughout the year.

I wanted to also take a look at average peak position

#1 --4.16

I  stopped at #10 as I could not decide a proper way to represent the records that are no longer on the charts without having to go back and look each one up.

The thing that stands out is the drop off from #1 to #2 as I thought those would be closer as we have seen in the past a lot of #2 most added records get to #1 but I think in the summertime that becomes a bit harder.  One thing I sort of expected was the drop off from Top five most added and #6.  Of course throughout each week you can see outliers such as last weeks Queens of the Stone age, already at #24 on the charts.   But for the most part records that were added higher had higher debuts ( or chart movements)  Another interesting thing to look at would be comparing how records did based on who is working it.

I think that about does it for this week. Please do let me know if you have any questions and you have 2 weeks to think of your top 10 of the year so far!  Thanks a lot for reading!


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This week in College Radio week 22. CMJ issue 1299

This past week was spent in Las Vegas for the Punk Rock Bowling tournament. We came in 17th in the Bowling tournament and I won the Poker tournament so a pretty good weekend. I was unable to keep track of the progress of CMJ in the detail I like to thus no recap was written.  I will say it was no shock to see Daft Punk #1 most added and Vampire Weekend take the top spot on the charts.   So this week I thought I would try something new and keep a rolling diary of each day leading up to the release of the charts on Tuesday.

Thursday, May 30th 8:16AM

Right now it is Thursday morning and my first step of every week is to look at what everyone has going for ADDS to get an idea of how hard of a week it will be.

AAM --  Has Eleanor Friedberger from Merge records and Kid Congo and the pink Monkey Birds

The Syndicate  Has Big Deal, City and Colour, Koji and Portugal the Man

Terrorbird Has Big Deal, Coma Cinema, GRMLN, Pokey Lefarge, Splashh, and Susanne Sundfor

Never Better -- No update on Adds yet

Team Clermont--Georgia's House, Lily & Madeleine, Memoryy

Vitriol-- No updates on Adds yet

Distiller-- Jonny Fritz, Femi Kuti, The Stranglers, True Blood Soundtrack, Yellowbirds, V/A Best of Switchstance Remix ( listed as RPM)

A Man A Plan A Canal--The Pastels,

Co-Sign--Booker T, Frankie & The Heartstrings, ( I think as no Add dates are listed but those are the first entries)

Pirate! -- Capital Cities, Elsten Torres

Planetary Group--Does not list adds online

So there you have it. Sometimes I forget to check all of them but I like to have a general Idea of what the big adds will be for the week.  The success of the last Portugal the Man record was a surprise to me but that seems to be the biggest name out there.  With two indies on Big Deal that should do rather well also. Everything else seems to be a crapshoot. ( Not included are those records just being promoted by the label and we should find those out as stations report )  Last week it only took 10 ADDS to get on the list so I imagine this week to be about the same.

Friday May 31st

Ooooof. Fridays in the Summer. Brutal. Nothing happens. I got one IM today around Noon saying ... "lets ring the Gong on today" No one is around anywhere, my buddy list dwindles to about half of what it is the rest of the week.   It could be a busy day if stations actually took advantage of the start of reporting. On average only about 6-10 stations report on Friday, none of them being difference makers.

Never Better did update their adds though and they have --Rogue Wave, Dirty Beaches, Jon Hopkins, Rose Windows, Tokyo Denmark, Walla

So it's looking more and more like Portugal The Man will have little trouble getting to #1 most added this week ( assuming Planetary is on it like they were the last one)

The race for #1 should be pretty interesting though. We have a very strong Vampire Weekend at the top but we have The National moving its way up the charts and Daft Punk should jump at least into the top five.  She and Him look to have no real path to #1 when you consider those other records.

Sunday June 1st.

Yeah I check this on the weekend. I have to start getting ready for Monday. In the Summer it becomes that much more important to have a good Monday. Thus far 20 stations have filed their reports with CMJ.  The only major news thus far would be getting in the chart from KEXP.  We can look at what they added and get another idea of what might be going for adds that we missed earlier.

Camera Obscura - Desire Lines (4AD)
Big Deal - June Gloom (Mute)
Joseph Arthur - The Ballad of Boogie Christ (Lonely Astronaut)
Free Time - Free Time (Underwater Peoples)
Queens of the Stone Age - Like Clockwork (Matador)
Portugal. The Man - Evil Friends (Atlantic)
Houndmouth - From the Hills Below the City (Rough Trade)
Art Vandelay - Eye 8 The Crow (self-released)
The Pastels - Slow Summits (Domino)
YAST - YAST (Adrian)
When Saints Go Machine - Infinity Pool (!K7)
Yellowbirds - Songs from the Vanished Frontier (The Royal Potato Family)
Ever So Android - EP (self-released)
Walton - Beyond (Hyperdub)
Pokey LaFarge - Pokey LaFarge (Third Man)
(Various) - Om Lounge Vol. 13 (Om)
Ryan Hemsworth - Still Awake (self-released)
Syclops - A Blink of an Eye (Running Back)
Groundislava - Treasure Chest (self-released)
(Soundtrack) - True Blood Volume 4 (ATO)
Fan Fiction - Seconds (self-released)
Golden Gardens - Narcissus (Neon Sigh)

I can't say for certain that the top five ADDS listed there will be the top five adds but most of the time they are. Records from Camera Obscura and Queens of the Stone age will be big on the charts but if we look at how recent label worked adds have done, they usually fall short but then excel on the charts.  Camera Obscura being a former #1 record holder is worth watching but in the past QOTSA have not been as strong.  I still think for adds Portugal The Man is the band worth watching this week.

Monday, June 3rd.

Four hours into the Monday work day and not much to report really. We are up to 40 stations that have reported so it is really not worth reading too much into these numbers but here they are regardless.

Vampire Weekend--26
The National--20
She and Him--18
Daft Punk--17

Might check some other records later but right now I see those as the four with a real shot at #1.

Monday June 3rd.

Only a few more hours in the working day for Monday and still a very low percentage of stations, unless we are having another low reporting week like Memorial day but I thought we would get a bounce back up after last week.

A little news on ADDS but nothing shocking as it looks like Portugal. The Man is leading the way
with Big Deal, ELEANOR FRIEDBERGER  and GRMLN holding down second for ADDS.

It has been a few hours since we checked on the #1 contenders

Vampire Weekend--26--35
The National--20--26
She and Him--18--25
Daft Punk--17--26

So what I like to do is see what the biggest jump out of the records was. Looks like both Daft Punk and Vampire Weekend jumped 9 stations while The National only went up 6 and She and Him 7.  The hard part becomes, if you are not Vampire Weekend, is looking for stations that will chart your record but not Vampire Weekend. When a band is that big of a name it becomes a runaway train that is hard to stop.

Monday June 3rd 6pm Eastern time. 

Things really take a dive after 6 on the East Coast in the summer and really not much has changed in the 3 hours that have passed. 

Vampire Weekend--26--35--45
The National--20--26--35
She and Him--18--25--29
Daft Punk--17--26--35

Only 2 stations have reported ADDS in that time so there is no real change to announce there either.  Most of the time I want to take off at 6 but will end up spending the next hour catching up on music news I might of missed throughout the day.

Tuesday June 4th

Well overnight we usually see some movement we are up to 110 adds.
Portugal. The Man has 53 adds
Eleanor Friedburger with 29
Rogue Wave with 28
Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds with 27
Pastels with 26
Big Deal with 25
Capital Cities with 21
Grmln with 18

So as you can see Portugal. The Man is going to run away with this and I doubt I will check again before the charts close in 4 hours.

Vampire Weekend--26--35--45--86
The National--20--26--35--66
She and Him--18--25--29--58
Daft Punk--17--26--35--65

I am not shocked but I did expect a better showing from The National and Daft Punk. I am sure it will come but they both look to be a few weeks away.  So far 130 stations have reported so we have at LEAST 70 more stations that should report putting us above 200 but I would expect around another 100.  So it's not impossible that some record could make a move but If I were working Vampire weekend I would feel pretty good about where I was.

Tuesday, June 4th

I am starting to think I picked the most boring week ever to do a breakdown like this.
With just one hour to go before charting we stand like this

Vampire Weekend--26--35--45--86--125
The National--20--26--35--66--102
She and Him--18--25--29--58--82
Daft Punk--17--26--35--65-93

I have seen crazy things happen before but I have never seen a 23 station gap be made up in under an hour so I doubt that will happen.

Right now the number of stations reporting adds is only at 158.  We might not break 200 adds! oooof
Sounds like summer has hit hard at college radio.

Portugal. The Man leads the way but still needs 20 more Adds to break 100 for the week.
Everything else appears to be a good 30-40 Adds behind.

I guess I should of checked this before but in looking over the last 6 years of data, it looks like the week after Memorial Day is a lower reporting week than Memorial day about half the time. So I guess this is not unexpected. I did think we would see a rebound though as there was a rebound last year.

Tuesday June 4th 2:11 PM
The charts are released with Vampire Weekend at #1 and Portugal. The Man as #1 most added.
yawn. Should of picked that week where Phoenix got #1 over Vampire a few weeks ago.. Full recap to follow bellow.

And now ...


What a SNOOZE fest! It was never close. Ever.  In the end you look at the top 3 though and you see The National climbing up and Daft Punk making a big move from #29 to #3. But if we look at the breakdown of the top 5 records

Vampire weekend had 70% of the stations charting.
Your #2 record The National only have 56%!
#3 Daft Punk with 51%
#4 Phoenix with 44%
#5 Mikal Cronin with 46%

I really was expecting a close week but Vampire is DOMINATING and I think it could get more stations on board. I think we could see them #1 for the next 2-3 weeks!

Shannon And The Clams come in with the top debut at #19 this week. I will get to this a bit more in Adds but the biggest move comes from Queens of the Stone Age jumping from #177 to #68.

In ADDS this week Portugal. The Man led wire to wire with no real pressure from anyone else. It is hard to figure out what will be the path of Portugal. The Man. On one hand they dominated adds getting over half the stations that did adds to ADD the record! That is pretty impressive. However we have seen a trend recently of big records making huge debuts on the week they go for adds. Last week Daft Punk had a debut at 29. Two weeks ago it was the National and they debuted at #82 before jumping up to #4. But this week Portugal. The Man only come in at #199. Does it mean anything? For a former #1 band I am going to guess it means nothing.

This time of year it is so hard to un-seed the #1 record. Over the last 3 years the record that has held #1 on Memorial day has ended up holding that spot for AT LEAST the next 4 weeks. Last year it was Beach House as they held for 4 weeks. Two years ago it was Fleet Foxes and they held the spot for 5 years and three years ago it was the Black Keys and they held it for 6 weeks.  I think Vampire Weekend has a chance to hold for another 2 weeks and would not be shocked if the next #1 is something that goes for adds in the next few weeks.   I still think The National and Daft Punk have a chance to get #1 but every week that goes by makes it that much harder for them.  Hopefully we get a few more stations back over the next few weeks and the charts become a little more interesting.

Until next time! Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or need anything at all please hit me up on twitter @theanimalarrg


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