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Half a year gone! It has happened so fast! I will get into the CMJ charts for this week but frankly they were boring and I thought of about 12 other things I wanted to talk about.

Since we are at the half way point let us do a half year recap!

So far this year there have been 14 #1 records. Last year at this time there had been 9. So a little more turnover than last year. Although last year did start with Black Keys holding #1 for the first 7 weeks of the year. 2 years ago there were 12 at this point so it looks like we are right on par.  Only 6 records so far that have been #1 most added have made it to #1.  If you had to name a #1 record based upon the numbers so far this year I think it would come down to Local Natives, Toro Y Moi or Vampire Weekend although Vampire is surely hurt by the lack of summer reporters. Each of those records had a 3 week reign at #1. So let's look at the average number of charters they each had.

TORO Y MOI --178.6

So in just looking at that it looks like Toro Y Moi is WELL in the lead to for #1 of the year.

What are your favorite records of the year so far? Let me know, share in the comments.

To decide my favorite of the year I try and go back and see what I have spent the most time with so far.
To anyone that knows me you will be less than shocked to know that Tegan And Sara have the most plays from me so far and obviously they are going to make the list so lets see who else I have liked the most this year.

In no order, except in the order I remember them.

Tegan And Sara--Heartthtrhob  --Part of me wishes this record would of come out after the success of some other really poppy records. I kind of feel like this one paved the way and opened the door at college radio for some of the more produced records.  Anyways I really liked it.

The Knife --Shaking the Habitual

Parquet courts--Light up Gold

They Might Be Giants--Nanobots  -- My favorite They Might be giants record since Apollo 18. So good. Heads on fire is such a great song!

Yo La Tengo--Fade


Thee Oh Sees

Widowspeak--Almanac -- Absolutely fell in love with this band at SXSW.

Wavves--Afraid of Heights-- Never been a huge fan until this record and I just never wanted to take it off my playlists

Off with Their Heads--My favorite Punk record so far this year.

Generationals-- HEZA

Strfkr--Miracle Mile

I went with 12 since I had 5 Pirate! bands in there and wanted to try and make a more representative list.  I do need to spend more time with Vampire Weekend and Daft Punk but I just have not done it yet.

So don't forget to share yours! Looking forward to seeing what you guys dig.

On to the CHARTS!

It is so hard to promote in the summertime.  You get a baseline number of how many stations you think will report based upon the last few weeks but the trick is to figure out who will be reporting this week. It makes it very frustrating to say the least.
Right now we have an average of 226 stations each week over the last 4 weeks. If we look at all reporters over that time there have been 300 reporters. So any given week 74 stations are not reporting on average.  So if I am getting in touch with the right people or if the right people are seeing my email I have a good chance to have a good week.   The records that suffer though are not the Daft Punk's or The Nationals, although you could say being stuck at #2 for 3 weeks in a row is suffering, but rather those in the middle of the charts the bands from 30-60 that can be impacted greatly by 5 or so stations not reporting.

I wanted to use one of my own records as an example of how difficult figure out the chart can be in the summer time.  Over the past 6 weeks we have been working a band that has seen some success at college and specialty and was well enough at radio called Boxer Rebellion.  Last week was week 5 and typically when you hit week 5 the chances of you continuing to climb are slim as you are unlikely to get new stations on board. I always feel if a station has not played something after 5 weeks you should move on. Yet Boxer Rebellion had a new peak coming out of week 5. We had one more week to push the record. So it being summer I thought lets continue to make this a big priority, we are at 47 we have a chance for top 40 why not go for it.  But again you have no idea who will be reporting. So we went for it ...

664757476BOXER REBELLIONPromisesInsound

Not exactly the results I was looking for. You expect when you make something a priority that It should at least continue to do half way decent, all bets are off in the summer.  Just interesting to see how one decision can impact a lot of the other ones.

That was a bit of a tangent but this week really had no element of excitement. Daft Punk dominated to keep #1 while Portugal. The Man made some movement but are still a good 30 stations behind. Last weeks #1 record Austra debuted at #34 so we won't see them be challenging anytime soon. If I had to pick some to keep an eye on it would be Boards of Canada, moving up to #7 from #64 and Sigur Ros moving from #138 to #12.  But in watching how slow moving it gets when you get into the top 10 I am not really sure what to expect.  This week the number one add was Smith Westerns who had the biggest add week I have seen in about a month but no debut on the charts so who knows how much of a contender they will really be.

Lastly I had have had one person send me the best of 2013 so far .. if you want to be added just let me know via twitter @theanimalarrg

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