Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Well look what we have here! A brand new #1 record! Congrats to Daft Punk! It is hard to believe that this is the first ever number one record for Daft Punk, considering a lot of people think of them as a heritage type band at college radio.  I had a feeling early on that Daft Punk would have a chance this week. When I checked on Monday they were up by a few stations and in previous weeks they had been way behind. Vampire weekend did have the lead a few times and in just looking at those numbers I thought it was going to be close. Upon further review Daft Punk had more of the larger stations so I am going to guess that there was never any real threat of them not making it.    The National stay at #2 while Vampire Weekend fall to #3. Portugal. The Man looks to be the next contender moving up to #5.

It will be interesting to see what happens next. Daft Punk could very well be one and done but I could also see them holding it for the next 3 weeks.  The National have a chance to squeeze in there should Daft Punk be one and done. Portugal. The Man had a good jump in stations but they look to be a few weeks away. After that I have no idea. The adds the last few weeks have been very subpar. Two weeks  in a row with no record getting 100 adds means that it is doubtful that either of these weeks will produce the next #1 record. But at some point there will have to be another #1 so who knows.

Last weeks ADDS did have a good showing on the charts with KING TUFF having the #1 debut of the week.  last weeks #1 add Surfer Blood coming in at #16  and CSS in at #29.   Some dark horses could be Camera Obscura with a big 41 to 11 move or Queens of the Stone age as beggars has shown to do very well as of late.

This weeks ADDS were won by Austra with 79 adds while Boards of Canada and Sigur Ros were right there with 74 and 73 each.  So we will keep an eye on those but I have a feeling that in the end Boards of Canada and Sigur Ros will both eclipse Austra on the charts.

That about does it this week. As we get deeper into the summer things tend to move a bit slower and there tends to not be as much excitement.   NExt week is week 25 of the reporting year so we will go through our top records at the half way point. Share yours with me and I will share with everyone, if you want.

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