Monday, August 30, 2010

CMJ Nominations

Hello Friends! as you may or may not know last week the CMJ Awards opened up for nominations. This Is my pitch .. I want YOUR nomination!
check out all the nominations HERE

For a bigger version go HERE

and if you missed our HOW TO GUIDE here it is

Industry Awards:

Promoter Of The Year (a person, please): Well, this one is easy. You should obviously vote for CH..... WAIT a second you should vote for CAN ... HOLD YOUR HORSES ... Voting for either one would be a mistake because you need to vote for D.... WAIIIIIT ok ok ok so vote for your favorite Pirate! and they can fight it out in the streets. ( as long as its not Steve ... Steve cannot be your favorite pirate)

Specialty Promoter Of The Year (a person, please): Well, Canada is pretty special. Did you know he has a beard? It's true... ask him.

Promotional Company Of The Year (a company, please): Is there any doubt in your mind?? Pirate! is your favorite company ... say it until you BELIEVE IT.

Best Mentor (a person, please): Doug is the oldest so I guess that means he knows what a mentor is right?

Probably Not Lying To You (a person, please): Christine does not even lie to her parents. Seriously. Ask her anything. She will tell you the truth.

I Open Their Package First (a company, please): We all know you open Sub Pop's first. But, remember over the next few months that one package Pirate! sends out will have 1 million dollars in it.* So, think twice about what you open first.

Human Music Encyclopedia (a person, please): Canada can name in order every band ever starting with Aa.

Sorta-Probably Inappropriately Hitting On Me (a person, please): Think about it ... you know its true... but don't worry you are special ... I dont talk to all MD's like this ...

Follow these simple directions to nominate.

01. Send an email to with your nominations. If you are nominating a person, please specify the person's affiliation. Justify his/her/its awesomeness: Include a sentence or so about why you are nominating each person, station or company so we know why they rock.

02. Nominations must be received by September 27 at midnight.

03. To nominate, you must be a CMJ New Music Report subscriber. A hot tip: To ensure your nominations will count, please send them from the email address you use to log in to CMJ. (Yep, we will be checking.)

04. Only one ballot per nominator will be accepted. Only one nominee per category will be accepted.

* Not true. Oh, and Christine did not write this, so it's okay that it's a lie. She still only speaks the truth.


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