Thursday, September 29, 2016


This week could be tight but I imagine its Bon Ivers world and we are just living in it.
If you have updates or corrections or comments just let me know!

Here are this weeks New Releases 

And here are the records going for ADDS this week!

Distiller  has:

Sonny Knight and the Lakers
Lady Wray

Pirate has :

Regina Spektor
Touche Amore
Brett Newski
Defend the Rhino

Terrorbird has :

Rituals of Mine
Jackie Zealous
Christian Loffler

Team Clermont has:

The Burgeoning
Sam Evian
Shovels and Rope

Vitriol has:

Night Club

A man A Plan A Canal has:

Boreal Sons

Planetary has:

Elephant Stone
The Breath
Say Yes!

Shine on has

Aerial East
Jenny Hval
Charlotte Day Wilson
Sonic Youth Reissue

Co sign has:

Danny Brown
Holy Sons

The Syndicate has:

The Faint
The Pixies
The Range
Suicidal Tendencies 
Norah Jones 

Band Mom has:

Baby Robot has:

Tell All Your Friends :

Secretly Canadian:

Bon Iver

Here are this weeks ADD conversations.

Douglas Blake:
there is no world where Bon Iver dosen’t get #1 added right?

not at all
Douglas Blake:
so the ever exciting race for #2

i like that better
because #1 doesn't even have to be on my radar
so #2 race will be Regina, Danny Brown, Pixies, maybe Ex-Cult?
Douglas Blake:
yeah I think Regina can be top 5 but already a lot of kids don’t know who she is so a good amount of education

so fucking sad ha
Douglas Blake:
well i am sure there are some that don’t know who the pixies are too

oh im sure
ex-cult is big yeah?
Douglas Blake:
It will be interesting to see what Pitchfork reviews tomorrow last friday they did both How to dress well and Beach Slang and gave them eh reviews
like nothing to help or hurt them reviews
but they hated that pixies so much last time

yeah that's a good point
and could see them giving Danny Brown BNM tomorrow or monday
Douglas Blake:
right and bon

oh yeah, totally
Douglas Blake:
Pixies was top 10? last time, Bon Iver #1 easily … what about Danny Brown?
I looked for Regina and could not find it
and not sure about Ex Cult

Danny topped out at #21, but this record is so much buzzier i think
lemme check on those
Douglas Blake:
right yeah seems like a lot more buzz

doesn't look like anyone worked last regina
Douglas Blake:
yeah i thought that was weird though cause i could of sworn AAM did one but i couldn’t find it
so i guess i was wrong

ex-cult was #25, i thought they were bigger
Douglas Blake:
 syn also has Norah Jones ?

that was a last minute add for them
Douglas Blake:
yeah thats what he said

and she peaked at #13 last time

And now the conversation with a station. 

you see all the adds for this week? interested in your take for what the biggest will be
i hate to say it but probably pixies
yeah i was wondering if people were still into them after the last record
i like them a bunch but was unsure
yeah i mean a couple of the singles so far are solid
and my DJs spun the first single a lot
yeah no the whole record is good
what else
probably regina spektor and norah jones too
distiller has a band called Ex Cult that i've never heard of but it's some of the best garage rock i've heard
which i know college radio seems to love
who is working Norah jones? i did not see that anywhere
i think it was ashort notice thing
doesn't seem like a college record really
but what do i know
it was never in any of their "upcoming releases" emails
idk im bad at this stuff hahaha
Interesting you have not named the one that I consider to be the runaway this week
maybe i haven't seen it
Bon Iver
i forgot about that
i haven't gotten it yet
definitely #1
haha yeah
i think so too
it already has so much hype off the one single

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Stop everything! 2 weeks in a row with 200 stations it was enough to crash CMJ for an  hour or so yesterday. Such excitement!

This weeks ADDS were a bit of a surprise to me. I thought for sure, as did many of you based on the twitter poll, that Beach Slang would take #1 and it's not unusual for me to be wrong but it wasn't even close.

182LVL UPReturn To LoveSUB POP
257BEACH SLANGA Loud Bash Of Teenage FeelingsPolyvinyl
348EZTVHigh In PlaceCaptured Tracks
446DEVENDRA BANHARTApe In Pink MarbleNonesuch
741AGAINST ME!Shape Shift With MeTotal Treble
840WARPAINTHeads UpRough Trade
939WYTCHESAll Your Happy LifeHeavenly-Pias

It was LVL UP and everyone else. Devendra Barnhart and How to Dress well have had #1 records in the past and I would imagine that would be the expectation this time around as well so it will be interesting to see how they come out of the gate next week. Sometimes you see a disappointing add week but then the record will debut but none of the records aside from LVL UP had a debut this week. 

On the charts it is still the Angel Olsen show and I have no idea when it will come to an end. I was expecting the number of supporters to start to drop this week but it continues to go up.  The last 3 weeks have gone 108, 125 and now 128 ( number of stations). 

Wilco moved up into the #2 spot but the gap is sill pretty large.  Having only been out there for 2 seeks the number of stations has gone from 88 to 108.  So there is still a lot of gains to be made. I would think the gap would get smaller this next week and perhaps in 2 weeks be in a position to take the title from Angel Olsen. 

You can see it on Spinitron as well where the gap is 165 for Angel Olsen and 128 for Wilco. Always like to see them line up.  While we are speaking of Spinitron they quietly rolled out an update under the NEWS tab on their site that includes links to Search and live recent spins

As far as the other alternative NACC the charts come out too late to be included in the weekly recaps. 

Some records to keep an eye on on the charts. Allah-las made the move up to #5.  Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds follow up the #1 most added performance with what is a top 10 debut at #8.  De La Soul continues to climb up the chart and could have a real shot at top 5. 

Cass McCombs made a jump into the top 10 from #15, and Flock of Dimes had a huge 2nd week going from #45 to #15.  The oldest record in the top 40 Car Seat Headrest is at #37 having been on the charts for 18 weeks of far.   

Frank Ocean is a fun one to look at. When you look at the spin data he comes in 3rd with 113 spins. All of the other records with high spin counts are pretty close to their position on the top 200 chart. But Frank Ocean comes in at #54 with a peak of #51. Still thats pretty impressive with no real push at college radio. 

Thank you for reading. Check in on Thursday when we go over the ADDS for the next week. 
and lets continue the conversation on Twitter. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016


The last two weeks have been pretty easy ADD weeks.

Wilco took #1 very easily as did Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

So what does this week hold? Well here are this weeks new releases 

Distiller  has:

Bridges and Powerlines
Dom Le Nena
Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step
The Wytches

Pirate has :
Against Me
This Wild Life
Duke of Norfolk

Terrorbird has :

Infinity Crush
Flyying Colours

Team Clermont has:

Crushed Out
This Frontier Needs Heroes
Curse of Lono

Vitriol has:

A man A Plan A Canal has:


Planetary has:

S U R V I V E 

Shine on has

Co sign has:

Fil Bo Riva

The Syndicate has:

Beach Slang
Big Jesus
How To Dress Well
The Get Down
Public Access TV

Band Mom has:

Baby Robot has:

Tell All Your Friends :

Negative Gemini

This is what we have so far. If any one has any updates just tweet at me.

Trying to get this all done before I hit the road but the obvious big ones are both from The Syndicate this week with Beach Slang and How to Dress well.  How to Dress well peaked at #2 last time out and Beach Slang seems to be "the next big thing"   I would not be shocked to see those two 1 and 2 but its hard when its coming from the same indie to get everyone on board so it will be interesting to see what one they pick as the priority.

This week I thought I would do the POLL via Twitter. So head to and vote on who you think will be the most added record of the week.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Well they said, (well I said), it wouldn't happen but it did. We finally broke past the 200 station barrier this week!!! 205 precious souls decided it was worth reporting to CMJ.  I'm sorry this still sucks. It wasn't that long ago where we pushing for the 300 station barrier and that seems like a pipe dream at this point.
      Of course the quality of stations matters more than the quantity of stations but we have lost a lot of good ones not just mediocre ones.  Stations continue to ask me what am I paying CMJ for and with new resources popping up it is becoming less and less important.  One of the main worries stations have is that they won't get records anymore. I am curious if thats true.  Anyways on to the Charts!

Lets start with Spinitron this week because its  again a foreshadowing of what the CMJ charts brought us.

Lets look at the top 10

1153Angel OlsenMy WomanRock
391De La Souland the Anonymous Nobody...Hip-Hop / Rap
490Of MontrealInnocence ReachesRock
587Thee Oh SeesA Weird ExitsRock
673Allah-LasCalico ReviewRock
773The AvalanchesWildflowerElectronic
872Local NativesSunlit YouthRock
971Blood OrangeFreetown SoundRock
1069Frank OceanBlondeR&B

Another killer week by Angel Olsen. When I see this chart on Mondays I have a pretty good idea of what the CMJ charts might look like. Especially when you see such a huge gap. I had little doubt that Angel Olsen would be #1 this week and we will get to that in a second but it wasn't even close. 

The ADDS preview seems to be something you guys like so thanks for reading. This past week we had a poll on what would be the #1 record for the week. This too wasn't even close as Nick Cave ran away with it. I did the Poll wrong so you don't see the results but it was Nick Cave and then 1 or 2 votes for everything else. 

A lot of bunching on this weeks ADDS chart 

250KISHI BASHISonderlustJoyful Noise
335DAWESWe're All Gonna DieQ Prime-HUB
434PARTYBABYThe Golden Age Of BullshitWarner Bros.
533MNDSGNBody WashStones Throw
632CHAIN WALLETChain WalletJansen Plateproduksjon
828NICK WATERHOUSENever TwiceInnovative Leisure
926BILLY BRAGG AND JOE HENRY Shine A LightCooking Vinyl
1023CYMBALS EAT GUITARSPretty YearsSinderlyn
You could say Nick Cave and Kishi Bashi are in one tier then the next 8 are all pretty close together. 
Also worth nothing that 5 of those ten records have already debuted on the charts. 

As for the charts as I mentioned it was Angel Olsen and it wasn't even close. Just above 60% of stations charted the record up from 53% the week before. 

22324OF MONTREALInnocence ReachesPolyvinyl
33117THEE OH SEESA Weird ExitsCastle Face
5914053LOCAL NATIVESSunlit YouthLoma Vista
682063MILD HIGH CLUBSkiptracingStones Throw
74744CRYSTAL CASTLESAmnesty (I)Republic
83619083ALLAH-LASCalico ReviewMexican Summer
9101593DE LA SOULAnd The Anonymous NobodyA.O.I.
Based on the Spinitron chart I would of thought De La Soul would of been higher but its only week 3.   The last few #1 ADDS have had big firsts weeks and while I was expecting something similar for Wilco I didn't expect top 5.  

Over the next few weeks it will be interesting to watch the race for #1. Wilco, Local Natives are the 2 front runners but Nick Cave should have a big jump up to the top 10 this next week. But All of these records are going to need huge gains and a huge drop off from Angel Olsen to have a shot. I imagine next week will give us a good idea of who could be the next #1.  

Ok thank you for reading. I am On the road on Friday so am unsure if I can do a full ADDS blog but I will try! 
Lets talk on twitter though! 

Thursday, September 15, 2016


Before we get started with this weeks New Releases and ADDS be sure to check out this article from Billboard about CMJ.It is a doozy. However one note is that the back end of CMJ continues to work despite there not being any updates on the consumer facing side. Stations are still reporting what they are playing and there are still charts delivered to the industry.

Hello everyone here are this weeks new Releases 
And here are the ADDS

Distiller  has:

The do yo Thangs
Drive-by Truckers
Katie Burden
Nick Jaina

Pirate has :
Nick Waterhouse
Keaton Henson
Boxed in
Helms Alee
Toy Cars

Terrorbird has :

Sin Fang
Sat. Nite Duets
Alex G
Fresh Snow

Team Clermont has:
Kishi Bashi
The Shondes
Snowball II

Vitriol has:
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

A man A Plan A Canal has:

Planetary has:

Andrew Cymose
Billy Bragg and Joe Henry
Chain Wallet

Shine on has

Royal Canoe
Half noise
True Widow
Tim Presley
El Perro Del Mar
Julia Jacklin

Co sign has:
Seiah Sue
Tribe called red

The Syndicate has:
Mac Miller
The Moms

Band Mom has:

Baby Robot has:

Tell All Your Friends :

Cymbals Eat Guitars

Labels with adds:



Last week our station said it was a 10/10 week this week. Not as difficult they think

So whats the #1 add for the week?

I haven't listened yet but from what I have heard so far I'd say Boxed In
But that's me personally and I know not many will agree
haha how hard is this week if last week was 10/10
For a top 5 choice? 3/10
a lot easier

And for my weekly ADDS chat.

Nick Cave? Dawes? Alex G? Kishi Bashi? El Perro Del Mar? Nick Waterhouse? 
I don’t really see anything beating Cave 

but he's had about 20 early adds already.. or something like that
i doubt the Alex G re-issue it too big of a deal

oh is it? 

Kishi, Dawes and Nick should all be top 5
do people like drive by truckers still?


oh! Cymbals at Guitars, right?

yeah but they don’t care about ADDS


yeah it will do fine but Im pretty sure they don’t really care about that 

yeah none of their "big records" get a lot of adds

So yeah I am going to say regardless of the early adds Nick Cave gets #1 

i'll go with that as well

Nick Cave, Dawes, Waterhouse, Kishi, and not sure about #5 I guess I would put Cymbals 

The Moms is a bar/none thing that people might like as well

Yeah I kind of see it as Cave easily getting the most and then everyone else fighting it out for the rest of the top 5 like the same thing as this week I guess 
but I didn’t expect that this week so I will probably be wrong about next week too 

yeah, this week was extremely interesting. 21 ADDs separated 2nd and 11th most added. 
between the same chart positions it was 31 ADDs last week
and 34 the week before
and 42 week before

so i bet this is another week of it all being close 

yeah i would say 2-8 will be close, and then a big drop off from there

I don’t even know what I would pick if its not Cave everything seems pretty much the same to me 

Maybe Kishi Bashi? 4th most ADDed last time, peaked at #14
or Nick Waterhouse
i would say those are 1,2 &3

yeah thats what I mean i could see any of them getting.  Maybe I am overselling how well Nick Cave will do like I undersold Wilco last week. I am going to stick with my top five I think.  

Should of done this last week as this week is not as exciting. But here  you can vote on what you think will be the #1 add of the week.

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