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Before we get started with this weeks New Releases and ADDS be sure to check out this article from Billboard about CMJ.It is a doozy. However one note is that the back end of CMJ continues to work despite there not being any updates on the consumer facing side. Stations are still reporting what they are playing and there are still charts delivered to the industry.

Hello everyone here are this weeks new Releases 
And here are the ADDS

Distiller  has:

The do yo Thangs
Drive-by Truckers
Katie Burden
Nick Jaina

Pirate has :
Nick Waterhouse
Keaton Henson
Boxed in
Helms Alee
Toy Cars

Terrorbird has :

Sin Fang
Sat. Nite Duets
Alex G
Fresh Snow

Team Clermont has:
Kishi Bashi
The Shondes
Snowball II

Vitriol has:
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

A man A Plan A Canal has:

Planetary has:

Andrew Cymose
Billy Bragg and Joe Henry
Chain Wallet

Shine on has

Royal Canoe
Half noise
True Widow
Tim Presley
El Perro Del Mar
Julia Jacklin

Co sign has:
Seiah Sue
Tribe called red

The Syndicate has:
Mac Miller
The Moms

Band Mom has:

Baby Robot has:

Tell All Your Friends :

Cymbals Eat Guitars

Labels with adds:



Last week our station said it was a 10/10 week this week. Not as difficult they think

So whats the #1 add for the week?

I haven't listened yet but from what I have heard so far I'd say Boxed In
But that's me personally and I know not many will agree
haha how hard is this week if last week was 10/10
For a top 5 choice? 3/10
a lot easier

And for my weekly ADDS chat.

Nick Cave? Dawes? Alex G? Kishi Bashi? El Perro Del Mar? Nick Waterhouse? 
I don’t really see anything beating Cave 

but he's had about 20 early adds already.. or something like that
i doubt the Alex G re-issue it too big of a deal

oh is it? 

Kishi, Dawes and Nick should all be top 5
do people like drive by truckers still?


oh! Cymbals at Guitars, right?

yeah but they don’t care about ADDS


yeah it will do fine but Im pretty sure they don’t really care about that 

yeah none of their "big records" get a lot of adds

So yeah I am going to say regardless of the early adds Nick Cave gets #1 

i'll go with that as well

Nick Cave, Dawes, Waterhouse, Kishi, and not sure about #5 I guess I would put Cymbals 

The Moms is a bar/none thing that people might like as well

Yeah I kind of see it as Cave easily getting the most and then everyone else fighting it out for the rest of the top 5 like the same thing as this week I guess 
but I didn’t expect that this week so I will probably be wrong about next week too 

yeah, this week was extremely interesting. 21 ADDs separated 2nd and 11th most added. 
between the same chart positions it was 31 ADDs last week
and 34 the week before
and 42 week before

so i bet this is another week of it all being close 

yeah i would say 2-8 will be close, and then a big drop off from there

I don’t even know what I would pick if its not Cave everything seems pretty much the same to me 

Maybe Kishi Bashi? 4th most ADDed last time, peaked at #14
or Nick Waterhouse
i would say those are 1,2 &3

yeah thats what I mean i could see any of them getting.  Maybe I am overselling how well Nick Cave will do like I undersold Wilco last week. I am going to stick with my top five I think.  

Should of done this last week as this week is not as exciting. But here  you can vote on what you think will be the #1 add of the week.

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