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One of the things I miss from CMJ is how they would update you as to what is going for ADDS and what the new releases are.

New releases are easy to find and you can check out This Fridays here

But what each company is working is harder. So I thought I might attempt to shed some light on that:

Distiller  has:

Death by Unga Bunga
Lee Fields and the Expressions
Okkervill River
Reuben Hollebon
Zomba Prision Project

Pirate has :
Daniel Lanois
The Clydes
Tess and Dave
A Day to remember
The Clydes
Dowsing/ Ratboys

Terrorbird has :

Symbion Project
Psychic Twin
Elysia Crampton

Team Clermont has:
The Deltahorse
Ian Sweet
Teenage Fanclub

Vitriol has:
John Chuck and the Class

A man A Plan A Canal has:

Babe watch

Planetary has:
Death by Unga Bunga ( with distiller )
Hymn for her

Shine on has
Adam Strangler
The Pooches
Natural Child
Royal Teeth
The Head and the Heart

AAM has/nt had adds in over 7 weeks. And apparently is done being a college radio promotion company. Sad to see them go away as they were one of the first companies I talked to as a station.

Co sign has:
Flock of Dimes
Adam Torres

The Syndicate has:
Blue house
Twin Atlantic
Group love
Savoir Adore

Band Mom has:

Baby Robot has:

Powderfinger has:
Steven N seagulls
Rhythmic Statues

Labels with adds:

Preoccupations ( Formerly Viet Cong)


So there are all the ADDS I have. If you would like to be added just let me know and I will add you.

I also had a few discussions with promoters and stations about this weeks adds.

so what do you think the big adds are? Wilco #1 for sure
Death By Unga Bunga should be big

preoccupations  maybe i mean secretly is on a roll 

ohhhh that's right

how did the last Death by do? 
oh 2 indies 
i just noticed that part 

it went to 14, but that was a full album and 1 indie
this is an EP with 2 indies
so maybe around the same?

is twin atlantic big? or Bastille? 
2 indies on an EP? 

twin atlantic never does well (sadly cause i love them)
Bastille for sure

Grouplove? they do well?

yeah i have heard so little about that record though 

this is actually a very fun add week
cause maybe people like Okkervil river still?

right I was going to say AAA  people do for sure 

Wilco & Preoccupations should be 1 & 2 for sure

Flock of Dimes is that Wye oak side project right? 

so that should do well right? 
i would guess 

also, Iant Sweet (Hardly Art) and Teenage Fan Club (Merge) should both be big?

Yeah I think Teenage should do well 

so Death By Unga Bunga, Bastille, Flock of Dimes, Grouplove, Ian Sweet, Teenage Fanclub and Okkervil River
could all make cases for Top 5

The Syn adds remind me of that one week where they add jake bugg, peter bjorn john and some other record and they all did “ok” i could see that happening with those 
but this time the bands are more current so maybe not 

oh yeah, the 5 ADDs that could've been all Top 5 most added if a different company did each of them
haha that week cracked me up
debut Bastille album went to #18
last group love went to #16
from that crazy add week, they got M Ward #7, Miike Snow #27, Nada Surf #22, Pete Yorn #35
all were lower peaks than the prev. record

how did twin atlantic do? 

#88 and and 18th most added

Psychic Twin is on Polyvinyl and Drug Dealer is on Weird World (Domino subsidary)
let's do predicted Top 5 and see who's closest

Death By Unga Bunga EP is digital

ohhhh good to know 
i think i have the top 3 set the other 2 are a little tricky 

what's your #3?

oh boy

i guess bastille #4 and death by #5 but I’m not confident 
preoccupation #1 and wilco 2

i saw Wilco #1

i am just guessing they sent out a lot more hard copies 

staple artists with an indie slightly edges buzzy act with no indie
how many did you guys?
but thats almost half now

We continued the conversation after seeing Shine On's adds

thinks head and the heart is them this week 

oh jesus christ
comes out friday so yeah

so if thats the case thats an easy top 3 right? 
would bet they send out the most too 
new #1? 

this was 3 years ago 
TW TA Artist Recording Label
1 113 CASS MCCOMBS Big Wheel And Others Domino
3 105 CULTS Static Columbia

crazy how much can change in 3 years 
like i doubt cults would do that well 

i say Head and the Heart gets the #3 spot, just based on the first single though, i bet it's way too pop for a lot of people now

don't think it goes #1

The final predictions for this week are: 

Top 5 i'll go with: Wilco, Preoccupations, Head and the Heart, Flock of Dimes, Grouplove

and I will go with Head and the Heart, Wilco, Preoccupations, Flock of Dimes, Teenage Fanclub 

I have reached out to some stations for their thoughts on this weeks adds and will include them as I get them in.  Here is the first discussion with a station :

So what are your thoughts stand out records this week
well, bastille's record is so confined and shows a lot of progression from their last record so that's probably my favorite one
Grouplove and Head & The Heart are also both larger solid releases with a lot of great alt tracks
but then there are bands like Preoccupations and Teenage Fanclub who have good followings and great fanbases
include Wilco in that last one
Oh here is a fun question. And we can use t every week on a scale from 1-10 how hard will it be to narrow down to 5 adds
this week is probably the hardest one i've ever had, easily a 10
and i've been an MD a full year, i've never seen so many great releases on one week
10!?!? Ok
yeah, just about every promoter has an add i'd like to top 5 for one reason or another
i should say has at least one add i'd like to top 5
Cool thanks
yeah any time
i'm vastly overwhelmed by this week
Another station replied and said that they found this to be an underwhelming ADD week, not very hard was their reply .. Great thing about College radio is how different stations can be.

If you want to be added to the discussion find me on twitter 

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