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Happy Labor Day charts everyone. I hate holiday charts. My least favorites are Labor Day and MLK day chart weeks. They are both similar in that you should have a ton of people back to school, from the summer on Labor day and from the winter on MLK day. I say you should because you usually don't. You usually have a pretty stagnant week. This week we  actually saw an increase in stations, 2 of them. But hopefully next week we might even approach that 200 station mark.  

It is quite a bummer we are talking about the 200 station barrier as a benchmark. This time last year we were at 233 stations and jumped up to 260 the week after Labor day. All of last year we dropped below 200 stations twice. The first week of the year and in the dead of summer, even then we were at 197. This year I see at least 11 weeks we have not gone above 200 stations.

Why does this matter? Well I think we get a more accurate representation of what is getting played at radio with more stations. When there are more stations it means that the bigger stations power is diluted a bit. With more stations it also means that the artist can be heard more and thats really what it should be about.

We know why there are a lot fewer stations but will those that have stopped using CMJ start using Spinitron or NACC ? Only time will tell and it is worth paying attention to.

But these are the charts we are given so lets see what happened.

ADDS this week were pretty cut and dry and Local Natives easily took the #1 spot. I was wondering if they had the same popularity as they did 3 years ago when the last record came out and it appears they might.

175LOCAL NATIVESSunlit YouthLoma Vista
349ALLAH-LASCalico ReviewMexican Summer
438Y LA BAMBAOjos Del SolTender Loving Empire
532CLIPPINGSplendor And MiserySUB POP

For the charts its Thee Oh sees and then everyone else. 

All charts are subject to change prior to print   ( HA print) 
11215THEE OH SEESA Weird ExitsCastle Face
221110BLOOD ORANGEFreetown SoundDomino
311-32OF MONTREALInnocence ReachesPolyvinyl
43327DINOSAUR JR.Give A Glimpse Of What Yer NotJagjaguwar
5176-52ANGEL OLSENMY WOMANJagjaguwar
713-72CRYSTAL CASTLESAmnesty (I)Republic
881484FIELD MOUSEEpisodicTopshelf
9122094WILD BEASTSBoy KingDomino
105519JULIE RUINHit ResetHardly Art
The move by Of Montreal was a big one, enough to score that top 5 but If I am them I worry about Angel Olsen. I doubt that she makes the move from 5-1 next week but should be an easy #2.  I would also expect Local Natives to debut in the top 10 next week but perhaps not as high as Angel This week.  Crystal Castles who's last 2 records went #1, I don't think have any realistic shot at #1 with those records as their competition.  If I had to guess i would say Thee Oh sees for maybe 2 more weeks then Angel and then Local Natives but thats all depending on what adds next week. 

Spinitron this week expanded their chart to 42 records from the 25 previously with the spin count cut off being 30. You can check that out here . If the NACC charts come up faster this week I will do another round up of all three charts. I have cut out Muzooka for now as the chart had some Major differences from he other 2 and appears to have less than 50 reporters at this time.  

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