Thursday, September 29, 2016


This week could be tight but I imagine its Bon Ivers world and we are just living in it.
If you have updates or corrections or comments just let me know!

Here are this weeks New Releases 

And here are the records going for ADDS this week!

Distiller  has:

Sonny Knight and the Lakers
Lady Wray

Pirate has :

Regina Spektor
Touche Amore
Brett Newski
Defend the Rhino

Terrorbird has :

Rituals of Mine
Jackie Zealous
Christian Loffler

Team Clermont has:

The Burgeoning
Sam Evian
Shovels and Rope

Vitriol has:

Night Club

A man A Plan A Canal has:

Boreal Sons

Planetary has:

Elephant Stone
The Breath
Say Yes!

Shine on has

Aerial East
Jenny Hval
Charlotte Day Wilson
Sonic Youth Reissue

Co sign has:

Danny Brown
Holy Sons

The Syndicate has:

The Faint
The Pixies
The Range
Suicidal Tendencies 
Norah Jones 

Band Mom has:

Baby Robot has:

Tell All Your Friends :

Secretly Canadian:

Bon Iver

Here are this weeks ADD conversations.

Douglas Blake:
there is no world where Bon Iver dosen’t get #1 added right?

not at all
Douglas Blake:
so the ever exciting race for #2

i like that better
because #1 doesn't even have to be on my radar
so #2 race will be Regina, Danny Brown, Pixies, maybe Ex-Cult?
Douglas Blake:
yeah I think Regina can be top 5 but already a lot of kids don’t know who she is so a good amount of education

so fucking sad ha
Douglas Blake:
well i am sure there are some that don’t know who the pixies are too

oh im sure
ex-cult is big yeah?
Douglas Blake:
It will be interesting to see what Pitchfork reviews tomorrow last friday they did both How to dress well and Beach Slang and gave them eh reviews
like nothing to help or hurt them reviews
but they hated that pixies so much last time

yeah that's a good point
and could see them giving Danny Brown BNM tomorrow or monday
Douglas Blake:
right and bon

oh yeah, totally
Douglas Blake:
Pixies was top 10? last time, Bon Iver #1 easily … what about Danny Brown?
I looked for Regina and could not find it
and not sure about Ex Cult

Danny topped out at #21, but this record is so much buzzier i think
lemme check on those
Douglas Blake:
right yeah seems like a lot more buzz

doesn't look like anyone worked last regina
Douglas Blake:
yeah i thought that was weird though cause i could of sworn AAM did one but i couldn’t find it
so i guess i was wrong

ex-cult was #25, i thought they were bigger
Douglas Blake:
 syn also has Norah Jones ?

that was a last minute add for them
Douglas Blake:
yeah thats what he said

and she peaked at #13 last time

And now the conversation with a station. 

you see all the adds for this week? interested in your take for what the biggest will be
i hate to say it but probably pixies
yeah i was wondering if people were still into them after the last record
i like them a bunch but was unsure
yeah i mean a couple of the singles so far are solid
and my DJs spun the first single a lot
yeah no the whole record is good
what else
probably regina spektor and norah jones too
distiller has a band called Ex Cult that i've never heard of but it's some of the best garage rock i've heard
which i know college radio seems to love
who is working Norah jones? i did not see that anywhere
i think it was ashort notice thing
doesn't seem like a college record really
but what do i know
it was never in any of their "upcoming releases" emails
idk im bad at this stuff hahaha
Interesting you have not named the one that I consider to be the runaway this week
maybe i haven't seen it
Bon Iver
i forgot about that
i haven't gotten it yet
definitely #1
haha yeah
i think so too
it already has so much hype off the one single

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