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Well they said, (well I said), it wouldn't happen but it did. We finally broke past the 200 station barrier this week!!! 205 precious souls decided it was worth reporting to CMJ.  I'm sorry this still sucks. It wasn't that long ago where we pushing for the 300 station barrier and that seems like a pipe dream at this point.
      Of course the quality of stations matters more than the quantity of stations but we have lost a lot of good ones not just mediocre ones.  Stations continue to ask me what am I paying CMJ for and with new resources popping up it is becoming less and less important.  One of the main worries stations have is that they won't get records anymore. I am curious if thats true.  Anyways on to the Charts!

Lets start with Spinitron this week because its  again a foreshadowing of what the CMJ charts brought us.

Lets look at the top 10

1153Angel OlsenMy WomanRock
391De La Souland the Anonymous Nobody...Hip-Hop / Rap
490Of MontrealInnocence ReachesRock
587Thee Oh SeesA Weird ExitsRock
673Allah-LasCalico ReviewRock
773The AvalanchesWildflowerElectronic
872Local NativesSunlit YouthRock
971Blood OrangeFreetown SoundRock
1069Frank OceanBlondeR&B

Another killer week by Angel Olsen. When I see this chart on Mondays I have a pretty good idea of what the CMJ charts might look like. Especially when you see such a huge gap. I had little doubt that Angel Olsen would be #1 this week and we will get to that in a second but it wasn't even close. 

The ADDS preview seems to be something you guys like so thanks for reading. This past week we had a poll on what would be the #1 record for the week. This too wasn't even close as Nick Cave ran away with it. I did the Poll wrong so you don't see the results but it was Nick Cave and then 1 or 2 votes for everything else. 

A lot of bunching on this weeks ADDS chart 

250KISHI BASHISonderlustJoyful Noise
335DAWESWe're All Gonna DieQ Prime-HUB
434PARTYBABYThe Golden Age Of BullshitWarner Bros.
533MNDSGNBody WashStones Throw
632CHAIN WALLETChain WalletJansen Plateproduksjon
828NICK WATERHOUSENever TwiceInnovative Leisure
926BILLY BRAGG AND JOE HENRY Shine A LightCooking Vinyl
1023CYMBALS EAT GUITARSPretty YearsSinderlyn
You could say Nick Cave and Kishi Bashi are in one tier then the next 8 are all pretty close together. 
Also worth nothing that 5 of those ten records have already debuted on the charts. 

As for the charts as I mentioned it was Angel Olsen and it wasn't even close. Just above 60% of stations charted the record up from 53% the week before. 

22324OF MONTREALInnocence ReachesPolyvinyl
33117THEE OH SEESA Weird ExitsCastle Face
5914053LOCAL NATIVESSunlit YouthLoma Vista
682063MILD HIGH CLUBSkiptracingStones Throw
74744CRYSTAL CASTLESAmnesty (I)Republic
83619083ALLAH-LASCalico ReviewMexican Summer
9101593DE LA SOULAnd The Anonymous NobodyA.O.I.
Based on the Spinitron chart I would of thought De La Soul would of been higher but its only week 3.   The last few #1 ADDS have had big firsts weeks and while I was expecting something similar for Wilco I didn't expect top 5.  

Over the next few weeks it will be interesting to watch the race for #1. Wilco, Local Natives are the 2 front runners but Nick Cave should have a big jump up to the top 10 this next week. But All of these records are going to need huge gains and a huge drop off from Angel Olsen to have a shot. I imagine next week will give us a good idea of who could be the next #1.  

Ok thank you for reading. I am On the road on Friday so am unsure if I can do a full ADDS blog but I will try! 
Lets talk on twitter though! 

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