Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Well that escalated quickly.

If you have yet to read it be sure to check out the great article about CMJ on Stereogum.  It is a long one but well worth your time.

Yesterday the CEO of CMJ sent out a press release that was covered by Pitchfork and Billboard You can read about them there but really they say very little. Just more of the same "be patient" line they posted on their Facebook and Twitter a month ago.  

I think its funny that they failed to post this announcement on the CMJ website or to email it to CMJ subscribers as they easily could of done.

I wanted to highlight this particular passage of the press release.

A little patience and a whole lot less wild and unsubstantiated speculation is what we need right now. CMJ will continue as an innovative force and a strong presence going forward. We’ll share more about our 2016 and 2017 program soon.

I want to say that all my speculation has been substantiated.  For the record.

I would still not bet money on there being a "legit" CMJ Marathon this year.  Perhaps a one day festival so they don't get sued by the 100's of stations that are promised a free badge to the marathon each year, but even that seems like a stretch to me.

The thing is though that if/ when CMJ dies it does not mean that College radio is dying with it. Artists are still being introduced via College and community radio and while CMJ might be the current glue that holds this community together I have no doubt that something will pop up.  I have given examples of 3 different charts lately that could do that. Or it could be something else.  

I think patience is pretty thin at college radio at this point. Every week I get emails from stations asking if they should renew their subscription because they are not sure they get anything from CMJ. I tell them I would not.  I mean why would you.

I am sure there will be a lot more to say about this in the coming days. Former CMJ GM David laid out some really good thoughts on this twitter and they are worth reading.

Looks like last weeks issue of my chart was a big hit and while i was not going to do it every week I will do it as soon as all the charts are up.  I would like to talk about ADDS this week though as Angel Olsen destroyed everyone.

All charts are subject to change prior to print
253CASS MCCOMBSMangy LoveAnti
349GLASS ANIMALSHow To Be A Human BeingHarvest
538MILD HIGH CLUBSkiptracingStones Throw

Not even close. I am working on the Cass record and thought we might have a shot but that was quickly thwarted. Early on we were close, at one point it was 16-14 in Angels favor.  That was the closest it would be. By morning it was 31-24 and we could never close the gap.   I always find it impressive when a record dominates so much with no secondary indie. Secretly Canadian has their own team to work records and I wanted to take a brief minute to look at how dominant they have been this summer. 

Currently on the charts we have Angel Olsen #1 most added,  you knew that. 

33226DINOSAUR JR.Give A Glimpse Of What Yer NotJagjaguwar 
came close to #1 and without Thee Oh sees they may of taken #1 

678111MITSKIPuberty 2Dead Oceans
Any time an indie label can score #1 on their own I am impressed. 

2835-282RYLEY WALKERGolden Sings That Have Been SungDead Oceans
342314413WHITNEYLight Upon The LakeSecretly Canadian

Top FIVE at the same time they were scoring a Mitski #1!

72--721ALEX CAMERONJumping The SharkSecretly Canadian

I am sure I missed some as the CMJ charts are a mess with many artists not having label designations but the point is this is all being done by what I believe is a one or two person team.  I would not be shocked to see Angel Olsen be the next one to take #1. Well not if I can help it, but it will be fun to watch. 

Lets talk on twitter. 

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