Wednesday, August 24, 2016

College radio recap week 34

Soon these dog days of summer will be over and people stations will start returning from their summers off.  Hopefully sooner rather than later although if this summer is any indication we are not going to have nearly as many people back as we would normally.
This week there were 167 reporters.
This time last year there were 213.
2 years ago there were 221
3 years ago 223

So the drop off as you can see this year has been a lot more extreme than in previous years and every week I get at least one email like this one:

Hi Doug,

I have some bad news for you :( It's looking like we're not going to be submitting charts today... Our NMR subscription has ended and I've notified my GM about it because he handles all of our subscriptions, but with the move he hasn't been able to take care of it yet. He's also a little reluctant to renew because of the state of CMJ right now

And I don't blame them. I actually tell stations like this that I wouldn't renew either.  Because this chart is starting to become less reliable.  167 stations is not a true measure of what is getting played at college radio when many of those stations are just going through the motions. Its even more troubling when its the big stations not actively participating. This week marks the 4th week in a row that KEXP has sent in the same chart.

RankArtistRecordingLabelUser Supplied Version
4BLOOD ORANGEFreetown SoundDomino
5MICHAEL KIWANUKALove And HateInterscope
6JUNIUS MEYVANTFloating HarmoniesRecord
7LISA PRANKAdult TeenFather/Daughter
8DELVON LAMARR ORGAN TRIOClose But No CigarSelf-Released
9DINOSAUR JR.Give A Glimpse Of What Yer NotJagjaguwar
10HOLY FUCKCongratsInnovative Leisure
11NICE AS FUCKNice As Fuck
12MERCHANDISE"End Of The Week" [Single]
13BADBADNOTGOODIVInnovative Leisure
14MITSKIPuberty 2Dead Oceans
15JULIE RUINHit ResetHardly Art
16MINOR VICTORIESMinor VictoriesFat Possum
17JAGWAR MAEvery Now And ThenMom And Pop
18MARTHABlisters In The Pit Of My HeartDirtnap
22FOUR TETRandoms
23JUSTICE"Safe And Sound" [Single]
24GOAT"Try My Robe" [Single]SUB POP
25NAVVIOmniHush Hush
26WHITNEYLight Upon The LakeSecretly Canadian
29BETH ORTONKidsticksAnti
30TWIN RIVERPassing ShadeLight Organ

All of these record are getting a false boost because, for whatever reason, CMJ is allowing them to just submit a dummy chart.  This has allowed records that should be done to hang longer because of how much weight KEXP has on the chart and now that they are one of the last top weighted stations its even more of an impact. 

CMJ said they would look into it and I reached out to KEXP but never heard back. 

Remember there are alternatives. is a spin based chart and at this point has nearly more stations than CMJ. 

so their chart would give us a better idea of what is actually getting played at college radio. 

Another new alternative that I do not know much about is The North American College and Community Chart. 

Now much like the Muzooka College radio charts  I am a bit wary of charts when I don't know who is being included on them. 

But I like the idea of alternatives. So please check them out. 

So in regards to the actual CMJ chart this week there was a bit of an upset when Blood Orange came back from the dead and took the #1 spot. Very impressive indeed and not to take anything away from that accomplishment, as I gave them almost NO chance to make it happen, but you have to wonder if KEXP doesn't send in the same chart that they have the last 4 weeks do they take the top spot? I don't know but I would guess that the number 2 record Thee Oh Sees would of been on there and you have to wonder how that changes things. Especially when you look and see that Thee Oh Sees have 7 more stations than Blood Orange.   

The ADDS were actually a bit of a surprise as Of Montreal RAN away with them pretty easily.  

188OF MONTREALInnocence ReachesPolyvinyl
262CRYSTAL CASTLESAmnesty (I)Republic
340DEAD GAZEEasy TravelsErnest Jenning
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