Wednesday, August 10, 2016


We are entering the final stretch of summer and for it being summer its actually been pretty exciting out there the past few weeks.  Lets start with ADDS as we finally had a battle in the top 5. Well excluding the #1 most added record we had a battle.

1106THEE OH SEESA Weird ExitsCastle Face
269WILD BEASTSBoy KingDomino
366FIELD MOUSEEpisodicTopshelf
464HALEY BONARImpossible DreamThirty Tigers
546AGES AND AGES"They Want More" [Single]Partisan
645AJJThe Bible 2SideOneDummy

Thee Oh Sees ran away with #1 most added but it was really close within the rest of the top 5.  

Thee Oh Sees obviously will be the one to watch over the next few weeks, maybe even next week.  This debut would scare the hell out of me if I were pushing for number 1 next week. 

22--221THEE OH SEESA Weird ExitsCastle Face
I thought it was pretty crazy that a single got #5 most added but it turns out that CMJ had not changed it over to the full record.  Yet at the same time CMJ was able to make the Live Thee Oh Sees record un-reportable so that those charting that record were forced to chart the new record.  I have no problem with this strategy as I have used it before but more recently,  when we knew who was working there, we have been told that they would no longer do this. So it seems strange.  But it has been done so it gives Thee Oh Sees a real shot to jump to #1 next week. 

So let us move on to the top 200. What a week.  What would it be Avalanches, Julie Ruin, could Badbadnotgood hold on for another week? Would Dinosaur Jr make a huge jump?  IT was pretty close throughout and I honestly thought Avalanches had it but in the end. 

12615JULIE RUINHit ResetHardly Art
364133DINOSAUR JR.Give A Glimpse Of What Yer NotJagjaguwar
41215BADBADNOTGOODIVInnovative Leisure
55336BLOOD ORANGEFreetown SoundDomino
64118MITSKIPuberty 2Dead Oceans
This is where next week gets REALLY interesting. Obviously Avalanches will continue to push to the top. But Dinosaur Jr is RIGHT there and charging fast, as we see here they are also on top of the Spinitron charts. 

But how much does this really tell us? Last week Avalanches were on top. It gives us some idea as lots of the same records are up there but the chart windows are different so you will get different results every week. 

So next week should really become a fun race between Dinosaur Jr., The Avalanches and Thee Oh Sees. I am not sure that in the summer Thee Oh Sees can make that big of a jump but I would not be shocked.  What do you guys think? 

In our weekly check in of the website we find that the last article posted is still June 1st. 

The last "Mixtape" is November of last year but for some reason is still featured on the front page. 

The 2015 Marathon is still featured at the top of the front page, I wonder how many stations subscribe to CMJ just for the "Free CMJ BADGE" and how they feel about the possibility of there not being one this year.   On Facebook we see that the last post said to Bear with them. and that was JUNE 29th.

Thats it for now. How about a little fun. Can anyone guess the OLDEST record on the chart? 
20 weeks now. Click here to find out. 

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