Thursday, August 04, 2016


Sorry for the delay. I am currently in Los Angeles.

Our college radio summer continues to be pretty exciting week to week. We have had 2 non indie promoted #1 records when we had not had any for a long time.  We have had 2 records take #1, fall out of the top spot and retake it.  And this week we have another new number one and shockingly its not Blood Orange or Avalanches.

This week Badbadnotgood took the #1 spot and I feel like this record is a true college radio success story. Sometimes college radio can feel like its pretty easy to predict whats going to happen. Huge hyped band announces record, they get 100's of adds, shoot up the charts and go #1. But its nice to see a record seemingly take the number one spot organically.  Of course the indie deserves a lot of credit for this one as well.

I am not sure though if this record will hold on to the top spot for long there are a bunch of records making the climb to challenge for the top spot.

12314BADBADNOTGOODIVInnovative Leisure
26924JULIE RUINHit ResetHardly Art
41217MITSKIPuberty 2Dead Oceans
53435BLOOD ORANGEFreetown SoundDomino
641-62DINOSAUR JR.Give A Glimpse Of What Yer NotJagjaguwar
74116DEERHOOFThe Magic!Polyvinyl
8111284BAT FOR LASHESThe BrideWarner Bros
97549WHITNEYLight Upon The LakeSecretly Canadian
1091195DJ SHADOWThe Mountain Will FallMass Appeal

At a certain point it looked like last weeks #1 most added would be as high as top 3 but they still impress coming in at #6.  The biggest surprises to me is the drop of Blood Orange as the hype really seemed to point towards another #1 record for them and the jump of Julie Ruin. I imagine next week should come down to Julie Ruin and Avalanches.  Who you got? ( Dark horse could be Dinosaur Jr. ) 

Adds this week was pretty tight this week. 

152HEATERSBaptistinaBeyond Beyond Is Beyond
251OWENThe King Of WhysPolyvinyl
351DESCENDENTSHypercaffium SpazzinateEpitaph
Seems like the new normal for the number of ADDS lately.  I happen to be working on the Descendents record and was very excited to see it do so well. 

Lets take a look at the Spinitron charts 

Avalanches have been up there for a while now but the thing that stands out the most is Dinosaur Jr already at #2. Its nice to see a lot of the same records in the top 10 that we see on the CMJ charts. 

I wanted to also try and continue to give you CMJ updates on a regular basis. Even when there is not much to report.  

Earlier this week I received another email from a concerned station asking what was going on. It is weird that CMJ chooses not to communicate with its members but thats where we are.  So what is going on?  With no word from inside CMJ it's hard to say, we can say for certain that things are not ok. That is why I have started using Spinitron on a more regular basis. Is it a replacement for CMJ, no not yet but maybe it could be. At this point the number of active stations is about the same and could be more for Spinitron by the end of the year.  If I have any hard facts to share or if any former CMJ employees have anything new to share I will be more than happy to pass it on. But for now this is all I can share. 

Thank you for reading! 

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