Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ad Hoc at home first try.

Lately I have been getting books from the library down the street and placing them on the coffee table in order to appear smarter than I am, however since Killer ( my cat) and Amy know I am full of it I have started to try and put these books to use. My latest book is Ad Hoc at Home from Thomas Keller, here is a whole blog dedicated to what i am dedicating one post too : http://adhocathome.blogspot.com/ .  Today I attempted Pickling veggies. Green Beans. I Really love when they put green beans in Bloody Mary's so I wanted to make my own.  I think it went pretty well, however I did add some spice to mine with a whole Jalapeno... if you do this ... do not stand over the boiling water while boiling said Jalapeno..here are photos of what i did. 

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