Tuesday, March 11, 2008

SXSW ... Day Negative two

Would that be right? Day Negative 2? Minus 2 days until SXSW begins for the Music part of the festival. So yesterday our Monday plan was to call radio and do our normal work thing but this year our Hotel internet was the crap and we could not do anything. So we found a nearby interweb connection and sent out some emails and went out to enjoy the day in Texas. 
Being in Texas and having had Mexican food on Sunday we wanted "the best" BBQ in Austin. Some people told us The Salt lick others told us Ironworks but we settled on The county line 
I decided to have the Brisket tacos and they were fantastic. Our Friend Elliot Lipp had their famous Deep Dish Pecan Pie for lunch and that was pretty damn fantastic.   We then hit up some thrift stores and tried to get into a free movie preview. The Thrift stores had no mens clothes and we got the shaft on the movie preview so we went down to the Pure Volume house to get our free badges and started the drinking.  We went down to Beerland and with out hesitation I can firmly state that this place has THE WORST KARAOKE in the whole world. No lie. 
Let me tell you the back story. Last year when we went we got there early and I would say that the place had 15 people max. Our group of 10 or so people put in some songs... more people showed up and slowly but as time goes...it passes... 2 hours later none of us have sang. So we as the feisty drunk group we were cornered the Karaoke  guy ..yelled at him... made him feel bad about his life and then we all got to sing... too little too late.  This year... the place was slightly more crowded and there were 2 jackasses instead of one running the karaoke  . We all tipped like he asked us ,to get our songs in but a few songs before any of us sang the machine ( a 30 dollar machine you could buy at wall-mart ) broke so they 2 drunken buffoons ran around trying to figure out how to make something work. The jimmy-rigged something so that music played and the mic worked...i think its called a CD player. So another 30 min goes by and i have yet to sing despite my bribe, and of course they "accidently" threw away my slip so I calmly ask where it is ...and they tell me to calm down and he starts going through the trash looking for the slip. ( I let him look for a little while before telling him i can write it down again... BUFFOONS! ) So i get up to sing my song... I know all the words to superstar from the carpenters so not having the screen with words was no big deal until one of them hits the cd player and it skips to the last verse and thus ends my song. By this point I might be a little drunk and I go off on a long diatribe on stage about how this place has to be the WORST karaoke place ever. They cut my mic of course but that does not stop me... My last line I think I said to them was.... " by acknowledging me you are only giving me Power"  And that was karaoke. The rest of the night was fun.  Some more drinking... we got to watch a married man hit on a 21 year old girl from canada it was funny.... he and she went home alone ...oh fun times..here are some photos from last night(i tried to put some up but my connection is not the best...so here is one for now) 

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