Thursday, March 13, 2008


Well it was long wait... but yesterday SXSW started and it was fantastic. I started my day with a lunch at the Four Season with the band Electric Touch who i would end up seeing later in the night. Lunch at the Four Seasons is pretty fantastic if you were wondering! Then I headed to our friends at Terrorbirds party then over to the Fader lounge... many drinks were had... we also saw the WEINERMOBILE AND YES IT WAS FANTASTIC! Then we saw City and Colour, who if you have not checked out are one of my favorites as of late!  After that we did a brief stop back at Fader for The Kills then we headed over to see Canada who as always put on a great show. 
Next I went to try and get into Be your own pet but the line was crazy and I wanted to see Electric touch anyways so after that I went to go try and see REM. When I got their the line was out the wazzooo but .... lets flash back to Monday when I went to Stubbs for a Party. They gave me a Stubbs wristband and I left it on..thinking..well maybe if they have the same color of wristbands on Wed. I can get in.... Sure enough they did! So i was able to sneak in and see REM for the first time ever. They played an amazing set and really made my week!  After REM i really wanted to see The Black Keys..they were playing the same show as Be your own pet and the line was still...OUT THE WAZOOOOO so I went down to see Cadence Weapon who as always put on a great show!   After his show .... on the way to another bar for yet another drink... we saw there was no line for Black Keys so we got to see the last 3 songs!!!!! 
So everything seems to have worked out! Today is my last day here in Texas and I plan on living it up! 

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You really need to take ESL classes.


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