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One last reminder to get in your CMJ NOMINATIONS  in today by 3PM eastern!  ( read the posts below to see my thought process and why you should nominate ME!!!) 

I hope everyone had a good Labor day weekend. I always look at this week as the start of Fall at College radio. Companies go from having one big push to having 3-4 big pushes. The volume of mail coming in to college stations combined with the digital records has to be incredible. So its about to be a lot of fun at college radio! 

Lets start with the ADDS this week. 

1115FOALSWhat Went DownWarner
2110FIDLARTooMom And Pop
374ARCSYours, DreamilyNonesuch
469LOWOnes And SixesSub Pop
559DIANE COFFEEEverybody's A Good DogWestern Vinyl
It was exciting to have a back and forth battle for that number one spot. Both Foals and Fidlar blowing past the ever important 100 ADD barrier, each with over 50% of the reporting stations. 

So the question I have is do either of these records have a shot at #1 on the charts.  We have to look at a  few things. 

What is out there now?  Well currently we have a pretty fun race for #1 going on. 

11116MAC DEMARCOAnother OneCaptured Tracks
244123BEACH HOUSEDepression CherrySub Pop
32226LA LUZWeirdo ShrineHardly Art
Each of these records were very close to #1 this week. I would have to imagine that Beach House takes it next week though. 

For other contenders on the chart right now you have to look at Destroyer at #6, had the same ADD week as Beach House so good potential of being blocked from the top spot. 
Ben Folds at #9 is interesting but I would doubt it has the juice to get up there.  I find Yo La Tengo at #13 to have a chance only because they have done it before and last weeks #1 most added Panda Bear at #18.  In looking at all of those I think that Foals and Fidlar would have a better shot at #1.  

In order to really know thought I also need to know how the past release from each band did and when. 

So lets look at #2 most added Fidlar first. 

The Fidlar record peaked at #8 in the Spring of 2013. The spring is a busy time so top 10 that time of year is pretty good. You would have to think that this record should improve upon that. 

In looking up Fidlar it was not hard for me to find the last Foals record as it was pretty much around the same time of year.  

10103-102FOALSHoly FireWarner Brothers

so lets look a few weeks after this to see how Foals ended up doing. 

11515YOUTH LAGOONWondrous BughouseFat Possum
24824THE MENNew MoonSacred Bones
3116133DEVENDRA BANHARTMalaNonesuch
45647FOALSHoly FireWarner Brothers
The last Foals record peaked at #4 on the top 200. 

So you would think the goal would be #1.  

What do you think is more likely Foals beating its last record or Fidlar? Obviously Fidlar only needs to go above 8 where as Foals needs top 3. 

Lastly we need to look at what is coming out over the next few weeks that could get in the way of these records. 

CMJ keeps a decent list of what is going for adds. I am not sure if you can access it as a station but I have to imagine you can.  Check here  I also check coming soon sites such as Pause and Play  Of course there are always records I can't find and records that end up being bigger than I think they will be so its a fun puzzle to try and put together.  

Looking at all the information though I think we can safely guess we might see these 2 battle it out for #1 right around the time Beach House is coming out of #1.  

What do you guys think?  

Who is going to CMJ? Saw there was some big Periscope announcement coming at 10AM ... so it has already happened.. I wonder what it was...

Ok lets talk on Twitter.

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