Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Just when you think everything is going one direction it comes to a crashing halt.  Last week we saw the largest uptick in stations in sometime. You would think late September would mean a continued increase in stations.  Well I did at least, this week we lost 14 stations. It does not seem like  a lot but I would love to be seeing gains of 20+ a week.   I am not sure it really had much of an impact though.

Beach House continues to dominate. The big move of week comes from Foals going from #9 to #2. But the remaining gap of 42 stations from #2 to #1 is roughly equal to the same gap of #2 to any of the records in the 6-12 range.  So I would guess Beach House will lose some stations next week and Foals will gain some but a 42 station swing might be difficult.  When talking about Foals we need to also talk about the #2 add that week Fidlar. They made a nice move as well from #11 to #5. But they are only a few stations outside of that 42 station gap I mentioned above.  So they should be able to move up to #3 next week but records such as Yo La Tengo,  Arcs, Panda Bear, Low, Beirut, and Battles all are going to be very fluid within that top 10.  But I don't see any having enough juice to make a jump past #3.

One of the interesting things that happens every year around this time is with stations coming back from summer break is they go after the older records and help prop them up for longer periods of time.  Tame Impala in its 10th week on the chart is still holding strong at #6.  Courtney Barnett in her 27th week on the chart is still in the top 100 at #90.  Best Coast even went up this week in their 21st week. That usually lasts for a few weeks before those older records are pushed out by the new stuff. It is a bummer to have one of those records that gets caught in-between though.

One great/ hard thing about fall means that ADDS are a lot more competitive.   This week I thought we would see a few records get 100 + adds but in the end only Youth Lagoon was able to break the 100 ADD barrier.  This is largely because there were more records getting 10 plus adds.  I thought it would be interesting to compare how adds would look in different weeks.

For example 6 weeks ago the #1 most added record was Chelsea Wolfe with 83 adds. 83 adds would of gotten her 2nd three times and 3rd twice. Of course each week is different with different numbers of records going but thats kind of the luck of the ADDS from week to week.  She just happened to go the right week.  But who is to say that if she went in the week with Foals she would get the same. You can't but its still fun to look.

I decided to also take a look at how many adds there were overall each week in the top 20.
For example this week there were 704 total adds in the top 20. Last week there were 785 and on average over the past 6 weeks there are 723 adds in the top 20. The high was 785 total adds and the low was 664 total adds. To look at those numbers more accurately you need to also know how many reporters there were in each week.  I am still trying to see if these numbers mean anything. Currently I cannot tell but it's interesting to note that percentage wise there seems to be about the same number of ADDS making up the top 20 week to week.

Lastly I have not done this for a while but lets look at how ADDS from 6 weeks ago faired on the charts compared each other.

263TEEN DAZEMorning World#16
362DERADOORIAN The Expanding Flower Planet#15
459NATHANIEL RATELIFF AND THE NIGHT SWEATSNathaniel Rateliff And The Night Sweats#16
545BOHICASThe Making Of#36
638POTTY MOUTHPotty Mouth EP#22
735BRIANA MARELAAll Around Us#43
835WILD ONESHeatwave#31
932GOSPEL MACHINEYour Holy Ghost#47
1030COLD BEATInto The Air#39
1226REATARDSGrown Up Fucked Up (Reissue)FELL OFF 
1419EL TEN ELEVENFast Forward#45
1518KICKBACKSorry All Over The Place#74
1617DRINKSHermits On Holiday#88
1814LAND LINESThe Natural World#64
2012SWEET BABOOBoombox BalladsFELL OFF 

All of the records were charting still this week except for Sweet Baboo, Monks of Mellonwah and Reatards. 

Reatards peaked at #76 and charted for 3 weeks 
Sweet Baboo peaked at #163 and charted for 2 weeks
and as far as i can tell Monks of Mellonwah never charted.

When you look at those #'s what do you see? I see that the #1 ADD had the highest peak and in this case was a clear indicator of how the record was going to do. The biggest overachiever is Potty Mouth as they preformed like a top 5 record. But for the most part the top 5 records performed one way and the top 10 were slightly below and so forth.  So in the battle of Do ADDS matter looks like for this week they did.

Lastly we are a few short weeks away from the CMJ MARATHON!
I will be on an awesome panel with some fine people a CMJ AMA.
ALSO PIRATE! will be having a great CMJ PARTY!!!!
What will you be singing?

Lets talk about everything on Twitter. 

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