Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Happy Spring everyone! I was really looking forward to this week because of April fools day. I had so many good jokes planed out but I was told by my lawyers that they were not "funny" and were just "hurtful" So maybe next year?

Seems like we still are waiting for everyone to come back from Spring breaks and Easter vacations as we hover around the same number of reporting stations from the past few weeks. I hope we see an increase next week and I expect we will. Despite the number of reporters being lowish we had a great ADD battle this week between Andrew Bird and Tacocat!   BIRDS VS CATS!!!! I mean how can you not love that.  What made this a lot of fun for someone on the outside looking in is that we had 2 big records. Andrew Bird dominated last time around ( 2012 with 4 weeks at #1) and Tacocat had a great run their first time out.  So not only do both records have a track record and expectation that they might be #1 records. They both have 2 indies on them! So a pretty even playing field. I don't know but I assume both records got sent to a lot of people as well.
Throughout Monday and Tuesday it went back and forth. In the end though Andrew Bird came out on top with 131 ADDS to Tacocats 124 ADDS. I have a feeling we will see this battle play out over the next several weeks.  I will also note that Andrew Bird is already around 100 spots ahead of Tacocat on the charts. Something to pay attention to to see if it means anything.

Animal Collective continues to hold at #1. There really isn't anything on the level of Animal Collective out there right now we are seeing them hold rather than dominate. Early on they for sure were dominating at radio but now its just nothing else can knock it out.  We did see a switch in the #2 and #3 records with Thao and the Get down Stay down positioning itself to take the top spot next week. Santigold, last weeks #2 could still have a shot, as I mentioned before Animal Collective is no longer dominate so really it could be anyones game next week.

Of those three. There is a clear tier of the top 3 and then 4-11 are pretty much all grouped together. Dr. Dog could of easily been #6 as it was #11.  The contenders for #1 in the future ( this weeks ADDS) are a few weeks away but they might be able to crash the top 10. Should be fun to also watch that.

Thanks for reading lets talk more about April fools day jokes on twitter. 

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