Wednesday, March 09, 2016


Oh hey there Spring Breakers. I see you. 

Spring breaks started this week and while there were no CMJ crashes the number of stations was down from the peak of two weeks ago. I imagine it will continue to stay in the 240-260 range throughout March.   Spring break +SXSW next week should give us a rather low reporting week. 

As expected Animal Collective ran away with the #1 spot this week.  Seeing as I was tracking Dr. Dog rather frequently I can tell you every time I checked the 2 records the gap grew. Early on it was 10-11 then it was 22-26  then it was 25-32.  It was a fun run but in the end we missed our window last week.  I will note we did beat Wild Nothing, the record that beat us on the ADDS.  You have to wonder if there was a missed opportunity with Wild Nothing and 2 indies but I can't pretend to know every indies motives for working a record.  

Animal Collective will be #1 for..... what do you think? 

lets talk about the ADDS this week. I thought going in that M. Ward would take #1 but Thao and the Get down stay down pulled off the upset. I think we may be seeing what happens when you have a lot of big records for adds and you split your focus. I would bet a dollar that M. Ward ends up being the higher charted record. 

Will either of those push for #1 or is Animal Collective a new David Bowie? 

What about Santigold? 

Could be exciting or it could just be really boring for the next 5 weeks until a real contender emerges. 

Now, its going to be 77 outside here in NYC today so get out side and lets talk about this on twitter when its cold again ..

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