Wednesday, March 23, 2016


A lot of you took last week off, so I decided to as well. It seemed to be the peak spring break week with reporters dropping by over 30. This week we rebounded a bit up 18 in what hopefully will be a continued trend. April is always a crazy month. On the promoter side  there are a lot of big records that get pushed out before summertime. On the radio side its a month until graduation so some people stop working and some are too busy with exams or are  overwhelmed with school work.  It can make for a stressful time of year. Also a lot of fun as well. 

The last 2 weeks have seen Animal Collective hold strong at #1. We have also had 2 relatively weak add weeks with both #1 added records taking in under 100 adds.  There are some records getting closer to Animal Collective. Santigold and Thao and the Get Down Stay Down both are within striking distance. I think Animal Collective has a good chance of staying at #1 though. 

Right behind Santigold and Thao and the Get Down Stay Down is the new Charles Bradley record coming in hot at #4. I think he would need a lot to jump those two to get #1 but it is a very impressive showing. The one record I am having a hard time figuring out right now is the new M. Ward record. While it did get a less than impressive review on Pitchfork he has done very well in the past. I know the last record was a top 5 record and really just thought it would build off of that.  Of course it is hard to know when you are not working the record. Could be a lack of hard copies. Could a ton of other factors we don't know about.  I know the week it went for ADDS I really thought it would run away with #1 most added. It came in a strong second though and that perhaps should of been a sign. 

296M. WARDMore RainMerge
365LA SERAMusic For Listening To Music ToPolyvinyl
451DAMIEN JURADOVisions Of Us On The LandSecretly Canadian
547PRINCE RAMAXtreme NowCarpark
There is still time of course for M. Ward to have a great run at radio just very interesting to see it sluggish out of the gate. 

I wanted to also take a quick look at the singles on the chart. I have seen a lot more singles charting lately and I am not sure if it is a real shift in station programing as college radio has always been an album based format or just people getting really excited about a select few records. So let's take a look. 

556390554LAKE STREET DIVE"Call Of Your Dogs" [Single]Nonesuch
8485-842M83"Do It, Try It" [Single]Mute
139--1391YEASAYER"Silly Me" B/w "I Am Chemistry" [Single]Mute
161--1611SHEL"You Could Be My Baby" [Single]Moraine
176--1761THEE OH SEES"Fortress" [Single]Castle Face
901821621625ANDREW BIRD"Capsized" [Single]Loma Vista
So currently 6 singles charting at college radio. Looks like a preview of a few #1 records, or potential #1 records out there. Any single in the top 100 is pretty serious. What do we think of singles charting or what if there was a singles chart? I am not sure enough stations chart singles to warrant such a thing but interesting to think about. 

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