Wednesday, March 02, 2016


This week gets an Asterix.

Around 1pm, maybe a bit earlier CMJ stopped working.  In one of the tightest races for #1 we have seen this year CMJ went down. As a result the number of reporters dropped by around 30.

The top five we ended up with is as follows

12414DIIV*Is The Is Are*Captured Tracks*
21116TY SEGALLEmotional MuggerDrag City
3409033ANIMAL COLLECTIVEPainting WithDomino
43534DR. DOGThe Psychedelic SwampAnti
57954WILD NOTHINGLife Of PauseCaptured Tracks

Looking at some of the numbers I could make a strong case for almost all of these records for #1. 

It seems like a foregone conclusion that Animal Collective will take the top spot next week but it gets a little more difficult for them because next week is the first batch of SPRING BREAKS!  Does Spring break slow down AC? Or does it it help a record Like Dr. Dog or Wild Nothing with lots of AAA support?  ( I doubt it but a guy can dream right?) 

Whereas the Charts might of been impacted by the CRASH I think ADDS largely went as predicted. 
Santigold took it pretty easily with Yuck about 10 behind and the Violent Femmes another 10 behind. 

As far as the crash goes, its a bummer when it happens. Sucks for everyone. My biggest complaint is the lack of communication. With the promoters and also the stations. I got at least 10 emails asking me what is going on / what do I do. Of course all stations should know they can send to when there is a crash.   There were a few ideas I had though that might make things better when this happens.  

1) Tell us, Maybe set up a Facebook group or an Industry twitter account to just say hey we expect this to take a while or this is very minor and it should take only 5 min. Sure people will complain if it happens to go longer than that but it would be better than hearing nothing. It would also be nice to tell the stations they can send in the charts via Email when this happens. If you talk to college students for a living like I do they forget things. They forget things I told them a day ago. They will not remember to send a report via email unless you remind them. 

2) Expand reporting. If CMJ goes down for an hour then have charts close at 3. If it goes down for a day then expand it by a day. There is no "print" deadline that forces the charts to be done at a certain time. There should be some sort of flexibility. 

Now I don't know why these crashes happen. I have a theory that it has to do with you adding the wrong records each week so don't do that. It could also be that you are charting Goldflinger so don't do that either. Lets try and help keep CMJ clean so it does not crash.  I do know that it frustrates those that work at CMJ as much as it does us. Hopefully it get's fixed and never happens again but if it doesn't I hope we can see some improvements on communication and policy. 

Thank  you for reading! 

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