Wednesday, April 06, 2016


Happy April everyone.

March is such a bore every year. So many breaks at different times from stations. It can be hard to get any momentum going with a record. April though we should have 4-6 solid weeks of everyone reporting together. To coincide with that we have some of the best records of the year. Well biggest.

Last week we saw 2 huge adds with Andrew Bird and Tacocat both getting over 100 adds.

Sure enough those 2 records immediately found a spot in the top 10.

This week we again had 2 big records duke it out with Parquet Courts and Yeasayer both also getting over 120 adds and while never really in the mix for #1 most added Frankie Cosmos also scored over 100 adds.  I would guess all will make big jumps into the top 10 next week.

This makes the next few weeks pretty interesting as we will have a large group of records with legit #1 aspirations.   Speaking of we did have a new #1 this week with Thao and the get down stay down finally dethroning Animal Collective after a month at #1. I think Thao will be a one a done though with either Tacocat or Andrew Bird taking #1.

It is kind of exciting to see so many big records all pushing for #1. All of the forthcoming contenders have at least 2 indies on them as well, the big one though will be M83, it comes out this week so I imagine it goes for adds next week, with THREE indies. The last M83 was parked at #1 for 6 weeks!!!!

So lets take a look at the contenders over the next few weeks

Parquet Courts
Andrew Bird

Long shots would be Charles Bradley and Iggy Pop but I would fly to vegas and bet money those have both reached their peak.

So out of those 7 records how many will get to #1? I bet we see 3. I would not be surprised to see Andrew Bird or Tacocat take it next week. Then Parquet Courts the week after followed by M83.

Lets talk about your predictions. Am I missing anyone?

Lets talk on twitter. 

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