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For whatever reason I feel like I need to get these out early every week but I am thinking about pushing it to late Wednesday or Thursday. If anyone has an opinion on that let me know.

This week Parquet Courts EASILY took #1 on the top 200. Only 100 stations did not chart Parquet Courts. So 62% of all stations reporting had them on there. I expect this to grow as well. Making the top 5 for the next few weeks a bit messy/ stressful if you are any other record.

12514PARQUET COURTSHuman PerformanceRough Trade
23225TACOCATLost TimeHardly Art
31115ANDREW BIRDAre You SeriousLoma Vista
55854YEASAYERAmen And GoodbyeMute

Obviously it will be interesting to watch M83 vs Parquet Courts over the next few weeks. Even more interesting is the timing of this weeks #1 add King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.  So many factors will go into these next few weeks. One of the biggest ones is final exams. They can make a mess of the charts. That plus MD's graduating and or stations going off air. Could be harder for some records to have traction. 

With Parquet Courts going #1 this week they have had a #1 record in each of the last 3 years. 

Pretty crazy. 

The first one was Issue 1350 

13814PARQUET COURTSSunbathing AnimalWhat’s Your Rupture?
21116BLACK KEYSTurn BlueNonesuch
32226CONOR OBERSTUpside Down MountainNonesuch
457144JACK WHITELazarettoThird Man

They would stay #1 for 2 weeks drop to #2 and then regain the #1 spot for a third week.  Later that year (2014) they would go for adds on another record and get #1 early in 2015 for one week on issue 1375. 

12515PARQUET COURTSContent NauseaWhat's Your Rupture?
21117TV ON THE RADIOSeedsHarvest
441144TY SEGALLSingles 2Drag City
55227DEERHOOFLa Isla BonitaPolyvinyl
It will be interesting to see what kind of strides M83 makes this next week towards #1. 

The last record was 2011 and that can be a lifetime at college radio. Some stations forget artists if they don't have a record every 2 years. Of course artists like M83 or Modest Mouse or Black Keys or TV on the Radio can take some time and not have to worry about being forgotten. But some stations do forget.  Some station I talked to had no idea who Tegan and Sara was so they were new to them.  

I can't go back to the last time M83 was #1 on the CMJ charts but I can get pretty close. Issue 1229 was the last issue with M83 at #1 and the website currently goes back to 1239 so we miss it by 10. 
But we should take a look at that chart. 

M83 is still on there 

112--1121CARAVAN OF THIEVESThe FunhouseUnited For Opportunity
11371742313CLOUD CONTROLBliss ReleaseTurnout
1146946118M83Hurry Up, We're DreamingMute
1151151301153PUNCH BROTHERSWho's Feeling Young NowNonesuch
1161031001004ARCHERS OF LOAFVee VeeMerge
1178655555JEALOUS SOUNDA Gentle ReminderMusic Is Subjective

Intersting for me to see Archers of Loaf on there since Pirate! is currently working his solo record. 

M83 would stay on the charts for 26 weeks! until issue 1247 and it may of stayed on longer had there not been the winter break. 

1731201341179CHUCK PROPHETTemple BeautifulYep Roc
1741171771175YANN TIERSENSkylineAnti
1751691841694KASPER BJORKEFoolHFN
176148162126M83Hurry Up, We're DreamingMute
177--1652ANDRE WILLIAMSHoods And ShadesBloodshot
178--615PORCELAIN RAFTStrange WeekendSecretly Canadian
179147-1472OUTER MINDSOuter MindsSouthPaw
But I wanted to also take a look at the top of the last charts we can go back to on CMJ 

1316TENNISYoung And OldFat Possum
22116DR. DOGBe The VoidAnti
347034SLEIGH BELLSReign Of TerrorMom And Pop
532112BLACK KEYSEl CaminoNonesuch
65955FRANKIE ROSEInterstellarSlumberland
7161874MEMORYHOUSEThe Slideshow EffectSub Pop
818-82HUNXHairdresser BluesHardly Art
9131393FUNSome NightsFueled By Ramen
106666SHARON VAN ETTEN TrampJagjaguwar
111122114YELLOW OSTRICHStrange LandBarsuk
12110-122MAGNETIC FIELDSLove At The Bottom Of The SeaMerge
131511116HEARTLESS BASTARDSArrowPartisan
1410537OF MONTREALParalytic StalksPolyvinyl
151712124ISLANDSA Sleep And A ForgettingAnti
How many of these records would have the chance at going #1 today? 

I think its just really neat to look back at how much can change in a year, 2 years longer... 
The longer the gap between records the harder it gets for them to keep that fan base. The Black Keys had a record a year for many years, Ty Segall has one every year pretty much now. 

However a counter to that is Sleater Kinney. The break between albums was longer than M83 by far but how they returned was part of the story. It was largely a surprise.  Is Pitchfork the major driver in what is still relevant. Looking at Sleater Kinney they came back and scored best new music 8.7 and were once again darlings. But also every record listed on Pitchfork from Sleater Kinney has at least an 8.3.  Perhaps that is the key. 

Thanks for reading. Lets talk more on the internet. 

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