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One year ago today Courtney Barnet held on to the #1 spot for the 4th week in a row and the dream ended for Modest Mouse.

11117COURTNEY BARNETTSometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just SitMom And Pop
24625WAXAHATCHEEIvy TrippMerge
334-32ALABAMA SHAKESSound And ColorATO
43336SUFJAN STEVENSCarrie And LowellAsthmatic Kitty
55555TORO Y MOIWhat For?Carpark
622213MODEST MOUSEStrangers To OurselvesEpic

As you can guess, the next week Alabama Shakes took the #1 spot. 

Five years ago the number one record was Tv on The Radio 

Last year by this point there were 7 #1 records. There have been 8 so far this year so right on track. 

Lets get to this weeks chart! 

Parquet Courts holds a STRONG lead at #1 despite a valiant effort by Tacocat to cut into that lead. Parquet Courts still has over 60% of the stations on board and while there was a slight slow down I doubt that you will see a huge drop. We are in the midst of exam time and transition time from Spring to Summer so wholesale changes on the chart become difficult. 

Lets take a look at the top five. ( plus a few) 

11215PARQUET COURTSHuman PerformanceRough Trade
22326TACOCATLost TimeHardly Art
43116ANDREW BIRDAre You SeriousLoma Vista
56756FRANKIE COSMOSNext ThingBayonet
65555YEASAYERAmen And GoodbyeMute

I wanted to include up to 8 just to highlight how fast King Gizzard is charging up. Frankie Cosmos makes a nice push into the top five but presumptive #1 M83 lags behind at #3. The parallels between this record and the Modest Mouse from last year are crazy. But time has not yet run out for M83. If King Gizzard were say in the top 5 I would call it all but over but the window is cracked open.

However if M83 does not go #1 its important to look at the 3 Mute records in the top 10. Being an indie  you sometimes have to work a few big records against each other and it can be difficult to juggle, it happens though and you get better at it. It doesn't happen that often though that they are all from the same label. 

I think Parquet Courts holds on another week and King Gizzard makes it up to #3 next week with M83 in the #2 hole. Making for a FUN week of chart watching. 

This weeks ADDS were not quite what I expected. I did expect White Lung to take the top spot but I expected them to get well over 100 adds. There were less reporters this week but if you just look at percentages, White Lung took 40% of the stations reporting adds. Whereas a big record will take at least 50%. 

Lets look at at the last few #1 records performance on ADDS 

Parquet Courts 57%
Andrew Bird 55%
Thao and the Getdown 44%
DIIV 44% 
Ty Segall 45% 
David Bowie 59% 

So most have made it above the 50% mark and the 3 that did not had over 100 adds. So perhaps you need to make one of those 2 benchmarks.  

So looking at this weeks ADDS 

186WHITE LUNGParadiseDomino
283PITY SEXWhite Hot MoonRun For Cover
360ISLANDSShould I Remain Here At Sea?Manque
460KYLE CRAFTDolls Of HighlandSUB POP
553ROGUE WAVEDelusions Of Grand FurEasy Sound
650AESOP ROCKThe Impossible KidRhymesayers
749ESKIMEAUXYear Of The RabbitDouble Double Whammy
940BEAR HANDSYou'll Pay For ThisSpensive
1031HURRYGuided MeditationLame-O
It was close between White Lung and Pitty Sex throughout and while I doubt either will really challenge for #1 they should do well depending on what comes out the next few weeks.  I really think the most interesting record this week was one of my own. The new Islands records. 

We knew going in that working two different islands records would be difficult and would cost us a chance at #1. If you were to add up the 2 records adds and subtract the stations that added both you would of had well over 100 adds for Islands.  This happens pretty rarely that 2 records from an artist are worked at the same time. Last year Beach house had 2 records but they were at least spaced out by a few weeks.  I think it will be interesting to watch how stations respond to these 2 records in the upcoming weeks.  

Thanks for reading. 

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