Thursday, May 19, 2016


Well we are getting closer to everyone being full summer mode and the number of stations are dropping like flies. Last week 216 and this week down to 209. I would not be shocked if next week we saw an uptick but then the week after for Memorial day it should be a wasteland.

But there are still records to be worked! This week saw the end of the road for M83. They went out fighting all the way as well. There were a few times yesterday when M83 pulled ahead in total stations and at one time had a slight edge in Core stations but almost every chart I saw had the eventual #1 record, King Gizzard and Wizard Lizard, higher on the chart. I thought for a while that they would move up to #2 but in the end they were stuck at #3

21117PARQUET COURTSHuman PerformanceRough Trade
464-42RADIOHEADA Moon Shaped PoolXL
54228TACOCATLost TimeHardly Art

Radiohead looks to be in position to jump to #1 next week thus putting the final nail in the coffin of M83. Now If i were working the record I would look at the charts and think...well...we still have a chance. It's summer so many people are phoning in their charts we can take advantage of that. 

The number one most added record from 2 weeks ago, White Lung, moves up to #8. Last weeks #1 most added record, Fruit Bats, comes in with the #1 debut of the week at #21. 

This weeks race for #1 most added was pretty interesting to watch. 

We had 3 big records going for it. 

James Blake 
Twin Peaks 
Modern Baseball. 

For most of the day Modern Baseball seemed to be in charge. And that makes sense since there are 2 indies on the record with The Syn and Terrorbird. However the last hour things started to change. More than one promoter pointed out that they saw stations change their ADDS with James Blake being inserted in.  This happens all the time so its nothing to cry foul about just interesting to watch.  In the end James Blake took #1 most added by 1 add. 

175JAMES BLAKEThe Colour In AnythingRepublic
274MODERN BASEBALLHoly GhostRun For Cover
367TWIN PEAKSDown In HeavenGrand Jury
438DEATH GRIPSBottomless PitHarvest
By far the most interesting add of the week for me was Death Grips. For me the success of the record shows a few things. 1) the band is popular at college radio. 2) as i mentioned before its summer charts. People are looking for a name they recognize to ADD.  

I say this because when you check out the ADDS page on the AAM site it shows you that the record is dirty except for one song that you have to download. So these stations all added a digital single when you think about it. 

I was also a beneficiary of the summer charts  this week with Matt and Kim a digital only EP and stations that never touch Digital added the record. 

Lastly I have had conversations with a few of you about CMJ. Many of you have pointed out that the CMJ website has not been updated in over 2 weeks. That the Mixtape has not been updated since February. That the CMJ Marathon page still has info from last year on it. The 2015 marathon was announced on April 15 FYI.  I have been trying to gather information on what is happening at CMJ but have little to report at this point.   There has been talk of CMJ going away and what would that mean. I can tell you we have been having these conversations for YEARS but at this moment it does seem a little more real.  For now I hope that everything is fine and there is nothing to worry about but on the chance there is something to worry about I would love for stations to check out Spinitron.  

If anyone else has another radio tracking service they want to recommend, just in case, I would be more than happy to write it down. 

This week a bunch of us in the industry are headed down to Philadelphia for the NONCOMM convention. Check it out! 

Thank's for reading. 


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