Monday, September 08, 2014

Nominate WUOG!?

Got this in from WUOG!  Check them out and consider them for the CMJ AWARDS! 

Hey everybody! So for the past few years, we haven't been able to attend CMJ. We really wanted to go but some people with more power than us did not think it was worth the money to send us there. Now all those people have either left or been fired and we convinced the poor schmucks who replaced them to let us come to CMJ this October! If you want to nominate us for any awards, that'd be cool. We've provided some basic info about ourselves for you to keep in mind when filling out your ballots this year.

Brett Bennett (pictured here piercing her boyfriend's ear)
Major: History
Year: Junior
Position: WUOG Music Director (1st year)
Likes: Baseball, All girl no-wave bands from the late 70s, the War of 1812
Dislikes: Wrestling, waking up before 10am, the Spanish-American War
Specializes in: Post-Punk, Psych-Rock, Brit-Pop
Pays the bills by: using time travel to collect artifacts that would be worth a lot of money in the present. That's the plan anyway. Until then- beg my mother for money.

Nathan Kerce (pictured here going ham on a charcuterie plate)
Major: Advertising + Music Business
Year: Senior+
Position: WUOG Music Director (2nd year)
Likes: Wrestling, Snow Globes, Drake's social media presence
Dislikes: Onions, removing band-aids, being called "Nate Dogg."
Specializes in: Hip-Hop, Pop-Punk, Emo.
Pays the bills by: handling top adds/top 30, hunting down late CD with fiery vengeance.
See you guys at CMJ next month!
- Nathan & Brett

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