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With the big CMJ Nomination post I did yesterday I thought about not doing one of these.  Then I had a long conversation about Ty Segall yesterday and thought we could talk a little a bit about what happened and perhaps spend more time on what might happen in the upcoming weeks.

It was no surprise that Ty Segall took over #1 this week. Spoon is still killing it out there and it could be one of those things in the upcoming weeks where people are happy with #3.  At the very least I think people are going to be happy with #2 for a while. I was looking over the upcoming adds on CMJ and could not really find anything that would bump out Ty before the CMJ Music Festival Break.  We will get more into that in a bit.

This New Pornographers record is doing great too. Good to see them back up in the top 5. Not sure if the last 2 records went that high but they were no where near as good as this one in my opinion. Normally I would say perhaps if Matador hired indies the record would go #1 but with Ty there I don't think even an indie would help.  They might of benefited on the adds side with Interpol but I am sure that record will be fine.

The top debut of the week comes from Avi Buffalo, last weeks #1 most added record with a good showing at #20. There are a lot of Sub Pop records on the chart right now 6 actually 3 of them cracked the top 10 with J Mascis at #3 being the highest. I was trying to think of the last Sub Pop #1 as I tend to associate their records with #1's but I think it has been a while. Dum Dum Girls did it earlier this year I now see, I guess it is a credit to Sub Pop that I have in my head they should have more number one records.

I am a bit surprised with the Tennis album coming in at #29 considering the success they have had in the past. The record is pretty good too. Curious to why that star has faded.

Karen O came in at #1 most added this week pretty easily. I really thought Ryan Adams or Death from Above 1979 would of been up there a lot closer to the top but I guess those 2 are older names and might not be as "cool" as they once were? That is only a guess but sometimes as a promoter I can put too much credence into how a record did before in projecting how it will do in the future.  What was once something for everyone can quickly fall and new things are always coming and joining the party.

So let's take a look at what we can expect this next week. The top 200 is easy Ty Segall will be #1. As I mentioned before the question is for how long. What could possibly come in and take that spot. I have no idea.

For this weeks Adds lets take a look at what CMJ says is going for adds :

Showing adds from 09/12/14 to 09/16/14:

BandRecordingLabelAdd DateActive?
2 BEARS"Not This Time B/w Get Out And Angel (Touch Me)" [Single]Southern Fried09/16/14Yes
ALEX MERCADO TRIOSymbiosisFornarte Latino09/16/14Yes
AMY FAIRCHILDAmy FairchildSo Far09/16/14Yes
ANE BRUN AND LINNEA OLSSON"Halo" [Single]Balloon Ranger09/16/14Yes
ARCHIE POWELL AND THE EXPORTSBack In BlackSelf-Released09/16/14Yes
ASTEROIDS GALAXY TOURBring Us TogetherRough Trade / Hot Bus09/16/14Yes
ASTRONAUTS, ETC.SadieHit City USA09/16/14Yes
AUCTION PROJECTSlinkDavid Bixler09/16/14Yes
BRENDA XUFor The WinterSelf-Released09/16/14Yes
BRONCHOJust Enough Hip To Be WomanDine Alone09/16/14Yes
CHRIS WALDEN BIG BANDFull-On!Origin09/16/14Yes
COBALT CRANESDays In The SunLolipop09/16/14Yes
DEAD LOVERSSupernormal SuperstarRANDM09/16/14Yes
DELS"RGB" [Single]Big Dada09/16/14Yes
ELECTRIC YOUTHInnerworldSecretly Canadian09/16/14Yes
ELIZABETH SHEPHERDThe SignalLinus09/16/14Yes
FLOW TRIBEAlligator WhiteSKM09/16/14Yes
GARDEN CITY MOVEMENTEntertainment/Bengali CinemaBLDG509/16/14Yes
GENEVIEVE BELLEMARELive And DieVerve09/16/14Yes
GOATCommuneSUB POP09/16/14Yes
GRMLNSoon AwayCarpark09/16/14Yes
GROWLERSChinese FountainEverloving09/16/14Yes
HAFEZ MODIRZADEHIn Convergence LiberationPi09/16/14Yes
HELLSPEAKThe Slaughter Rule Of AgonyWinterfall09/16/14Yes
HIGH ENDSSuper ClassDine Alone09/16/14Yes
HOSTAGE CALMDie On StageRun For Cover09/16/14Yes
JANE SHERMANSThe Jane ShermansGo Go Love09/16/14Yes
JUAN MACLEANIn A DreamDFA09/16/14Yes
KASPER BJORKEAfter ForeverHFN09/16/14Yes
KODAK TO GRAPH"IAMANTHEM" [Single]Self-Released09/16/14Yes
LEWIS AND CLARKETriumvirateLa Société Expéditionnaire09/16/14Yes
LIPBONE REDDINGEsmeraldaLR09/16/14Yes
LONELY KAMELShit CityNapalm09/16/14Yes
LOOSE BUTTONSDamage GalleryMoon Crawl09/16/14Yes
LOWELLWe Loved Her DearlyArts And Crafts09/16/14Yes
MENACE AND LORDSun, Moon And StarsBetter09/16/14Yes
MIKE DOUGHTYStellar MotelSnack Bar09/16/14Yes
MOON HOOCHThis Is Cave MusicPalmetto / Hornblow09/16/14Yes
NETORARE FAN CLUB"Go To Sleep" [Single]Mint 40009/16/14Yes
OBEY THE BRAVESalvationEpitaph09/16/14Yes
VARIOUS ARTISTSPsychedelic PlanetSix Degrees09/16/14Yes
PURLING HISSWeridonDrag City09/16/14Yes
RUN THE JEWELS (KILLER MIKE AND EL-P)"Blockbuster Night Pt 1" [Single]Mass Appeal09/16/14Yes
SALLIE FORD"Coulda Been" [Single]Vanguard09/16/14Yes
SEPULTURALles Tambuors Du Bronx Metal Veins Alive At Rock In RioEagle Rock09/16/14Yes
SHE KEEPS BEESEight HousesFuture Gods09/16/14Yes
SILVAOcean ViewSix Degrees09/16/14Yes
SLIMKID3 AND DJ NU-MARKSlimkid3 And DJ Nu-MarkDelicious Vinyl09/16/14Yes
SOFT SHADOWSReverb Is For LoversSelf-Released09/16/14Yes
STEELISM615 To FrameSingle Lock09/16/14Yes

This week there are just over 50 records going for adds. Of course there are some records not listed that will be going for adds that we will find out about later. First off nothing out of this list looks like it will challenge Ty Segall for #1.  I see a Sub Pop record so I am sure that should do well.  I would love for you guys to take guesses at what the top 20 would be. If anyone wants to take a swing at it I will post them.   Send them to my email doug at piratepirate dot com .

Thanks for reading!

Oh and since it is Thursday here is my Throwback Thursday photo from instagram   It is me on the air back in the day on WVGS ( no longer a CMJ reporter sadly... don't let it happen to you! )

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