Wednesday, September 03, 2014


Oh Labor day, it is a great sign when Labor day comes around. It means 2 things. 1) All the kids are coming back soon.  2) The records are about to get better.  In the summer its almost like every company has one "star" record and then a handful of smaller names / newer bands. They could be good sure but they don't get the attention the star records get. When Fall really hits though every company seems to have 2-3 of those records and the ADDS game becomes a bit more intense to say the least.

Labor day though is pretty much a phone in week.  It used to be that a bunch of the companies would work but more and more have taken off to actually enjoy the holiday.  One station this week told me that only one company was in, or one company called them.  So we take the day off.

As I expected from last week Spoon held on to the #1 spot on the charts and Ty Segall charged up to be #2.  There is still a significant gap between the 2 records but its only a matter of time before Ty takes over #1.  I see nothing else out there that can really get in the way of that happening.

This weeks ADDS came down to Tennis and Avi Buffalo. With Avi Buffalo taking #1. The power of Sub Pop most likely pushing them over the top.

As we mentioned last week the CMJ award nominations are OPEN!!! If you look at last week we have a couple compelling reasons to vote for people so check them out. And if you have something you want to be considered for let me know and I will post it here!

I will do a rundown next week of my own nominations.

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