Thursday, September 18, 2014


Better late than never, both the motto of CMJ and myself this week.  CMJ had a weird server issue this week that delayed charts until around 1am Wed Morning. Hopefully this is the only hiccup for this reporting season. There tends to be one every few months so hopefully they got that our of their system.

I asked you guys who you thought would be #1 most added last week and as far as I can see no one picked the Drums.  They came in with 114 adds.  A good amount considering the problems with CMJ this week.

Of course Ty Segall remains #1.  We have four more reporting weeks until CMJ can he hold on that long? It would be pretty impressive considering the time of year.   Lets look at the contenders on the chart.  Avi Buffalo made a big move from #20 to #8 my guess is that they make the top five but I am not sure on much after that. Same with Tennis making a nice move from #29 to #2.  Those are both from 2 weeks ago. Last weeks adds made some nice moves as well.  Banks comes in at #11 this week having debuted at #125 in the ADD week.  Death From Above is the top debut at #12 and Karen O last weeks #1 most added comes in at #18.

Congrats to everyone that was Nominated for a CMJ AWARD this year!  In a few weeks I will pick who I will vote for at CMJ.

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